What is Face Beast? – is Face Beast a Scam?

By | May 23, 2016

Name:Face Beastwhat is face beast


Owners:Ricky Powers

Price:$97 downsales to $19


1 star

What is Face Beast?

Face Beast is a program created by Ricky Powers, in this program he talks about how to use one of the largest social media platforms (Facebook) to earn some real cash.

Face Beast’s website starts out with a video showing how much people can make from face beast alone, then a letter from William Moore and finally the testimonials from face beasts’ participants.

The figures showed in the video and the screenshots available at their website are impressive since they lay out what they earn on a daily basis. William Moore recommends it for those above the age of 18 worldwide.

According to face beast, the beast will show you exactly what to do in Facebook to make money, which fan page to post on, like and comment. Just like that you earn some extra cash, if that sounds so easy to you, then you have a good reason to doubt the program. Here are some other reasons why Face Beast’ claims and profit proofs are hard to believe:

1. Just because face beast works from Facebook, it doesn’t mean that Facebook acknowledges the beast. They are not endorse by facebook in anyway.

2. The money proofs they show all around their website and video can be easily manipulated and edited, as far as we are concerned they are just some figures meant to lure people (mainly newbies in the online business world)to purchase their package. Do not buy something because the figures look amazing, most of them are not genuine.

3. The testimonials seem to be fake, I’ve seen the second guy that appears on their sales video recommending several sites, for example my flex job. That was a little suspicious to me so I dig a little bit more and I found something very interesting on Face Beast disclaimer page.

is face beast a scam

The people giving testimonials received monetary incentives to publish their opinion about face beast. To my mind, if I purchase something that is very helpful and makes me a lot of money then why would I need to be paid to spread out a good word on its behalf?

So in my opinion, the owner of Face Beast hired these people from someplace like fiverr to say good things about the program before they even launch Face Beast, then Ricky Powers add their testimonials to their video to give it more credibility, but it’s just my opinion J.

4. They are not pretty straight with their down sells and upsells, the purchasing price is $97 but if you fill out the coupon code and X out you can get it for as little as $19.

Good Things About Face Beast

  • Nice website design
  • Good marketing idea including a beast cartoon

Bad Things About Face Beast

  • Fake earning proofs
  • Fake testimonials
  • No explanation of what exactly you are going to do

My Final Opinion

If you are planning to work online, be very careful, not every simple task is genuine, there are some fraudsters whose only aim is to separate you from your money. They can be very persuasive just take a look at facebeast.com. Everything is secret; you don’t even have a clue of what exactly you are going to do on facebook with Face Beast.

Want to work online from the comfort of your sofa? Face beast is not the way to go. Don’t get scammed by it. I’ve been quite long on the online business world to notice the difference between a legit platform and a scamhg, one of the best ways to earn money on the internet is affiliate marketing but like anything you have to learn how to us it, I know the best training on affiliate marketing is called Wealthy affiliate, you can try it for FREE clicking on the link below.

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Face Beast Verdict:


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