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By | June 16, 2016

Name:30 day sales machinewhat is the 30 day sales machine


Owners:Trevor Turnbull

Price:$1497(one-time fee) or  3 payments of &547


1 star  

In this 30 day sales machine review I will dig into this platform and answer the most asked question: “What is the 30 day sales machine?”, it is very important that you do a research on this kinds of businesses before joining them, there are many fraudulent platforms created every single day on the internet, this is why being informed is a must.

Personally I wouldn’t trust a business that is named 30 day sales machine, it sounds so scammy to me but it’s unfair not to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I did a deep research and I find very interesting things around this business so pay close attention to this review and I hope at the end of the article you decide if 30 day sales machine is really for you.

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30 day sales machine is an online training program created by Trevor Turnbull who claims that this training will educate people on how to use LinkedIn to escalate their sales up to double their normal sizes.

Good Things About 30 Day Sales Machine

  • 60 day money back

Bad Things About 30 Day Sales Machine

  • It only focuses on Linkedin
  • Too expensive
  • Many customer complaints on the internet
  • No free trial offered

Trevor Turnbull is a LinkedIn guru for business professionals. He claims to have made more than 200 live speeches via online conferencing to over 20,000 people worldwide and deliberated with some of the biggest companies in the world showing them how to take advantage of the ever-growing LinkedIn.

How it Works

30 day sales machine review

According to 30-day sales machine.com the benefits of acquiring the program are as follows:

  1. It is easy to use and has new functions added.
  2. With a good linked in profile, you can automate and outsource tasks with minimal efforts.
  3. The people visiting your profile will increase, and it goes hand in hand with sales results. Thus minimizing the issue of outsourcing clients
  4. It mentors and supports you to ensure you get fast results.

We all know that social media can massively leverage your business and sales, there are millions of people using social media platforms everyday so it is a good way to reach your customers, LinkedIn is a powerful business tool and through proper utilization, you can learn to harness its true potential.

But paying $1497 for a 30-day program is crazy, this training only focuses on Linkedin, paying that amount for a Linkdin training is not worth it in my opinion, there are tools that can help you to increase your customers, followers, likes, traffic in a very short time in different social media platforms just for a few dollars a month.

Anyway, they claim that within the first week using the program your business will grow like crazy, one week is a very short time to have those fantastic results.

Like I said before 30 day sales machine is very costly $1497 (a one-time fee or 3 payments of $547), it offers a 60-day refund policy but the price itself repels the newbie’s.

If you are new to online jobs, there is no need to pay these sorts of prices for training. You need an education that includes everything not just a single streamed channel. So it’s not for you. Why should one pay more when you can get the same level of training on how to build leads and build your business for much less.

Unlike most online programs, the 30 day sales machine does not have a free trial period to decide whether to purchase the program, this is a big red flag, most of the expensive programs offer a free trial, the trial helps you to value the program and realize why it is so expensive, it seems they don’t want you to find out how it works.I don’t consider it to be worth all the fuss.

The refund policy is always there in all programs even scams, so we cannot be 100% sure they can repay the cash if a client does not receive what they have promised.

The program is more of the risk takers type, even for those with developing business and thriving businesses. It takes gut, lots, and lots of it, to just lay out more than $ 1000 to purchase this program.I do not find the logic of paying more than $ 1000 for this program.

My Final Opinion

30 day sales machine is an expensive training that only focuses to Linkedin. Linkedin is a good way to reach your customers but using only Linkedin will not give you as good results as combining all your social media platforms and SEO strategies. If you want to massively increase your sales and traffic to your business website, SEO is one of the best ways to do it.

What it helped me to leverage my business is my #1 recommendation, if you are looking to increase your sales or you want to start an online business, you should try it out, it gives you a free trial so you can see what is all about from the inside.

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