What is Easy Webinar? – is Easy Webinar a Scam?

By | June 11, 2016

Name:Easy webinarwhat is easy webinar


Owners:Casey Zeman

Price:$397 per year


4 stars

What is Easy Webinar?

Easy webinar is a software that enables you to create automated events like live event funnels, webinars, full summits, hybrid events and much more, it comes with a variety of tools that make your events very complete and easy to manage. Easy Webinar allows you to create a page in seconds where your event will take place.

Good Things About Easy Webinar

  • The best tool to create webinars and live events online
  • Makes easy to create and manage all your events
  • Great tool to leverage your business
  • Offers training to get traffic
  • Trusted owner
  • 30 day money back guaranteed no questions asked

Bad Things About Easy Webinar

  • It can be kind of costly if you are your starting with your online business

How it Works

The Easy Webinar is a product created by Casey Zeman. Casey is quite popular in the webinar systems industry, he also offers consultancy and has created several online products for years. On his site (Easy Webinar) you can find training on how to get traffic, a huge number of followers and fans on social media from using online video events.

Easy Webinar is one of the best ways to creating the most engaged and profitable marketing funnels. The price is pretty reasonable for the amount of new clients and sales you could make with this software, by using Easy Webinar you can easily cover the cost after some events. It costs $397 per year for the Easy Webinar Software and $80 per year for Easy Webinar Commercial License, a total of $477/yr. with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Easy Webinar integrates and helps you work with:

MailChimp, Amazon, WordPress, Twitter, LeadPages, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Livefyre, WishList, Optimizepress and much more.

30It includes a lot of already made templates, so you do not have mess with any kind of coding to create and access the tools you need; it is very easy to use and the tools are there just waiting to be customized as you wish.

Easy Webinar Free Software

Easy Webinar has a free software called The Easy Webinar training that teaches you how to stream live events online.

Remember that online events have a huge advantage over offline activities; they can continue even after the events have passed, for example; you can convert a one-off sales speech or lecture into an event that will continue to attract viewers, generate leads, make sales and engage the viewer’s interest for the rest of your business’s lifetime.

Easy Webinar Features

is easy webinar a scam

Easy webinar offers additional features to keep your business going:

Scarcity Tactic: This element enables you to monitor and set up a time frame for the bonuses that you are offering to your prospects, it helps you to put a little pressure to your prospects to buy your product before the bonus time limit ends, it will increase your sales, highly efficient for encouraging viewers to buy your goods and services.

Thank-you page: It is an additional feature that gives viewers an opportunity to like or share your event online. This aspect is another way to get more publicity, and drive more traffic to your page.

Easy Webinar SEO: This section can optimize your webinar to be on Google’s first page if the viewer makes the right search.

Analytical system: Keeps track of who registered for your events. It compiles data of how many people registered for your event, attended and performed other actions like buying, this information is vital to your business because you can identify and narrow down to the most favorable prospects.download button

My Final Opinion

Easy Webinar works well for both online and also for real life products and services for anyone with something of value to sell. You can turn your WordPress site a webinar funnel with just a click as you deem fit. The 30-day refund policy is a clear indicator that it is an honest gig. So, you get a 30 days trial period, and you can keep whatever you made out of it. Easy Webinar is legit, and I highly recommend it.


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