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By | April 15, 2016

Name:Get Paid 4 PicsWhat is Get Paid 4 Pics Abou


Owners:Michael Davis

Price: $69 with downsells to $34, $19, & $4.95 + $14


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Getting paid from your pictures is possible, but unless you are a professional photographer you won’t be making a lot of money, the story of a Walmart employee that made $3,647 from just uploading his own pictures (who is the creator of this product) makes us wonder what is get paid 4 pics about? Is get paid 4 pics a scam or it really works?

I’ll be answering these questions in this Get Paid 4 Pics review so first of all…

Get Paid 4 Pics Review

The first clue that Get Paid 4 Pics is a dubious venture to enter into and that its pathway will lead absolutely nowhere is the obvious obfuscation of the elements of this wondrous key to success.

Instead of sharing with the reader what exactly the Get Paid 4 Pics is, there are vague comments indicating that Get Paid 4 Pics Review is a “comprehensive subject” that “requires great care” — so does mowing the lawn and clipping your fingernails. But this program is not described beyond ambiguous comments that explain absolutely nothing!

I’d have to question anyone who would be interested in Get Paid for Pics simply because there is no explanation as to what the heck it is that one has to do to achieve the fantastic level of success that is claimed by whatever genius coughed this thing up. It reminds me of IT which was supposed to change civilization as we knew it.

There was great suspense about what IT was… turned out it was the Segway which has at the most changed the workday of a few meter maids and postal workers. Get Paid 4 Pics Review doesn’t even promise that much! But beware! It seems that IT has returned in the form of Get Paid for Pics Review. Only I have the strong feeling that whatever it is won’t be near as exciting or revolutionary as the Segway!

What is Get Paid 4 Pics About?

getpaid4pics reviewNot satisfied with the words that had no substance, I dug a little deeper and here’s what I found. Seems an ex-Wal-Mart employee made $3,647 just for uploading pictures – guess that’s the “Pics” in Get Paid 4 Pics Review. My advice to him would be to return to his former position at Wal-Mart which was surely more honorable and honest and leave this sham behind him.

Without describing more than uploading pictures, this “company” expects you to pay for participating in the program and offers a money-back guarantee. Why don’t I trust that anyone would actually get their money back?

Further instructions about Get Paid 4 Pics cautions those interested in being royally duped that no step in the process can be skipped – of course, this note of urgency is not accompanied with descriptions of any of the steps.

While attempting to stir the imagination and surround this strange offer in an alluring mystique, it smells more like smoke and mirrors to me and when the air clears those who venture into Get Paid 4 Pics will be standing alone in a pile of ashes and a few dollars short from before losing their minds and buying into this hoax.

Tried as I might I found no substantive material that provided even a remote explanation of this program beyond meaningless bullet points such as, “Time management is given due importance.” And, “You will become confident of success.” Those statements sound good… wait they don’t even sound that good!

But the prize-winning bullet point on their corporate roll out is, “The price is very affordable!” for Get Paid 4 Pics. When you get nothing for your money, is any price really affordable?!

If anyone decides to take the plunge for Get Paid for Pics, you do so at your own peril.

Good Things About Get Paid 4 Pics

  • Not So Expensive


Bad Things About Get Paid 4 Pics

  • It’s not worth the investment
  • You won’t be making much money from selling pictures
  • It doesn’t give a good explanation of how to make money
  • Too many competition for stock pictures



My Final Opinion

Jumping into selling your pictures could be not as profitable as this product makes it sound, even the professional photographers are having a hard time because this area is oversaturated, if you are serious on building an online business that will give you a full-time income you must try my #1 recommendation is called Wealthy Affiliate. It give you all the training tools and support that you  will ever need to succeed.

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