What is Info Cash 2 ?

By | January 4, 2016

Name: Info Cash 2what is info cash 2

Website: http://chrisc.com/info-cash/

Owners: Chris Carpenter

Price: $47


3 stars

Info Cash 2 is a training program whose main objective is to enlighten people on the importance of paid advertising (PPC). These video trainings are mostly focused on teaching people to take advantage of Bing Ads and Facebook Fan pages. The training has been broken down into 3 phases.

Phase 1– The owner (Chris Carpenter) makes pretty clear what you’ll be doing in this first phase:

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Setup your platform (Facebook Fanpage, BingAds)
  3. Choose affiliate offers to promote
  4. Do basic keyword research
  5. Start sending visitors to your affiliate links via Facebook fanpage and BingAds
  6. Check your stats daily
  7. Scale up profitable campaigns and delete others.

Phase 2 – You are going to learn how to create your own email list and word press blog,

Phase 3 – It teaches you how to create your own info product.

The good thing with this program is that it does not entail the hype and graphics which are mostly found online on related programs. This is simply something that has been crafted by a person with a 10-year experience and it is aimed at helping people understand the advantages of working together to develop their businesses through paid advertising.

Features of the Info Cash 2

This program provides the learner with a more profound course that has been tailored to suit all types of businesses. It is also important to fully utilize all the features involved such as the written materials, video training courses, downloads and customer services. In addition, there are also the paid campaigns which the architect of the program has succeeded in carrying out.

Besides, it comes with a 2-month money back guarantee. This is to say, if you are not fully satisfied with the way the program works or if you feel it hasn’t worked for you, you can always ask for a refund of your money so long as it is within a period of two months (60 days).

According to a number of reviews, Info Cash 2 remains a highly trading program at the moment. It provides people what they require to achieve good results with their paid advertising regardless of the size of their businesses. It is also good to understand that in the current competitive market, one needs to put in more efforts if she or he hopes to divert any significant amount of traffic to his or her business. At times, this can be very expensive. With the launch of the this program, a video training program developed by an internet market specialist, Chris Carpenter, the online marketing this can turn in something really good.

The fact that achieving this can be an expensive affair, there is need for a more affordable means of sourcing for traffic and it is for this reason that Info Cash 2 comes into mind. With Facebook and Bing embracing the program, it is evident that the program has more advantages compared to the previously used programs and it is obvious that business owners will find it more beneficial and enjoyable.




– Brings Up an alternative PPC method, Bing ads.

– Less competition than using google adsense.

– New facebook platform incorporating bing training.

– Chris carpenter good reputation as a guru.

– Bing Ads are cheaper than google adsense.



– It can be very risky if you haven’t use PPC before.

– You may reach less people in bing than in google.


My Final Opinion

This program is definitely not a scam but may be not a good start for beginners, PPC can be very risky if you don´t have any experience using it. You can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

There is nothing like having a step by step training when you are a newbie and don’t know where to start. Wealthy affiliate is my #1 recommendation if you really want to create a solid foundation in the making money online niche.


3 thoughts on “What is Info Cash 2 ?

  1. jCamden

    There really are too many of these kinds of programs to count! I’m a bit unclear on the premise of what this particular offer includes. Is it training to help you get your own product up and running with sales? Is that where the PPC comes in? You pay google to direct traffic to your website? Do you think the lower competition in Bing makes up for the lower traffic numbers you get?

    1. Mario

      Hey j Camden! info cash 2 is a video training based on bing paid advertising and facebook fan pages, I do not recommend it if you haven’t use PPC before, if you want to create a solid foundation in the long term to making money online i would recommend you to check Wealthy Affiliate, have a good day.

  2. Dave

    Damn those scams who crown themselves as affiliate gurus.

    I had paid some guy on the web who ran an affiliate training program to teach me PPC. He said that it is the easiest to make money with and you didn’t need to have any affiliate marketing background.
    And I bought into the hype!

    Now after I read this and saw how much sense it made, I felt so ashamed and annoyed I was scammed by that false guru. And the worse thing is I knew search engine optimization was great but I opted for the shortcut.

    I really regret it.


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