What is a Long Tail Keyword Research Tool – How to Get Long Tail Pro For Free

By | May 24, 2016

Name:Long Tail Prohow to get long tail pro for free


Owners:Spencer Haws

Price:$37/month or $25/month with the annual plan, $1 trial


What is a Long Tail Keyword Research Tool?

SEO is the best technique to drive high quality traffic to your website, the combination of low competition keywords + quality content will drive a lot of traffic to your website and increase your conversion’s rate, many bloggers and website owners know it, that’s why there is a lot of competition for certain keywords.

This is where long tail keywords take place, it’s possible to rank a page or post from a keyword, it doesn’t matter how long the keyword is, short keywords have many competitors and becomes very hard to rank your upcoming posts using them, but don’t worry you can still rank your posts easily on google by using long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are made with more than 3 or 4 words, Long taill Pro will help you to get the best keyword ideas for your upcoming pages.

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What is Long Tail Pro?

Spenser Haws, the genius behind Long Tail Pro, a Software that Mr.Haws and his team developed to aid in searching for thousands of long tail keywords in minutes. Long tail Pro enables one to retrieve over 800 keywords from from 5 seed keywords at a time.

The software does not discriminate, anyone can make use of it. Perfect SEO strategy is based on the keywords used;  it can be the major bridge between stagnation and massive traffic growth.

It has changed lives for the better from those promoting their business, online writers /bloggers, niche site creators and affiliate marketers. Proper keyword research can take your business to the next level, with of cos the right knowledge on how to operate it.

Pros of using Long Tail:

  1. Speed:It is super fast as it can generate over 800 words in a minute, thus saving the hours one might spend online looking for keywords. Or even having to spend money on hiring a virtual assistant to find keywords which might not meet your expectations.
  1. Easy to use:Long tail pro has detailed instructions on how one can make use of it. If you are a newbie, don’t stress over it Long Tail Pro has got you covered. Their customer care agents are available around the clock to help you in case of anything.
  1. Improves traffic in your niche:Enormous or small business, using the Long Tail Pro can increase traffic massively by just following the simple steps outlined in www.longtailpro.com.
  1. Exportation of data:The software has an option of sharing data either to your machine or clients. It is the best of its kind that is available.
  1. Affordable:Most Software that are even half as useful as the long tail pro are overpriced with a lot of mistakes and incomplete work. Luckily, the case changes when it comes to LTP. It has a $1 ten-day trial, after that you are charged  $37 a month (or $25 if you choose the annual plan)  and you are assured of quality services, Long Tail Pro will help you regain your cash back and keep the flow coming in.

There are available discounts at various times of the year e.g.; there is a current %33 discount if you choose the annual plan which reflects on their home page so that you are not left behind.

The software can be installed in more than one gadget; their excellent customer support explains further on that. Being based on adobe air, it can be configured with a MacBook, personal computer or whichever device you are using without any issues.

Don’t be among the few people who do not have a clue about Long Tail Pro and its benefits. It is available worldwide and in every language. Improve your business and your marketing strategies as well as your income, with the right knowledge of keyword to use, the software can skyrocket your earnings and conversions by increasing your website’s traffic. It has brought the art of perfection to the online bloggers increasing their niche traffic daily. If you want to purchase the long tail pro software, it is sold via click bank.

I recommend the Long Tail Pro software 100%.

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