What is Tecademics? – is Tecademics a Scam?

By | October 14, 2016



Owners:Chris Record

Price:Free to sign up, $100 TEC, $2,000 IMPACT and $10,000 MASTERS



Have you heard about Tecademics? What is Tecademics? In this Tecademics review I will answer this question and tell you exactly how this new platform works, I’ve made this post to make it easier to understand and help you decide if this new platform is really for you, so before you sign up to Tecademics read this post so you know what exactly you are going to be getting.

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What is Tecademics?

It’s an internet marketing college founded in 2016 by Chris Record, the great thing about it and what makes it different from other internet marketing courses is that it’s an actual real school, I mean it’s a physical school, you can touch it, you have teachers, you have classmates, you have break time, it’s just like a common school but different.

The goal in both kinds of schools is to gain knowledge, but in a normal college you are preparing to get a job, the formula that you may be familiar with; go to school>get a secure job>fall in debt> etc. In Tecademics you are getting prepared to make money and dominate all aspects of internet marketing which in our era is crucial for any kind of business.

Good Things About Tecademics

•It’s a real physical school

•The only school of its kind

•Covers all aspects of internet marketing

•Books and courses are made by people with Ph.D. on education and successful entrepreneurs in the industry combined

•You can sign up for free as an ambassador

•Lots of free training

•There are more options available if you can’t attend to classes

Bad Things About Tecademics

•The school is located in the Unites States only

How Tecademics Works

You have different options to choose from depending on your needs, Tecademics is for anyone, from a complete newbie that don’t know anything about internet marketing or computers at all to an advanced marketer that wants to take his/her business to another level.

Like I mentioned before the first Tecademics college is going to be located in the United States, but, if you are from somewhere else and can’t travel to go to the classrooms physically, there are other options that Tecademics offers, these are the Tecademics’ levels:


At this stage, you can watch all the videos and training that are available in Tecademics website, it’s FREE to sign up as an ambassador, but don’t think that because it’s free training is bad, actually, it’s nicely surprising full of great value, the high-quality training available as an ambassador is more complete than most of the make money products out there.

Here are some of the great free lessons and webinars you’d have access to if you sign up to Tecademics:

How To Get Video Views For A Penny Or Less Per View: In this training Chris Record walks you through a step-by-step method you can apply to make your facebook videos go viral for less than a penny.

How to Set Up & Run A Successful E-Commerce Store… $35K In Sales In 12 Days Shopify Store Case Study:  Jon Alfredsson (one of Chris Record students) gives a deep explanation of how he made thousands of dollars with Shopify in just 12 days, it’s a recorded skype call between Jon and Chris.

tecademics review

How To Get A $10,000 Working Capital  Loan From PayPal: Chris Record describes the process of how to get a capital loan from PayPal.

This is just some training of much more you’ll find in the Tecademics website, really cool stuff that can help you to expand your business, imagine how more great value you’ll get in the Tecademics college, in my opinion, the people who graduate from Tecademics will be the millionaires and successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

sign up for free


The.Entrepreneurs.Course is a digital package for beginners that are just starting on the internet marketing industry, this is a great course for people who do not know anything about the industry, it costs $100 a month, well-spent money,  what’s included:

TEC Tv: You will have access to a virtual office protected with a password where you can find weekly interviews with online marketers who have earned more than 7 figures online, they will share about how they’ve got started, tools and tips for better sales and conversions.

TEC Forum: Community for TEC’s students where you can solve your questions, join discussions, share experiences and tips with other members.


12 module digital course that includes step-by-step video classes,  audio training, workbooks, sheet cheats and tracking tools, you also get full access to the impact section in the TEC forum, it costs $2,000 one-time fee and it’s designed for beginners who want to move into an intermediate level in a short time, at this stage you will have the basics to start making a full-time income from home and to be able to cover the cost of it really fast.


This is the whole nine yards, this level (MASTERS) is why Tecademics was created in the first place, I imagine Chris Record having this wonderful idea while he was hanging out with his friends at a party or while he was chilling, building a physical school for internet entrepreneurs was a great idea.

This internet marketing tuition is for 2 people and includes 120 credit hours for each student, this tuition program lasts 2 years. You’ll take tests before and after each module and both students can attend different classes.

The second year both participants can audit the courses without using credit hours. The MASTERS level costs $10,000 one-time fee for 120 credit hours of live classes, it’s worth every single penny.

Tecademics Verdict:


My Final Opinion

There are many courses and platforms for internet marketers but nothing like Tecademics, most of the people were taught in physical schools since kids, so if you are interested on internet marketing, old school teaching methods like going to a physical school would be the fastest way to learn and get faster results, click the link below to sign up for FREE to Tecademics.

Click Here To Sign Up To Tecademics For FREE


12 thoughts on “What is Tecademics? – is Tecademics a Scam?

  1. Chris

    I’m a little confused about the option to sign up for free as an ambassador – what does this means?
    Does this mean you have to constantly promote them to keep your place?
    The school seems alright but it’s way too new for jumping in in my book – it’ll be interesting to see where they are in 2 years time…

    1. Mario

      No you don’t necessarily need to promote tecademics, you can sign up as an ambassador and get instant access to the free training on their website, it’s really good you should check it out, cheers.

  2. Travis Smithers

    Sounds like something that I need to check into to see just what is available. I had done a programming course that required a university background for entrance, and it had a lot to offer.

    It will be interesting to check out what this school has to offer where I’m now looking at having an online business and no longer continuing with an offline brick and mortar business for the future.

    1. Mario

      Awesome, in this business the more we are prepared the easiest it is to reach our goals.

  3. Zoey-Red LeFey

    Hello Mario,
    As an Affiliate Marketer, this is a great way to start making money online. You’re best bet would be to invest a little time and money into an internet marketing course. Learn how to do it, then implement what you’ve learned. This is how I have become successful by investing in Worldprofit, Inc. which is a Home Business Training platform. I have followed Chris Record for about 3 years when I started my online business. He is an awesome guy with great ideas. I live in Trinidad and Tobago. I will try to sign up. Thank you for sharing this internet marketing course.

    1. Mario

      No problem Zoey, it seems that Chris knows what he is talking about, you’re right if you don’t know where to start you should get some learning material first and go from there, have a good one.

  4. Brady

    This is the first I have heard of Tecademics, I like your reveiw.

    My question is.. As an ambassadore do you get to see anything about the next levels or the paid platforms?

    I am dfinitely interested and will check out the free membership. Thanks for the information.


    1. Mario

      Hi Brady, as an tecademics ambassador you have access to their free quality training, there’s a lot on their website, you could get great value from it, cheers.

  5. Tim

    Hi Mario,

    Have you gone through the Tecadenics classes? How would you compare to Wealthy Affiliate?

    Tecademics sounds like a good program, with lots of instructor help. Do they try to up-sell once you are paying $100 per month?

    I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for almost 6 months and loe it. The community is very helpful and they are always coming out with new how to videos on helping you to succeed on the internet.

    I will look into tecademics further to see if this is something I could use to further my website business.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Mario

      I’m going to take the masters class next year, I can’t leave my city right now because you know Christmas and holidays are coming but I’ll definitely be a tecademics student next year, I love Wealthy Affiliate too I jus like learning new stuff, expanding my buisness and creating different streams of income, no upsells I described the levels on the review, cheers.

  6. Michel

    What a great idea – an online school where you can learn something useful for a change.

    You say it is free to sign up so it is a great way to se exactly what they have to offer, so I am sure many will sign up out of curiosity. I think I must also take a look.

    You say the masters is $10 000. Do you get a degree after the course for this amount of money?

    1. Mario

      I think is a great idea and it’s not only me that thinks that way, many trusted people in this industry have put it like the greatest and most creative idea in 2016, I’m not sure about the degree but I’ll ask their support and let you know, cheers.


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