What is Paid Social Media Jobs About? – is Paid Social Media Jobs Real?

By | April 11, 2016

Name:  Paid Social Media JobsWhat is Paid Social Media Jobs About

Website:  paidsocialmediajobs.com

Owners:  Unkown

Price: $1 for a 3 day trial, $77 after the trial


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Paid Social Media Jobs supposed to give people an opportunity to work from the comfort of their home by completing some tasks on their social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter but does this this site really works? is paid social media jobs real?, we clear that out in this review, put attention because I’m going to dig into this website’s features.

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What is Paid Social Media Jobs About?

Paidsocialmediajobs.com is a site that possesses a database of firms and companies you can apply to for social media work. The said social media tasks can comprise of many diverse tasks that companies are too busy to do and therefore require an extra labor. Therefore, there are numerous positions open for freelance social media experts.

Paid social media jobs firmly claims that it has sufficient if not excess companies needing people to fill in. A noble course I must say, it is intriguing really. I mean you supposedly make cash by tweeting, liking and posting on Facebook, commenting on YouTube videos… sounds easy right?

Well, that is just but the coating, there is always a catch. Paid social media jobs will demand a $1 fee for a 3-day trial, for you to look over the site and perhaps apply to a few available positions. We all know 3 days is such a short time to learn how the site works maneuver, go through the training tutorials, explore the available tools, and have clear insights.

is paid social media jobs real

To Add Insult to the Injury

the site automatically bills you $77 for full membership without warning, without notice! The site goes the extra mile to prove their ‘credibility’ with a Fox reporter clip that has zero connection to the site or its endorsement.

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The Job Descriptions Are Outrageous

Like the one saying that you can get a site 4,000 hits in an hour and a million in days. Come on that is just unachievable no matter what software you dig up. Scam alert! The program is sugar coated to sound sweeter like its the real deal.

The glamour of joining vanishes when you realize that landing on a gig is not as direct as they have promised. At the end of the day, to earn that cash you have to;

1 Submit an outstanding resume

2 Promote your skills to companies you hope requires your expertise

3 Fight tooth and nail to convince the client you are trustworthy and can handle their social media account

4 Enter into a legally binding understanding with the client

5 Deliver the employer’s expectations as per their demand

6 Charge the company accordingly

7 Go after the client for overdue payments (on your own)


First of all, the process is lengthy and tedious. Secondly, there is a risk of the employer not meeting their end of the bargain. And the worst part is you may land no job. After that hassle, your 77 dollars just goes with the wind. It is not worth your money, time or effort.

Do not let the hunger of a few extra bucks drive you into signing up with paidsocialmediajobs.com lucrative as the ads sounds it is a dead end. The truth is they will promise you training but then the video tutorials are a joke.

What they conveniently leave out is that the said “highly paying social media jobs” require prior skills and expertise. Paid social media jobs is here to collect money from unsuspecting individuals like you and I. Do not be one of their money minting machines.

Good Things About Paid Social Media Jobs

  • 3 days trial for $1

Bad Things About  Paid Social Media Jobs

  • Too expensive for a product of its type
  • Too many hours of your time in exchange for cents
  • Bills $77 after the trial without asking
  • Hype product
  • Not worth it




My Final Opinion

Social Media is an important part of any business, but a lot of companies are using automation tools to take care of their social media accounts or don’t pay very much just for hanging out in facebook and twitter, making money on the internet is very easy once you know how to, if you don’t know where to start you have to check out Wealthy Affiliate, it’s my #1 recommendation to build an online business from scratch and it’s free to join just click on the link below.

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