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By | July 6, 2016

Name:Alexa Masterwhat is alexa master


Owners:Priyankara Dilantha

Price:Free membership, from $3 to $400 VIP packages.


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What is Alexa Master?

Alexa master can help you to have quality and bulk traffic, one of the Alexa master’s advantages is that if you are starting your online business and don’t have much money to invest in traffic, you could use Alexa’s services for free.

Time is money, in order to use Alexa Master’s services without paying anything, you will have to complete some tasks and earn points, then you can exchange those points for visitors to your website, likes for your Facebook fan page, visitors for your Youtube channel, etc

Many companies will dupe you in delivering traffic they cannot, some of them may use bots which won’t do any good to your website, fake visitors won’t help you rank better in Google and won’t buy anything while browsing your site, they are not real people. The Alex master platform gives you quality and real visitors which will raise your website health to a high point.

If you have an active website with very low visits then this is your opportunity to grow your own business and to drive away your competitors. Alexa Master will give you real clients and is definitely a good opportunity in the business of online money market.

Good Things About Alexa Master

  • Free membership offered
  • Increases your traffic significantly
  • Helps you to get better rankings in Google
  • Increases your leads and sales
  • You can earn points by completing tasks for free
  • Exchange your earned points for cash, likes or visitors
  • Different tasks to choose from

Bad Things About Alexa Master

  • It takes up to 12 hours to validate your website
  • Limited amount of videos you can watch a day (it’s the task that gives you more points)

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How it works

Alexa Master has so many active users from nearly all over the world. It worksby distributing points to active users, the points are earned every time they do small activities such as watching videos on youtube, liking pages on Facebook or just surfing the web.Members can exchange their earned points for cash, for traffic or even for advertising.

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There are different ways to earn points with Alexa Master:

Watching Videos

Alexa Master awards you with 66 points by watching  short youtube videos from other active users, normally 15 seconds long videos, it’s the task that allows you to earn more points within Alexa, unfortunately, it’s limited to 5 videos a day for free accounts.

Vote Websites

Earn 5 points from each website you vote, you will have to check websites for 15 seconds each and then vote if the website seems good and legit to you, you won’t earn as many points as watching videos but still a quick and easy task.
Resell Traffic
Earn points by promoting Alexa’s partner website “prehits.com”, prehits is a company that sells traffic, when somebody buys traffic through your link, you’ll earn a big amount of points and you can exchange them for cash instantly. Prehits gives you 40% of every sale.

Auto surf

Earn points by surfing the web automatically, click a button once and you can leave your computer alone to surf the web for itself, you will have to unblock pop-ups from this page and add Alexa extension plug in first.

Facebook Likes

By liking Facebook fan pages of other Alexa Master members you can earn points too.

Small jobs

Make extra cash and points by doing simple task jobs like writing articles, creating videos and so much more. You should put your referral link to earn money from trafficking.
These kinds of jobs and tasks are very easy to do and you can stop and take a break at any time if you feel overwhelmed, you can also buy points in case you don’t want to complete these tasks, the prices vary from $4 for 20,000 points to $400 for 2,000,000 Points with 60 VIP days.

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My Final Opinion

Alexa Master is very helpful for those who want to increase their traffic in a short period of time, there are facilities for newbies who don’t want to risk their own money at the very beginning, Alexa Master understands that and gives opportunities for them to work to gain that traffic instead.

Also, If you are launching a product and want to have a massive advertisement on Facebook to increase its popularity, you can use this platform to do so, use your points to buy advertisement, this is great for the people who don’t own a website.

Remember that you can still purchase Alexa Master points if you want to advertise your product and make sales quickly. All you need to do is to sign up to Alexa Master  to get started, it’s free.

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Leav a comment below if you have any questions.


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