What is Paid Surveys at Home – Don’t Ever Pay to Take a Survey

By | May 2, 2016

Name:Paid Surveys at Homewhat is paid surveys at home


Owners:Patricia Johnson

Price:Initially $68 down sales to $34 to $17 to the final price of $7


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Lately I’ve seen many get paid for answering surveys sites all over the internet, companies need the opinion and feedback of their customers to improve their marketing strategies, maintain the reciprocity between the company and the customer and have knowledge of what they are thinking about their brand, this helps companies to improve their products and increase their sales. Sometimes they pay people for their opinion about certain topics through these surveys.

But they don’t pay that much, they pay cents or a few dollars (if you are lucky) for a 20 min-1 hour survey, so there are 2 things you should know about surveys:

– You won’t make a full-time income from surveys.

– You’ll waste so much of your time for a few dollars.

Howsoever, there are people trying to take advantage from these surveys and they sale their “list of the best surveys” they become the middle man between the people and the survey sites, of course they hype their lists and tell people they could make thousands of dollars a month answering surveys, which is a lie.

Paid Surveys At Home is one of these survey sites lists I’m talking about.

What is Paid Surveys at Home?

It’s a product created by Patricia Johnson that claims to have a list with the best sites for taking surveys online, they make it look like if it was a secret list that will help you to make hundreds of dollars in a short period of time but it really is not.

As the middle man Paid Surveys At Home charges you to have access to their list but is it really worth it?

For a product that has  many down sales like Paid Surveys At Home I doubt it, what I mean with down sales is that they initially offer their product for $68 and give you a 50% discount so it costs you $34, but when you try to close the page a message pops up saying that they have an special discount just for today for half a price ($17) and when you try to close it again they offer a new discount for 50% so at the end they offer their “great product” for $7, What?, from $68 to $7, do you think that if they offer a quality product that will help you to make thousands of dollars, they will give you that kind of discount and sell it for $7? I don’t think so.

is paid surveys at home a scam

In my opinion you don’t have to pay anything to answer surveys, it’s true that one of the most used ways to get the customer’s opinions are through surveys, but you can apply for these surveys yourself with no need of a middle man that is charging you for it.

How It Works

I don’t recommend purchasing this product but if you do, you’ll be redirected to an upsell you can just skip this upsell that is more of the same products that offers you work from home opportunities,  then you will get nan e-book that contains this list of online surveys sites that you might find for free on the web

Good Things About paid surveys at home

  • Kind of cheap if you close the sales page enough times to get it for $7

Bad Things About paid surveys at home

  • Selling a list of sites you can find for free
  • You will never make much money from surveys
  • Upsells and spam on your mail inbox

My Final Opinion

If what you are looking for is to make a full-time living off the internet, answering online surveys will never take you to that stage, unfortunately many folks purchase these hyped products hoping to have the results they are promising and get frustrated when they can’t.

It isn’t their fault, it all relies on understanding how the online business world works and these kind of products don’t teach you any of that, they just want to make money from people without experience and don’t give them something useful in return for their money, having a guide that will walk you through how to make money step-by-step is golden these days.

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