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By | February 22, 2016

Name: AnyoptionAnyoption App Review

Website: www.anyoption.co.uk

Owners: Misc shareholders

Price: Free to download


3 stars


Binary Options have become very popular within last years, this has caused that new platforms come out every single day, each new platform claims to be the best one that will make you rich in no time, personally I don’t recommend seeing binary options like a long-term business, why? Because is a very risky way to try to make money, in my opinion is just like gambling, it’s definitely not a scam but is far from being a solid business for people.

Howsoever, from all the binary options platforms out there Anyoption seems to be the best choice, but what is Anyoption trading? Let’s dig into this Anyoption company, this is a review of their app which is one of their biggest assets.


What is Anyoption App?

Anyoption App is a product of Anyoption™ one of the world’s prominent and pioneers of the binary options trading environment. Binary options are financial investment body that enables investors to make profits from price fluctuations of the stock market’s traded underlying assets. You can invest trade and earn from the global equity markets and make lucrative returns. This trading platform is intuitively designed, enabling anyone to trade regardless of their knowledge or experience.

Android supports Anyoption App and so does iOS quite unexpected. The App comes with impressive visual experience the smartphone apps are well optimized to fit the screen just fine on the smaller screen ensuring that users can have a rich trading experience. The App comes with:

Interface- Comes with sleek navigation and simple overall presentation without compromising overall functionality.

Banking- Offers a built-in deposit feature within the App. One can deposit either by credit card or wire transfer. However, there is no option to request withdrawals directly from the interface.

Charting- A unique feature that changes the background according to the selected asset. It carries a brief description of the option you are trading and the time left before expiration.

My Account- Includes bonus you have claimed, trade history and personal and banking details

Support- A built-in option to contact Anyoption support team via contact form within the app or a ‘Call Us’ button that places a call to the help desk automatically.

Once the App is installed, the registration process commence,What is Anyoption Trading which is quite easy, it takes a few minutes, and you can start trading from anywhere at any time. Being the UK’s most trusted Binary option, Anyoption App platform is fully regulated in the UK and adheres to rules, standards and regulations set by CYSEC and operates in total transparency under EU amendments like Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and is audited by KPMG.

The trading process is simple; select the underlying asset, determine whether the cost of the said asset will go up or down,; then choose the expiry time- the duration the trade is open which lasts for around 5-25 minutes.

The dual trade aspect of Anyoption is as a result of; it is all-or-nothing kind of payoff, meaning that if you speculate right, you receive up to 80% profit, and if the prediction is incorrect then you lose the initial investment. However, you still receive a refund of up to 25% of your investment- at least not everything vanishes. Binary options trading are different from the custom trading; Investors do not buy or own actual stock. The fate of their funds lies in the prediction they make on the assets, and it takes just but a few minutes to see the return on investment. This trade is a pretty risky engagement; it is devastating when an incorrect prediction is made but when your speculation turns up, then you know it was a worthwhile investment; you did make the right decision, it is easy money without hassles just like gambling.


Good Things About Anyoption App

  • Free to download
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Live Support
  • No hidden commissions or upsells


Bad Things About Anyoption App

  • Very Risky
  • You can lose a lot of money in short time
  • Not a long-term business


My Final Opinion

Anyoption is not a scam although is a very risky way to make money, if you are the kind of person who wants to have an online business that will last the rest of your life you may be interested on affiliate marketing, this is by far the best method I’ve found to make money online nowadays.

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