What is Rolex Cash System – is Rolex Cash System a Scam or Legit?

By | March 14, 2016


Name: Rolex Cash SystemWhat is Rolex Cash System

Website:  www.rolexcashsystem.com

Owners: Unkown

Price: $12


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This is my honest rolex cash system review, I came across rolex cash system through one of the facebook  goups where I’m a member, somebody published this product in the group and what draw my attention was how she described it, besides the pitchy line ” HOW TO TURN $12 INTO $10,000/WEEK ONLINE”  that I often see on scams, she added also what you were not going to be doing  to make money with this system, the exact description was:

* No selling products – in any way, shape or form.
* No advertising.
* No data entry.
* No Adsense.
* No mailing lists.
* No rebate processing.
* No recruiting new members – this is Not MLM.
* No uplines or downlines.
* No gambling.
* No chain letters.
* No surveys or “paid to read” programs.

What is Rolex Cash System?

I wondered how the heck would I be doing in order to make money on this platform, the person who published this on the facebook group, listed all the ways possible that I know to earn money on the internet and wrote a big NO at the beginning of each one, I was curious about it so I clicked on the link she added on the description which sent me to the rolex cash system’s sales page.

In the landing page the owner introduces himself as Lucas Adam but I couldn’t find any information of him, no facebook profile, no twitter account, no youtube videos, the only thing I found  on the web was the same  pixelated profile image that is on his sales page, first red flag, in my opinion how could someone tell people to join his proven “Formula for injection your bank account with absurd windfalls of cold hard cash” ( that is how he describes it) without saying who he is.

Lucas Adam (the alleged owner) doesn’t say how rolex cash system works either, on his sales page he just talks about what you are not going to do within his system, he claims that is just as simple as following 4 steps but still there’s information of what it’s all about, second red flag.

There is an add to kart button at the end of the sales page that if you click on it will send you to another page where you will have to give your personal information including your credit card info to proceed with your purchase,  I personally wanted to buy the product and see what was rolex cash system about for myself but I’ve never heard of the page that was going to take my payment, the exact url of this page is https://www.insightsbt.com/newpay/rolex_cash/order.php?transaction_id=&offer_id=&a_aid=557095d12a466 I copy-pasted the site www.insightsbt.com on a new tab and guess what it showed up, a big 404 error, this site doesn’t even exist, I couldn’t find any information about this payment site on the web either, so it wasn’t secure to give away my credit card info to a non-existing site created by an unknown person.

is Rolex Cash System a Scam or Legit

It seems like this site that receives payments was created by the same people of rolex cash system and all points out that this is another scam, in my opinion you shouldn’t be giving away your personal information like your credit card number to a stranger, doing that is always dangerous.

The most of the time when I purchase something online I do it through paypal, if a site accepts paypal payments you can be sure that your money and info are going to be safe, I only make a direct payment with my credit card when I’m pretty confident the site is legit which is not the case for rolex cash system.

Too many red flags for this site, I even wonder if they give you something in return for your money or they just keep the $12 and your credit card info, I guess I will never know, I’m not risking it just to see what happens if I buy it. Also I noticed that the people who is promoting this website on facebook are using fake facebook accounts like the one below:

rolex cash system review


I recommend you to stay away from rolex cash system.


Good Things About Rolex Cash System

  • Ok sales page

Bad Things About Rolex Cash System

  • No description of the product
  • Promoted by fake Facebook accounts
  • Unsafe payment page
  • No information about the owner


My Final Opinion

Rolex cash system is obviously a scam, I hope I can help a few people to avoid this site with this review, I hate the fact that bad intended people want to take advantage of a person that is just trying to earn some money from the internet, a lot of newbies fall into scams every day and I’ve created this blog to help people notice the difference between a scam and a legit site

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Rolex Cash System Verdict:



Leave a comment below, I’m happy to answer all your questions or give me a feedback.

2 thoughts on “What is Rolex Cash System – is Rolex Cash System a Scam or Legit?

  1. Dave

    Thanks for your investigation into this website. I too had bad feelings about what it didn’t tell us. I didn’t click to give away my credit card information and take a chance that it “might” be legitimate. I believe it is just a clever scheme to scam the public. Thanks again, Dave

    1. Mario

      No problem Dave, I’m glad this review help you to avoid rolex cash system, thanks for your comment.


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