What is Turbo Cycler?- is Turbo Cycler a Scam?

By | February 9, 2016


Name:  Turbo Cyclerturbo cycler bbb

Website:  turbocycler.com

Owners:  Peter Wolfing

Price: $39.95 membership, from $100 to $2000 to enter to a pyramid.


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In this Turbo Cycler review I’m going to dig into all the different aspects that are involved within this system, the owners claim to have created a great system to make money for the public in general, I’ll dig into this in the next lines and at the end of this review you are going to decide if it’s really a great making money system.

I guess you’ve heard about Turbo Cycler and you want to know more about it, maybe you are wondering if turbo cycler is a scam, first of all I want to make an emphasis on how important is to look for information before jumping into a “making money system” like this one and more when they askt for upfront money to join.

Searching for information before risking your money is a very smart action that just a few people do, you are one of those few, now let’s get into Turbo Cycler.

What is Turbo Cycler?

Turbo Cycler is a MLM business that was launched in 2012 by Peter WolfinC

You may think that if Multiple Systems has been around for that long it has to be good, but in this case, quality has nothing to do with longevity, at least not for Turbo Cycler.

They claim that it’s very easy to achieve your dream goals with this system and all you need to do is to plug-in, join a team and follow some simple instructions, but this “simple instructions” won’t be that simple after joining.

To be a member of Turbo Cycler costs $39.95 every 3 months, the membership includes a tracking system for your sales, a website, webinars and an auto-responder. When you join you’ll become a seller and a recruiter, you get to keep 100% of your sales so, what they earn comes from the membership fees. Keeping 100% of your sales sounds great and when something sounds too good to be true is because it is and turbo cycler is not the exception.

How does Turbo Cycler works?

If you have visited turbo cycler’s website, watch the videos and read all the description but still confused about how their 2×2 matrix works it’s because they’ve made in a way just to catch people’s attention and not making it understandable for them, but don’t worry I’m going to explain it in detail below.

After you paid the $39.95 membership fee you would need to pay another $100 to start on the first level of their 2×2 matrix or better known as a Ponzio pyramid scheme so it’s $140 in total just to get started.

These $100 are going to go to the pocket of the sponsor of your sponsor who is in the 1st position and you are going to be placed in the 4, 5, 6 or 7 position, it looks like this:

turbo cycler scam

Everybody in the 4, 5, 6 and 7 positions are going to give $100 to the one at the top who is in the 1st position, when the pyramid is filled up and all the people in these last positions already paid their $100, the person in the 1st position is going to get out with his total of $400, they call this action: cycling.

The pyramid is going to split in half, the people who were in  2 and 3 position are going to climb to the 1st position, the ones who were in  4, 5, 6 and 7 position are going to climb to 2 and 3 position, each one in their own new pyramid, following their respective sponsor.

turbo cycler pyramid

Now that your sponsor is in the 1st position, it’s his/her turn to receive $100 from each new person joining into the 4-6 positions, these new people are your referrals, once you sponsor gets out with the $400 you climb to the 1st position.

turbo cycler pyramid scheme

When you are at the top of the pyramid it would be your turn to receive the money from the people your referrals recruit and the cycle goes on and on again.

After you’ve completed your cycle on the pyramid with your $400, you automatically are going to re-enter to another pyramid and $100 are going to be taken off your $400. You will be following your sponsor to the new pyramid.

There are 5 levels in this pyramid scheme, going from $100 to $2000, all levels work with the same system just with different denominations.

Have you heard about cash gifting? Turbo Cycler seems like a cash gifting system which is illegal in most of the countries, they rely on saying they sell info products and training but it’s all created to hide the real scam and illegal activities.

In addition their trainings and webinars are easy to find on the web by doing a little research. They also include software to spam people by phone text messages and e-mail.


Good Things About Turbo Cycler

  • Good marketing


Bad Things About Turbo Cycler

  • Cash Gifting System which is illegal.
  • Bad quality training
  • Bad quality support
  • Includes software to spam other people.


My Final Opinion

Turbo Cycler is just another MLM and cash gifting scam but don’t lose hope there’re still ways to build a successful online business and make a full-time living from it, check out my #1 recommendation, this is by far the best training you will ever need to create a solid foundation to your online success.

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6 thoughts on “What is Turbo Cycler?- is Turbo Cycler a Scam?

  1. Chris

    Hey Mario. Thanks for providing this great article. I appreciate the time and effort you put forth to warn others and help them learn from your mistakes.

    Fortunately, I have never heard of Turbo Cycler, so I’m happy to be a little naive on this one.

    My wife was involved with some home-based selling companies for while, and although they are 100% legal, they are essentially MLM programs as well.

    She enjoyed the products, but did not enjoy being a salesperson, nor did she enjoy pestering her friends to come to all of her shows and buy things.

    So, consequently, she never made any money.

    Like yourself, I too and am thankful to have found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a wonderful program with great training and a very friendly community of people.

    Before I close, I was wondering if you could let me know of any notable scams that you are aware of so I can stay away from them as well.


    1. Mario

      Hey Chris! MLM isn’t really for everyone including me, I consider that this kind of business model it’s just a pyramid scheme covered by a product to make it look “legal” to the goverment, I too have been involved in a couple of them without making any money from them either. I’m glad I found Wealthy Affiliate and learnt how to build a legit online business within their training, I made a scams list in the menu if you want you can check them out, have a great weekend.

  2. Riaz Shah

    Hey Mario,
    Excellent review you’ve put up here, I got cautious the moment I heard Turbo and Cycler which does not have any connection to anything. I thought it was a bicycle thing.

    I have a question though, did you make those compensation plan images yourself? They look pretty cool and I am very envious of you, you’re very talented. While on the computer, Paint and snagit are my only drawing tools lol. Awesome review, keep it up!

    1. Mario

      Hey Riaz! Thanks for your comment, there are many scams out there that we can’t be aware of each one but that’s is why we’re here to uncover some of them, I learnt how to use photoshop, I’m not a professional at it but I know hoe to make some images and put them togheter, Have a great weekend.

    1. Mario

      Probably but i don’t recommend this kind of business, it’s based on a ponzi scheme and that is an unsustainable business, if you want to own a serious online business and start making money you should check out the 4% group is free to join, check it our here=>> workwithmariorosa.com/about have a good day.


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