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By | May 31, 2016

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Have you come across recyclix and you are thinking to give it a try? Before spending your money you should know a couple of things about this website, I’ll talk about a few important aspect about recyclix.com in this review and try to answer the most frequently asked questions like; what is recyclix.com? & is recyclix.com a scam? Hopefully, after this recyclix review, you’ll find out if recyclix is really for you.


Recyclix is a HYIP company based in Warsaw, Poland, the amount of money you can make with reyclix is merely related to the quantity of ad packs you buy. Some people even say that this company has nothing to do with reclicyng at all as they don’t give you any proof that your money is being used in recycling processes, but like any other HYIP what you get in return for your money is ad packs.

Good Things About Recyclix

  • €20 subscription gift to new members

Bad Things About Recyclix

  • You’ll buy ad packs, not waste management processes
  • Not real proof of recycling companies partners given
  • You can’t withdraw earnings only from the €20 signup gift, you have to invest from your own money
  • HYIP have very bad reputation
  • Many HYIP companies have been shut down due to legal action
  • Very risky

wantto see how i make money

The whole recycling thing sounds like a great idea, unfortunately, recyclix don’t give any proof that your money is actually being used in any recycling process, on their website they don’t give any insights about how exactly your money is going to help them recycle. They also claim to provide cleaning services such as, sorting, washing, shredding and fork lifting.

The company contains enough vogue information on their website to make it seem very suspicious, there aren’t any details on how they are able to give their customers such high returns, like their €20 giveaway just for signing up, sounds too god to be true, don’t the waste recycling activity have a tight margin itself?

There are too many red flags waving around Recyclix.com, basically, they are taking money from their new customers to give it to the old ones that have completed some cycles, it works just like a Ponzi scheme a non-sustainable illegal activity.

HYIP products are not very different of a Ponzi scheme, you can even find the definition on Wikipedia as “type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam”, don’t expect to be making money here from any trash removal or recycling process. You would not be into anything or buying any waste management processes other than ad packs.

How it Works?

is recyclix com a scam

The Recyclix incentive program can be little confusing, but generally speaking in order to make money with it is by buying shares, the more shares you purchase the higher your returns. You’ll have 2 options; buying waste shares or equipment units.

They have a calculator on their website for you to play around with numbers and see how much money you can make depending on the quantity of shares you buy and the numbers of cycles you choose.

Cycles are how many periods you’re going to allow your assets run through the HYIP program.

They claim that you can use the €20 sign up gift without investing any of your own money, it will take you a few months  to cycle enough times to earn the minimum to be able to withdraw the money which is €20, that would be very easy to achieve right? Sign up then forget about it and come back a few months later just to withdraw €20 to your bank account without doing anything else, but Recyclix won’t make it so easy after all.

There are a lot of customer complaints around this matter, customers say that after reaching this minimum of €20, Recyclix won’t let them withdraw the money, when you try to do it a message appears explaining that the money withdrawal is only allowed for users that have active deposits, so their signup gift is not really a gift after all.

The whole process about how the company makes money is hidden, unethical, and because of these issues, it is a very risky investment. There are many disadvantages, you will simply not know how long the time of cycling will last, if they don’t get more new customers they will not have enough funds to pay to the other ones. They could easily decide to keep all the money and disappear without leaving a goodbye note.

My Final Opinion

These kinds of companies always have legal issues sooner or later, you could probably make money with it if you are lucky to be one of the first people to join, but at some point is going to fall apart and a lot of people are going to lose money, don’t expect to get a refund if this happens.

Making money from the internet is still possible, it’s even easier than before but only if you learn the correct way, you can have a full-time income from the internet but you will have to take it very seriously,  online businesses like any other physical business need of your time and dedication, if you don’ know where to start you can check out my #1 recommendation by clicking on the link below.

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4 thoughts on “what is recyclix.com? – Not Recommended

  1. Vladimir

    I have a friend that invested in recyclix in februray and is now making only profit, but if it really is PONZI it is good to keep in mind that it wont last much longer since a lot of people are allready making profit and in PONZI schemes we know that there is much more people that lost money than those which made some profit.

    1. Mario

      Yes Vladimir, these kinds of companies are unsustainable, so at some point the pyramid will collapse and a lot of people are going to loose their money, have a good one.

  2. Miloš

    If i give you 20€ to start job and you make the profits with that money. And you decide to give me 14% of my money every 5 week, will you thing “that is a ponzi”, or not. They have profits, real profits of selling plastic – 100%. Maybe they have profits at start, when you pay 20€ for 100kg waste, maybe they pay 10€ for 100kg. . . I thing that is good sheme to make real job for anything. But they font use money from the bank, and font back credits to bank, they make a sheme to use from people and back to them as profits. I font think that recyclix is ponzi.

    1. Mario

      Hey Milos, thanks for your comment, unfortunately, there is no proof that recyclyx is using the money to recycle trash, making money from a ponzi scheme is possible but at the end, the pyramid will collapse, have a good one.


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