What is IDplr? – is IDplr the Best PLR Platform Online?

By | July 5, 2016

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Price:Free membership offered, $37/3 months, $89/1 year, $97/lifetime


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There are many ways to make money on the internet, my favorite is affiliate marketing which is among one of the most profitable ones. Why do I like it so much? Because I don’t have to deal with anything but promotion, no customer complaints, no product creation, no testing and no stress at all, you just have to focus on promoting a product and you receive a commission every time you make a sale, easy peasy.

However, one negative aspect of affiliate marketing is that you only receive a part of the cake, you make a commission out of your sale and you will never keep 100% of the profits, which is reasonable because well, you are not the owner of the product.

Of course, it is more profitable if you sell your own goods and services, you get to keep all profits instead of earning one commission only.

Creating your own product is not easy, it will take many hours and a lot of money to produce a salable product, IDplr was created to help you solve that issue.

What is IDplr?

IDplr comes in handy here, you can resale over 8280 PLR Products and keep 100% of the profits, all of IDplr’s products come with a private label and resale license, this means that you are able to edit, sale and even claim them as your own.

IDPLR eases your work in finding products that might be useful for either resale or other use. They have got a lot of goods on their website that can fit anyone’s needs

what is idplr

IDPLR membership:

1. Silver membership, also known as free membership. It offers you access to 500 programs which are limited to Software and EBooks.

2. Gold membership comes at a small charge (a onetime fee) with access to all products and freebies. Also, it comes with 5 Gigabytes of web hosting space, you can sign up for three months to a lifetime.

Some of the features from the IDplr membership program include access to 4600 EBooks, 500 templates including themes newsletters and templates, 800 different types of software, 800 videos. Availability of live preview, so that you can view the product before downloading it.

Some of the features are available in the silver and gold membership, but the majority are only available for the gold membership.


1. You are able to sell their PLR products, claim them as your own and make 100% profit.

2. IDPLR membership includes a cover generator software.

3. Once you join the program, they offer jobs to writers, e.g., EBook writing. It would not harm in taking a look at it.

4. All the legal documents come along with the program, DMCA, and FTC compliant plus an anti-spam policy.

5.There is free training for the newbies.


1. Publishing of private label rights articles word for word will duplicate your work, and it could get you penalized by search engines.

It also applies to downloading products for resale on your site.

2. To attract traffic to your site, you must write quality articles. That does not come easy with IDplr since most products rebrands.

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My Final Opinion

Affiliate marketing is a crowded field, and as much as IDplr products ease up things, it makes the quality deteriorate. It is one of those products that give you a fuzzy feeling on whether to buy it or not. I am not for the idea the product is neither what it is painted out to be nor that bad.

I recommend the PLR mainly for inspiration and reference purposes. There are lots of valuable information on just about any topic you can name.  If you like educating yourself, on various issues, then IDPLR is a great resource.

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