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By | June 15, 2016

Name:Easy Video Suitewhat is easy video suite


Owners:Josh Barlett

Price:$297 with a great discount



What is easy video suite all about? I’ll answer this question in this review and I hope this article helps you to decide if you want to buy it or not, I highly recommend easy video suite and if you find that this great software meet your needs you can get a discount on the link below.


Easy Video Suite is a software that simplifies the process of uploading videos on the internet, it automatically converts, edits, records, tracks, and uploads your videos making sure they are compatible with devices and browsers, it also gives you a simple html code that you can copy-paste anywhere you want. It comes as a plugin for WordPress too.


  1. Beginner friendly: Unlike most software programs, the easy video suite is made easy to follow and comprehend for the newbies.
  2. Money refund guaranteed: If you purchase the application but do not like, you can be assured your money will go back to your pockets. Call it a win situation for you.
  3. It is the newest version: It has been slick to meet all the customers needs so it has a lot of new features and functions from the previous versions.

easy video suite discount

How it Works

Gone are times when you had to struggle to upload a video on the internet successfully by ensuring the videos are compatible with most platforms if not all, secure them to avoid theft and handling codes and scripts, etc.

For the affiliate marketers, easy video suite allows you to reach out to you subscribers better. It enables you to record, upload, publish, make presentations beautifully and finally market them.

The guru behind easy video suite, Josh Barlett, took more than a year to finish the application successfully. It costs $297 only with a $100 discount if you buy it through the link below, a onetime fee and you get to enjoy all the benefits and also all around the year they offer discounts and bonuses.

With a 60 day refund, easy video suite is the most trusted video creating software online, if you are not pleased with the application which I doubt it, you can ask for your money back no questions asked.

Some of the features in Easy video suites include:

  1. Simple yet super video: Records from your webcam or any other device and get it online as fast as possible.
  1. Highest capacity of video security: EVS is specially built for marketers and business owners, they understand just how important it is to keep content safe from copyright infringement, sharing and downloading.
  1. Upgrade on SEO features: EVS specifically makes sure that your videos are search engine friendly automatically. Creating video sitemaps are only a button away, sit back relax and watch how views and profits rise all thanks to easy video suite.
  1. Video customization: Video content is vital for the website’s growth now days. Easy Video Suite can be used to create host pages for your videos. You do not need to have any knowledge of programming or coding, all you need to do is just drag and drop, then, create a spectacular quality content, leaving EVS to do the rest for you.
  1. Combines perfectly with Amazon S3: EVS is created to work seamlessly with Amazon S3 to convenient and securely host your videos.

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My Final Opinion

It is the perfect video creation software, Easy Video Suite is all you need to manage and build all your videos. It eliminates significant issues associated with video marketing from simple recording to web friendly formatting.

In life nothing good comes easy so do not look at the price but the benefits it will bring to your business.

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