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By | May 20, 2016

Name:OPFkitwhat is opfkit
Price:$49 and a downsell of $25

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In this OPFkit review I want to clarify any doubts you have about this product and help you decide if you are considering buying OPFkit, you might be wondeirng : is OPFkit a scam or a legit product?, I’m sure that after reading this review you will know exactly what to do. Do I recommend this product? No, I don’t and I’m going to explain you why I think OPFkit won’t help you to make money online first of all…

What is OPFkit?

Online profit formula or OPFkit is an online tool that is used by those wanting and willing to make a few extra bucks by simply being online and mostly on social media.

Once you go to their website;opfkit.com, you can see a very clean and nice page design with a good looking logo which is good a sign while the creators care about their company appearance but don’t let those shiny objects manipulate you.

You can buy a very nice logo on fiverr for a very cheap price and create a really nice website in 30 seconds within all the tools and software that are created everyday, you can build your website easily and very fast.

After you land on OPFkit’s home page a video starts running, a narrator starts speaking of how easy and fast it is to learn and start making cash just like that with no experience needed, this guy never explains how OPFkit works or what you will be doing within their system in the whole video’s length, not a single clue.

In the video they show “proofs” of how their customers are making thousands of dollars after the first day, they show pay checks, customer’s testimonials and some paypal screenshots but those proves can be easily manipulated, you can hire people to say whataver you want on fiverr, so never trust on these kind of proofs.

is opfkit a scam

Despite how the outer cover displays, i.e., the web page looking so authentic and the job description sounds so easy. It is all but a real sugar coated piece of candy; the discount offered upon purchasing an account is one too good to turn down.

Let’s face it, in the 21st century nothing comes easy, not making a fortune by just watching a 7-minute video. Which shows some figures from sites like PayPal, Click Bank and click sure. As much one would like such a check in his/her account, there is no proof that the figures are valid.

These kind of websites know how to convince their audience and how better to do that than marketing through showing the client what’s happening regarding the numbers.

how much one can earn within a given period and testimonials from other people. Humans believe what they see, and Opt Kit knows how to make that happen, they know how to capture the audience.E.g, the video states on one wanting to own a car, house, etc. That is everyone’s dream to have something to call your own. They make you believe you can achieve that and much more if you work with them.

Everyone is entitled to personal choices and suffer the consequences later on.

Before purchasing something, be guaranteed you will get at least 80% refund from the company and even they are associated with clickbank it is never 100% guarantee you will receive a refund if you decide to cancel your purchase.

OPF Kit offers a one-time fee of $49, and a $25, cheap things is always expensive, this becomes more evident when they claim you will be doing $1,000 after the first day of using their system, c’mon if it was that simple everybody will be rich and it won’t be offered for only $25.

The more affordable the package, the easier is to lure people into buying it.

The OPFKit talks about needing no experience in handling it because it comes with a guide, most of it is affiliate marketing and unless you have a clue of how it is done it will be harder for you.

According to the video, you can become an affiliate with them and sell OPFKit to some selected people, yet they want almost everyone to buy it, not you selected people like they make you believe…

If you feel that the OPF Kit is still worth a try after this, I cannot stop you. Be my guest and try it, sometimes experience is not the best teacher but also a lesson not to be forgotten.

Good Things About OPFkit

● Nice website design

Bad Things About OPFkit

● Fake money proofs
● It isn’t explained how it works
● Poor quality guide on affiliate marketing
● Video marketing used so many times by other scams

My Final Opinion

I don’t recommend you to purchase OPFkit, it sn’t worth it, you will be wasting your time and money, there are many websites like opfkit.com all over the internet with no real value, you have to be very careful about what you buy online, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on the internet but some websites like this one don’t offer a real training on how to accomplish success online within affiliate marketing.
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OPFkit Verdict:


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