What is Clikdelivery? – is the Best Revenue Sharing Site?

By | May 30, 2016

Name:Clikdeliverywhat is clikdelivery

Website: www.clikdelivery.com

Owners:Ilyas Noukaila

Price:From $5 to $100


2 stars


Clikdelivery claims to be an advertising and revenue sharing site which has been on constant scrutiny in the recent days. With little known about it considering the fact that they are new in the market, investors are encouraged to exercise caution when dealing with this site.

Good Things About it

  • High revenue share margins

Bad Things About it

  • New site, not very trustable
  • Owner with no online business and rev share background
  • Not many subscribers as they make it looks like
  • Risky investment

With no basis of analysis, their whole idea seems like one of the fairy tale stories where chances of being real are close to none. Although not completely scrapped off, this site looks like looming danger and a closer look at its promises will leave you laughing as if it is a cosmic joke and you just got the punch line.

Away from the hullabaloo and brouhaha, perhaps getting nitty-gritty with the actual details will give you a vivid glimpse of who they really are. This calls for clikdelivery review.

wantto see how i make money

How it Works

What has elicited mixed reactions and sparked global concern is the way this site works. They claim to give revenue of up to 130% on an ad pack for anyone wishing to purchase the ad pack at a cost of $5 to $ 40. This seems quite attractive but what raises eyebrows is the possibility of it being realistic.

They also go ahead and claim that $5 ad pack will mature at 110% with a maximum purchase being 100. This is yet another deal which is too good to be true and although I do not categorically disregard the possibility of it being true, chances are almost nil. Yes, you got me right, chances are close to zero.

A $10 ad pack then matures at 115% with maximum purchase being 100. This is another great deal. As the saying goes, when the deal is too good..; it is time you put your money where you mouth is. Before you invest in this scheme you need to be fully aware that there are high chances of losing. In fact, losing is higher than gaining. Or maybe, the best approach would be to invest amount you wouldn’t mind losing in case it turn out to be a scam.

They also provide that $5 ad pack matures at 120% with maximum purchase being 100. This is yet another controversial provision by this site. There is no doubt that the criteria used to rate it as scam clearly looked into these details and possibility of them being realistic.

Another $5 ad pack which matures at 130% with maximum purchase being unlimited is available from this site. This provides that one can purchase as much as they wish to. With these stipulations, this looks like the best opportunity for anyone in the advertisement and revenue sharing industry.

They also provide that members will get a 10% commission on all ad pack purchased with payments being accepted via perfect money, Payza, Payeer and solidtrustpay. Their minimum withdrawal amount is $5 with the maximum amount being $500. Stay warned that this site is not safe for your money and is sure to put your whole investment idea at risk. For those interested in taking risky attempts, perhaps this is their right bet.

My Final Opinion

However, for those who wish to invest in something solid and promising, you need to keep off at revenue sharing sites, they won’t help you to make a reasonable amount of money for the time invested, you’ll probably earn a few dollars in months.

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