What is VO Genesis About? – VO Genesis Review

By | February 17, 2016

Name:  VO genesisvo genesis review

Website:  www.vogenesis.com

Owners: Jenny Lewis

Price: $19.95


3 stars


What is the VO Genesis About?

VO Genesis is a newfangled book that discloses new means of making substantial amounts of cash. The author wrote this book in an easily understandable way thus making it easy to comprehend what is being talk about. It targets people who want to work from their home and have the urge of making a lot of cash by doing so.

This review will reveal whether this book is worthy buying, what it really talks about and how to benefit from information in this book.

VO Genesis is authored by Jenny Lewis, who through this book, give information and tips on how you can start earning money from home without engaging in skillful work. In addition to that, the work described in this book does not huge investment and can be done by individuals in the comfort of their home. The VO in the title VO Genesis is abbreviated form of Voice Over.

This book costs $19 which is not a bad price for a book, but initially when you land on their website’s home page they offer it for $39.95, to get it for $19.95 all you need to do is try to close their website and they will give you a discount, this is an old marketing tactic used by many people, I personally don’t like it but still a tactic to make more sales.

what is vo genesis about

If you bought the book you will be redirected to a couple upsells, you can just skip them and type in your email address so they can send it to you.


How VO Genesis Works

The main idea in this book is voiceover. Voiceovers have been very popular and highly demanded in recent years. Thus, this book gives the fundamental things you need to be aware of and above all give you details of how to find a job as a voiceover and make money.

The main demand of voiceovers comes from producers of videos and documentaries. In voiceover, one does not need to have skills or any knowledge but rather all you need is a unique voice and ability to read.

What is the content of VO Genesis?

Unlike what people think, VO genesis is not only intended for starters in this business, but can also be resourceful for proficient voiceovers. This book contains what you need to start the voiceover business and at the same time gives you guidelines on how to go on with the job. It also categories the job so that you can choose precisely which category you fit in.

Jenny Lewis shows some presentation skills in this book and tell you how to come up with your own studio for voice over job.

According to the author, there are various categories which range from A to Z. In addition to that, she has given details of each category thus will guide you in which of the categories you will wish to venture in.

Finally and most essentially, this show contains means to assist you make more money. The package will offer you clear tips and directions on how to get gigs that earn.

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VO Genesis Pros

Very easy to read and understand Well organization of training, tips and advices Great categorization of the voiceover Contains exact information of where to get gigs to make money

There are tips on how to negotiate the deals and make double or triple more Small expenses and you can work from home

VO Genesis Cons

This book has only one disadvantage that is it requires a lot of effort and will from the reader which is sometimes not present in most people.


My Final Opinion

To some up, on this, people who promise money without any work engagement are scammers. There is no legit way of earning money without working. VO Genesis may be not for everybody but for those who have a good voice can be very useful plus gives you possibility to work at the comfort of your home and earn money.

VO Genesis is definitely not a scam but like I said is not for everybody, I don’t see myself working like a voiceover professional either,  if you are like me you can still make money on the internet and one of the best ways to do so it’s affiliate marketing and I know the best step by step training on affiliate marketing on the internet it’s called Wealthy affiliate and it’s free to join.

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