What is Online Affiliate Marketing

By | November 26, 2015

Now days online affiliate marketing Is one of the what is online affiliate marketingmost easy ways to make money on the internet, there are so many affiliate programs in the cloud that sometimes we get overwhelmed, I’m going to give you, in my opinion,  what are the best affiliate marketing programs on the internet but first…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s receiving a commission by promoting other’s people products. It’s having a piece of the cake. Companies have adopted this kind of business simply because they sell more. Letting somebody else promote your product for a part of the earnings is worth it. It’s like having your own vendors without having to hire them, no fulltime contracts, no interviews,  etc. That is why companies love affiliate programs.

An affiliate can make from thousands of dollars to 0 in commissions, It all depends on affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Becoming an affiliate marketer is very easy.

Online affiliate marketing is formed by:

1 – The product or brand: In order to sell a product the product’s owner will need to advertise it. Here it is where the affiliates can help. Creating a brand and logo for a product will increase its sales.

2 – The Affiliate program: Now that the product’s owner decided to get help from other people to promote his product. He will need to create a process to administrate and have a control of his affiliates, in this process he can include a registration module for new affiliates and an automatic creator to give them their unique affiliate link, so every time somebody buys one of his products he will be able to know from which affiliate came from. Also in this process the owner establishes how his affiliates are going to get paid.

3 – The publisher or affiliate: When you subscribe or register on an affiliate program you will become a publisher, some affiliate programs have   some strict sort of filters and can be hard to be chosen but the majority of affiliate programs are easy to join.

4 – The customer: Affiliate marketing couldn’t exist without the customer. A person buying the product is the goal of Affiliate marketing.

Almost any online affiliate program is free to join but to become an affiliate is not completely free, you will have to spend time on promoting the products.


This are some examples for advertising if you are an affiliate:

Organic search engine optimization (SEO): If you own a website, SEO could be your best friend. By applying it right could rank your website in the first pages of google, yahoo and bing etc.

Social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+:   Sharing information in social media can be very helpful too.

Video marketing with YouTube: Uploading videos to youtube and etting people to see your face will create trust, when people trust you, you can promote any kind of product and service having an important impact at the end.

Search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click): Affiliates pay each time someone clicks on their advertising the most popular are google adwords and facebook ads.

 The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs 

Amazon affiliate program: Amazon is the largest retailer’s online store in United States and some other countries, as an affiliate you could earn up to 10% of commissions for each sale.

Wealthy Affiliate Training: If you are thinking on having an online business WA can be the best way to start.

Ebay Partner Network:  Ebay is one of the most popular consumer to consumer online store and now they have their own affiliate program.

Rakuten Marketing or Link Share: Acts as an intermediary connecting brand owners with publishers.

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10 thoughts on “What is Online Affiliate Marketing

  1. Heather Grace

    I am newer to affiliate marketing and found your article simple but informative. It can be a huge risk ot take the plunge into an unfamiliar world to start a new business. What would you recommend a newbie do first? Are there any differences in payouts for the affiliates you listed?

    Thank you for the great read!

    1. Mario

      Hey Heather! Been afraid of the unknown is our nature as human beings, if you want to learn how to make money on the internet you have made your first step. There are a lot of scams in this industry so you need to be very careful of who you trust, i recommend you the best step by step training i have found so far Wealthy Affiliate, it is free to join and gives you everything you need to succeed online, Thans for your comment.

  2. fmwaniki

    Hi Mario,i can agree with you there are easy and legit ways to make money online.You described them so clearly with details.Affiliate marketing can be tricky,but joining WA is one way to succeed online.I love the way you have incorporated the links in your post.I am happy you have described this is not an easy journey,but success does not come in a one day.It is meant to be a process.Keep up the good work.

    1. Mario

      Hey fmwaniki, WA university is the best training to start on the online business, no doubt, Thanks for your comment.

  3. Neil

    Hey Mario

    Thanks for explaining Affiliate Marketing online to me, and I can see how the 4 parts fit together 🙂

    I have heard about many affiliates making good money online from the methods you have listed, and that SEO is the best method used to make money as an affiliate marketer.

    Wealthy Affiliate training sounds good. I will have a browse at your review 🙂


    1. Mario

      Hey Neil! SEO is the best way to get traffic in my opinion, it’s essential as an affiliate marketer to know how to implement SEO on your website or blog, have a good one.

  4. Chris

    I did try out affiliate marketing about a year ago but I have to admit – I found it hard going. I see you are promoting an online school here that offers free training. Is this where you learned your trade maybe? How difficult would you say it is to learn the ropes and build your own website?

    1. Mario

      Hey Chris! Affiliate marketing is easy to implement but there’s too much information that sometimes newbies don’t know where to start, nobody is born an expert, I had this issue myself when I was starting my online business, I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it’s the best training on affiliate marketing I’ve found so far you should try it to see it for yourself, it’s free to join.

  5. Andrew

    Hi there. I just read your article on affiliate marketing and think this is a great guide for beginners. I think affiliate marketing sometimes gets a bit of a bad reputation with the tons of scam training websites out there. But done correctly and ethically, affiliate marketing can be a great way to run an online business. I have been running affiliate sites now for quite a few years and always have tried to be as ethical as possible. Its certainly a good way to earn money if you follow the right guidelines as you have pointed out here.

    1. Mario

      Hey Andrew, you’re right affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online, if you play by the rules affiliate marketing can become your path to a long term business and of course to your financial freedom, cheers.


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