What is The Clickbank University? – is Clickbank University a Scam?

By | May 10, 2016

Name:Clickbank University 3.0clickbank logo


Owners:Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan

Price:$47/month, Upsells: $297/year Site Builder & $97 Advanced Materclass


4 stars

Have you watched that video of 2 guys promoting ClickBank Univeristy? Their names are Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan and they are the founders of ClickBank, as you may know clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate-marketing networks on the internet , in their website you can sell your own digital product or become an affiliate and promote other’s people products and get a commission.

ClickBank’s owners have launched their own digital product called “ClickBank Univerity 3.0” but is this product really worth the money? is clickbank university a scam? You’ll find that out here, in this  review I’ll dig into this product to help you decide if it’s for you and if it would really teach you how to  make money on the internet as they claim.

Personally I have purchased some digital products from clickbank’s marketplace and some of them were garbage and some were good, so it seems that clickbank doesn’t care about the quality of the products listed on their website , just because is listed on clickbank doesn’t  mean is a high quality product, I have seen a few scams on their marketplace list as well.

If you are interested on a product listed on clickbank’s marketplace you still have to do some research to make sure it’s legit, there are some good products on their website but you have to dig a little bit to find them, having said that let’s see if clickbank university is one of those good products.

What is The Clickbank University?

It’s an online platform created by Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan that claims to teach people how to profit from the internet with your own digital product, it’s intended for starters and intermediate users, the training covers step by step what you need to know to create your own digital product, the training goes from choosing a topic or a niche to selling your own product.

what is the clickbank university


They used to offer a $1 dollar trial for 7 days but they have removed that option now, they still have a 60 day money back guarantee no questions asked, this guarantee could work like a trial if you have the money, the cost of clickbank university is $47 a month.

Good Things About Clickbank University

  • Step-by-Step guidance
  • High quality lessons on how to create your own digital product
  • Well organized easy to follow video lessons
  • 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee
  • Site builder tool to make easier your product and website creation

Bad Things About Clickbank University

  • A couple of upsells not mentioned before buying
  • Site builder tool not included in the standard membership (a little bit expensive)
  • Upsells are needed to move forward with the training
  • Training on SEO and affiliate marketing not as good as it should be

Click Here To Sign Up for ClickBank Univeristy 3.0


After you  pay the $47 you will instantly be redirected to an upsells page, I’m not a big fan of upsells actually I hate them and I think most of the people don’t like them either, I just want to get what I pay for before they want to sell me something else, in my experience good products don’t have upsells or at least don’t show them right away, I’ve seen this tactic on scams and poor quality products.

First Upsell “Site Builder”

The instant upsell they will offer even before you get to clickbank university dashboard is the Site Builder for $297 a year, the site builder is one of the great tools this platform offers, it’s a shame they don’t include it in the $47/month membership, some of their training is around this tool so you probably need it if you want to progress faster with the clickbank university training.

What Can I do With Click Bank’s Site Builder?

– eBooks

– Sales Funnels

– Product pages

– Sales Pages

is clickbank university a scam

It’s a good tool but kind of expensive, having your own website is essential for your product’s promotion, you can use other platforms to create your website for a cheaper price or even for free like siterubix, but the site builder will make your life easier if you are creating your own product within this platform.

Second Upsell “The Advanced Masterclass”

This will cost you $97 one-time payment, as you move along with the training you ‘ll get to a point that you need to purchase the advanced masterclass upsell to keep moving forward, it’s more training but for advanced users, you don’t need to get it right away as there’s a lot of training within your $47/month membership but still you need it later on.

How Clickbank University works

The training is well organized and they walk you through it step-by-step, you go to your own pace but you  must complete the tasks of each lesson before you jump into the next one, the lessons are  around 5 min videos each, it’s not an overwhelming training at all, don’t worry about getting burnt out.

The training is divided into 3 parts: beginners, advanced and affiliate marketing.


It covers the first 8 weeks of the training, you can finish it quicker or slower depending on how much time you are willing to invest on it each day, this part of the training is available within your $47/month membership, what you are going to learn on this phase:

Week 1 – Your First Product

Week 2 – Packaging Your Product

Week 3 – Sales Page + Upsells

Week 4 – Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Week 5 – Product Pricing + Funnels

Week 6 – Building A List

Week 7 – Getting Approved

Week 8 – Leveraging JV Partners


After you’ve finished the beginners training, in the next 5 weeks you are going to focus on leveraging your product and increasing your sales, this training will cost you $97 more but it’s just one-time payment fee, what you are going to learn on this phase:

Week 1 – Visitors Into Subscribers

Week 2 –  Advanced Selling Strategies

Week 3 – Split Testing + Conversions

Week 4 –  JV Traffic + Social

Week 5 – Paid Advertising + SEO

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t want to create your own product you can always sell somebody else’s product and get a commission for it, this is what affiliate marketing is all about, selling other’s people products and forget about creating your own, no dealing with customer’s complaints, no fixing bugs, no updating your product etc. Clickbank university includes a training on affiliate marketing within your membership, what you are going to learn on this training:

Week 1 – List Building 101

Week 2 – Building A Squeeze Page

Week 3 – Managing Your List

Week 4 – Driving Targeted Traffic

They have also included live webinars classes and a community with members that have already succeeded with clickbank, you can talk to them about anything related to your product or marketing, the experience they share will be very helpful while you are taking the training.

My Final Opinion

Clickbank University 3.0 is a great training for those who want to create a digital product and profit from it you’ll learn where to start and how to promote it.

But if you are like me and think that creating a product could become very hard because you are not an expert on certain topic and don’t think you can bring a high quality product or you are just too lazy to create one, you can always promote other products already made by other people and earn a commission.

There are very incredible products on the internet, you can just learn how to promote them with affiliate marketing, if you don’t want to create your product and just focus on affiliate marketing, clickbank university is not worth the money.

Clickbank University strength is their training on the creation of your product, there are better trainings on affiliate marketing for the same price or cheaper like my #1 recommendation.



ClickBank Univerity Veredict:


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