What is TakeSurveysForCash.com? – is TakeSurveysForCash.com a Scam?

By | April 11, 2016

Name: Take Surveys for CashWhat is TakeSurveysForCash com

Website: takesurveysforcash.com

Owners: Jason White

Price: $39


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If you have heard of Take Surveys For Cash on the internet, you probably have a question in mind “is takesruveysforcash.com a scam?” In short, yes it is a scam and I will tell you why in this review, it’s a good thing you are doing a research on this specific product before risking your money, don’t fall for the hype and read carefully what I’m going to tell you because this could be very helpful to you in the future, first of all…

What is TakeTurveysForcash.com?

Takesurveysforcash.com is a product of Jason White or as he is labeled “The King of Online Surveys”. Take Surveys For Cash is a site that claims that they give the clients a ‘list’ of the best highly paying survey sites. Their services are supposed to give people insights on how to access highly paying surveys. To get started; the interested party is required to pay a substantial fee of $39.

Jason White has for a while succeeded to lure people to his ploy by saying precisely what we all want to here. In a statement, he stated that he like most people was not making much when he got started. The ‘Survey King’ further attributes this to lack of know-how on where to start. At this juncture, he says it is nobody’s fault and goes ahead to offer to lend a helping hand, to point people in the right direction- of course at a fee.

is take surveys for cash legit

Good Things About Take Surveys for Cash

  • Ok sales page design


Bad Things About Take Surveys for Cash

  • Fake pay checks proves
  • Exaggerated survey’s commissions
  • Charges to give you a list of surveys you can find for free
  • Makes people believe they can have a full-time income from surveys (not possible)
  • Very expensive for a list of surveys

Bogus Proof

Jason White claims to have made more than $274,000  through paid surveys online. Sure Jason goes ahead to provide a visual aid for anyone who was not sold on his idea verbally. He posts two checks one worth $3 and another $500 but unfortunately was sloppy when developing the features the figures on the fake paper were a bit too bold than the regular $3 check.Take Survey for Cash guarantees that you can earn $50,$75 or in Jasons case $500 per survey meaning one can make thousands in a day …Amazing!

take surveys for cash

The truth is all this ‘product’ does is give you a list of sites, survey sites that you can sign up for and be sure to get paid (true to their word). What they intentionally omit is that most of the ‘listed’ sites pay $0.50, $1.00, or $1.75 for up to 20 minutes of your time. At best you can make a whopping $5.00 per hour on a good day.

So the bottom line here is…

You have to register to get the list of sites. The alarming and disturbing fact is that this “list” actually comprises of Free-to-use survey sites. That there is an outright red flag, I mean why promise people some untapped, top-notch sites? Then provide the same sites they can access anytime.

Take Survey for Cash is just a gateway site that will point you to other survey sites.  You will not be enjoying any privileges by using the site you are just making a donation at the end of the day you work on the regular sites available to every user.

Proof that the site is a scam

There are loads of complaints on the site’s page and all over the web. In today’s world, people are obsessed with making money online, and they quickly fall prey to the likes of Take Survey for Cash is a well-crafted lie that takes money your money and never yields the humongous sums it promises.

Jason has made the thousands he claims but not via the paid survey rather from the $39 collected from the innocent enthusiasts who follow his ‘promising’ words. I say it in bold; be warned takesurveysforcash is a REAP OFF, it is a SCAM, don’t fall prey.



What Next?

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