What is Viral Traffic Dominator? – Viral Traffic Dominator Review

By | March 17, 2016

Name: Viral Traffic Dominatorwhat is viral traffic dominator

Website: viraltrafficdominator.com

Owners: Jacob Wedzik

Price: Free membership, $15


4 stars



In this Viral Traffic Dominator review I will dig into all the details of how this system works, I already signed up and I’m recently using it so I will give you all you need to know about this platform from the inside out, you may be wondering if Viral traffic dominator is a scam, my short answer is No, it’s definitely not a scam and I will explain why in this article.

Where did you hear about Viral Traffic Dominator? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment area.

As the name says it itself viral traffic dominator claims to be a source that will bring lots of traffic to whatever you are promoting,  so let’s dig into this platform.

What is Viral Traffic Dominator?

It’s an online tool created by Jacob Wedzik with the main intention to lead a big amount of traffic to your website, blog, offer or to anywhere you want to get online visitors, this is done through online advertising, when I first saw it I thought it was like one of those solo ads platforms that have come out on the internet lately but after reading their landing page and watching the video tutorial it positively surprised me so I finally signed up to try it out.

Personally I’ve never seen this kind of online advertising before, I don’t know if they’ve invented it but It’s different from those revshare solo ads websites where you have to click on 10 ads to be part of the revenue sharing.

So How It Works

Viral Traffic Dominator comes with various tools that will help you to get traffic:

1 Link Generator: This tool allows you to copy-paste your targeted link, this link can be any of your targeted links like affiliate links, website links, blog links post links etc. after pasting it you  have to click on the generate button to create a new Viral Traffic Dominator link.

When somebody clicks on this new link it will open the targeted page as normally but with the only difference that 4 ads are going to appear at the bottom of the page with a countdown timer starting from 15 seconds, when the timer gets to 0 the ads disappear.

Every time somebody clicks on this link you earn 5 ad credits, you can use your ad credits to create your own ads which are clickable images with the link you want to promote in them, your ad will display in others Viral Traffic Dominator members links, you get 1 ad display  in exchange for 10 ad credits, it may sound a little bit confusing but it’s pretty simple once you use it:

1 Create your Viral Traffic Dominator link by copy-pasting your targeted link.

2 Promote your new link instead of the original one.

3 Earn ad credits every time somebody clicks on your new link.

4 Exchange your ad credits for displays of your own ads in other websites.

5 Get more traffic.

Viral Traffic Dominator Review

2 URL Shortener: It will shorten any url, it works just like any other shortener service  like bit.ly or ow.ly, the shortened link won’t display any ad and you will not get any ad credits when someone clicks on it.

3 Ad Generator: This tool helps to generate your ad that is going to be display in exchange for your ad credits, remember that your add will display automatically in other member’s links.


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There are other tools included in this platform but this 3 are the main ones, you are able to use them all within your free membership, it gives you the option to upgrade it but I will recommend you to try the free version first and see how it works for you. If you sign up you just have to skip a couple of upsells and to get to your panel control.

One of the big potentials I see on this platform is that you don’t have to become a seller to advertise your targeted links, you can use any other people website’s links to attract attention, and each time somebody clicks on it you’ll earn ad credits.

Every day we post links on facebook, twitter or any other social media account we use, we also share youtube links with our friends or any other link you can think of, so instead of using an original link you can convert it first to a viral traffic dominator link and you will earn tons of ad credits, with more credits your ad will display your more frequently in other member’s sites

Good Things About Viral Traffic Dominator

  • It’s free to sign up
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It doesn’t take much of your time
  • It brings free traffic through your link
  • Video Tutorials

Bad Things About Viral Traffic Dominator

  • No stats shown within the free membership


My Final Opinion

I’m just starting to use this platform, I will update this article in a month and tell you about how it worked for me, I’m implementing all of these links mainly on a daily basis  on my social media accounts within some of my affiliate and blog links, it sounds very interesting and I’m excited about it, it’s simple and very clever.



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