What is The Four Percent Group? – The 4 Percent Group Review

By | September 6, 2016

Name:The 4% Groupwhat is the four percent group


Owners:Vick Strizheus

Price:FREE to join



Have you heard about the 4 percent group? This new platform is still in prelaunch while I’m writing this (09/06/2016) but it has gone viral on the internet before they even launch it, I wondered what was so good about this new product so I bought it, in this the four percent review I will tell you what exactly is this new platform from the inside and if it really works.

UPDATE 12/14/2016: This platform is amazing, I’ve been having great results within their system, it has one of the fastest methods to earn income online, with their 7 steps to results, 4% has become very easy and simple to understand and the best part is that is now FREE, yes they have open their doors for free members.

They are so confident about their system that now anyone can join for FREE, join now and see it for yourself just click the image below:

It’s great that you are looking for more information about the four percent group or any other product before you purchase it, you rock!, Now pay close attention to this review because I will uncover the four percent group and break it down for you and hopefully at the end you will decide if the 4 percent group is really for you.

What is The Four Percent Group?

It’s a platform created by Vick Strizheus , Vick has been in this industry for more than 8 years, he has launched many other platforms, some of them were successful others weren’t, his most popular product is The High Traffic Academy which is still active, High Traffic Academy was the product that put Vick as one of the most trusted figures in the “make money online” industry.

Vick claims that The 4 Percent Group is his final masterpiece that will put anybody who joins on the top of the industry, according to Vic’s numbers the 96% of the online marketers are making less than $100 a month and most of the cases are not making any money at all.

The other 4% are the ones that are taking over the online marketing making thousands of dollars a month, that is why he came up with the name of the 4% group, he wants his members to be part of the 4%ers that are succeeding on the internet.

His metaphorical idea is to build up a city of skyscrapers, being the 4% group members each skyscraper that makes up the city, this means that anybody that joins and follows Vick’s program will become a skyscraper and scale up his earnings to reach the four percent elite group that is really making a full-time income online.

skyline the four percent group

No doubt, Vick is an experienced online marketer that has leveraged his business thanks to not keeping for himself the methods that have worked for him, the most successful online marketers know that giving value to people will end up in more sales, people will become current customers if they know they can trust you and every time you promote something they will know, it would be something that will help them with their business, teaching others what you know will make your brand trustable.

The 4 percent group has been created as the only platform you will ever need to finally make a full-time income from the internet.

Good Things About the 4 percent group

•Experienced and trusted owner

•High quality training

•Step-by-step lessons

•Different ways to profit

•Fast conversions funnels

Bad Things About the 4 percent group

•You could get overwhelmed if you want to absorb all the information at the same time

How the 4 percent group Works

Vick is well known for his unique online marketing strategies that are based on getting the best results as quickly as possible, it’s exactly the opposite of the saying “slowly but surely”, he usually sends huge amounts of traffic to his funnels (promotions), tests them for 2 days as maximum, keeps the funnels that converted the most and gets rid of the ones with the lowest conversions.

 “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.“

David Ogilvy

As simple as it sounds, it would take years of experience to understand what are the best ways to promote a certain product if you do it by yourself, fortunately, Vick has gone through all that testing and he is willing to share it with us, if tracking and testing funnels were an art Vick would be Beethoven, ok maybe I’m exaggerating, but what I’m trying to say is that what Vick teaches for this matter is top class.

The 4 percent group is the summary of the best Vick’s online marketing strategies that he has acquired on his online journey, there are different ways to profit with the 4 percent group, all this following the formula to succeed:

High targeted traffic + high converting funnel + great product = conversions = sales = money

What you get from the 4% group is a top class training, step-by-step video lessons and the only platform you’ll ever need to be in the 4% group that is making thousands of dollars on the internet and dominating the industry.

Ways to earn with the 4 percent group:

Operation 100k: This is by far my favorite training included in the four percent group platform, the 100k training allows you to make 100,000 dollars in 3 months, yeah you read it correctly, you can go from $0 to $100k in just three months, I know it sounds crazy but it’s an intensive training that gives you all the tools that are required to make it happen.

TEC Mastermind: It shows you how to promote TECADEMICS (the only physical school that teaches people how to make money) the right way and with the amazing funnels of Vick Strizheus plus his sources of cold traffic, Vick and Chris Record (the owner of tecademics) partnered to take the industry to the next level.

The Journey: An online show hosted by Vick, basically in each episode he interviews a successful online marketer, his special guests are people that have earned more than 1 million dollars from the internet, they talk with Vick about how they got started online, how were their lives before online marketing, their breakthroughs and their plans for the future.

Their successful stories are really inspiring and it gives you an idea of what is the path you need to follow to make millions online like them, all the episodes are live and recorded so you can watch them on replay later.

There is also more training and more videos available within the 4 percent group, it’s a complete platform.

My Final Opinion

I use this blog to express myself and review “make money online” products and services, unfortunately, most of this kind of online products are scams or not good enough, I only recommend the ones that have given me results and I highly recommend the 4 percent group, it’s one of those great products that com out every once in a while.

what is the 4 percent group

The 4 Percent Group Verdict:




22 thoughts on “What is The Four Percent Group? – The 4 Percent Group Review

  1. Gomer Magtibay

    The fact that Vick has succeeded in his previous businesses (including the company I was a member of), it only shows that he really knows what he’s doing, and what he’s teaching others.

    The 4 Percent Group, it looks like a good online income program. If you guys have the money, then why not give a try?

    1. Mario

      Yeah I’m so picky about this kind of programs and I recommend just a few (this one included) it’s worth it to give it a try really, have a good day man.

  2. Kien

    Hi Mario

    Your post really makes me curious about the 4% group. However, I still have doubt on the promising income they propose which is 100k in the first 3 months. Are you a member of this group? Could you tell me more about your own personal experience? It looks like an affiliate program to me and in order to succeed with this, we need high traffic and great contents. Thanks for sharing, I will check out more about this company.

    1. Mario

      The operation 100k is a training that is in pre-launch like the 4 percent group platform, Vick (the owner) claims that anybody who takes this training will be able to make 100,000 dollars in 3 months, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie, I’m a member and the training that has been released until now is great. Yes it’s affiliate marketing but is focused on the optimization of your sales funnels and tracking systems, it’s not focused at all on SEO so it doesn’t really matter the keywords and content, the traffic will come from other paid sources and email lists. That is why is fast because you can deliver a huge amount of traffic to your funnels, test those funnels and leverage the funnels that had the highest conversion rate, at the same time you will build your email list pretty quickly.

      You can check out more about the four percent group here fourpercent.com have a great day :).

  3. Glen

    This article about the 4 Percent Group clearly describes a new program in pre-launch that may work for those people interested. I just don’t have a good success record joining brand new programs, especially pre-launch opportunities. So I am very careful and do my due diligence before joining any program.

    1. Mario

      Hey Glen! yes it’s still in prelaunch, Vick has had some platforms that didn’t go very good but also great ones like the hihg traffic academy, one of the things he will be doing in this new platform is to teach people how to get more leads to tecademics, Tecademics the first physical school that teaches how to profit online, tecademics has been just released days ago, it’s also a wonderful and different platform that is free to join, you can check out about tecademics in here, thanks for your honest comment, have a wonderful day.

  4. LeAnn Murray

    I have been researching the 4% Group and found most aspects to be favorable. However, I have not found any information regarding whether or not there are expensive upsells once in the program or if it is only the monthly fee. I was a part of the High Traffic Academy with Vick, but found the upsells too rich for my blood.

    Since you are a member of the 4% Group, can you state whether or not it is required to purchase upsells in order to be positioned to profit?

    Thank you

    1. Mario

      Hello Lean,

      There’s no upsells after you join the 4% group, they offer a lifetime promotion but it’s not needed, although you need some tools that any succesful online marketer has like the autoresponder which is a must, I use aweber and I pay 19 a month, but there’s no hidden fees or anything like that within the 4 % group, have a great day.

  5. Neil

    Hey Mario,

    For the businesses that are promoted, do you need to be a paying member at different levels in each, for the ability to promote products as an affiliate?


    1. Mario

      Hey Neil, The answer is no, there’s just a monthly fee, they offer a lifetime fee if you don’t want to pay monthly too but I’m not sure if they still have it available, but there’s no upsells or levels as you mentioned, have a good one.

  6. anne

    Hello, i just want to ask if anyone can have this business by just having a tablet, really a newbie no laptop or pc.

  7. Srinivas K

    Hi is there anyhbody here to say how much you have earned since you joined 4 % group.

  8. GM


    I am a computer software engineer staying in India. I am not in to marketing or sales field. So does 4% program help me in generating income. I mean since I do not have any sales background, so is this program applicable for me?


    1. Mario

      Absolutely GM, I’m not a goo seller either, this platform will teach you how to market correctly, it doesn’t matter your sales background.

  9. Sajeetha

    Hi mario

    Am from india. Can i join 4% and earn from here?

  10. Muneer

    Hi.. I’m very interested in joining the 4% group.. Does it work on smart phones since I don’t have a PC or laptop?


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