Wealthy Affiliate Review – is The Training for Real?

By | November 12, 2015

Name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com


Owners: Kyle & Carson

Price: $0 the starter membership, $47/month or $359/year the premium membership




What is it?

Wealthy affiliate is a community for starting your online business as an affiliate marketer, in this community you will find video training, 24/7 support from any person within the community or even from the owners, live chat, hosting for your websites, free websites, free keyword tool, Site Rubix friendly tool to use wordpress a dashboard for blogging or to make questions and live video trainings.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate

When you sign up to this website you are going to be amazed , this website offers you everything you need to succeed online,  training videos to start your online business from scratch, live chat, hosting to create as many websites you want and 24/7 support via chat or inbox. It is a community that is going to be there whenever you need help.screenshot WA                                                                This is how Wealthy Affiliate dashboard looks like.

In Wealthy Afilliate you are going to learn how to:

– Make Money Online

– Choose A Niche

– Create Your Own Website From Scratch

– Rank Your Site In The First Pages Of Google

– Get Traffic  To Your Website

In the 7 days free trial you wil have Access to the 10 videos course that teaches you how you can start your online business from scratch, it will look like this

The tittles of each lesson describe themselves, below each lesson there is an area where you can comment. If you have any question about the lesson you will get your answer within minutes sometimes within seconds by  other members.

You should remember it’s a community where we try to help each other to reach our goals. This makes it a lot easier and lighter, you can also post your questions in the blog area, the live chat or sending a personal inbox to whoever you want, you may even talk to the founder and cofounder of Wealthy Affiliate, that is something that I have not found in any other business of this kind.

After the training you will have:

  • Knowledge of how to make money online.
  • Own domain.
  • Own website.
  • Own Website with SEO ready.
  • Keywords to rank your website on google.
  • Basic content on your website.

As the name of this trarining says it by itself Wealthy Affiliate is based on the affilliate marketing business model but…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online now days, thousands of people have succeed and reached financial freedom  thanks to affiliate marketing , Why? because anyone can do it, you don´t need to be a geek or a super nerd, You just need to know basic computer skills, if you can use facebook you can create your affiliate marketing business, if you have internet access and a computer you are good to go.

In a few words you make money by promoting other  people´s products, so every time someone buys a product that you promoted you earn a commission . It is that simple. Millions of people are navigating on the internet every day, imagine if just a fraction of them buy a product that you promote, you would make big profits.

The Look Of My Blog

Your website can be about anything really, there are tons of options to choose from, i’ve seen from torutle’s care websites to musical instrument’s websites and you can be succesful in any of them you just have to be willing to put your time, effort and why not some of your love to make it happen. You can create your website about your passion or something you are interested in learning just be a little bit creative.

Many people have been ripped off  by online scams, I’m one of them, they make you think you can become rich without working, makes me really angry that this scam’s creators try to benefit themselves from the internet to steal from people that actually want to create a business.

There are many success stories within Wealthy Affiliate, there’s a blogging area where members comment their success, every single day there are many new stories on this section, you can check them on your activity dashboard once you sign up, I’ve seen any kind of different success stories from happy people commenting on how they had their first sale to people having a full time income from their online business and once you are inside you can contact them to ask them personally whatever you want that is a powerful extra tool that Wealthy Affiliate gives you.

Picture of succes

picture of succes 2

Good Things About Wealthy Affiliate

  • Free Starter Membership.
  • Free 10 videos to get starter.
  • Site Rubix friendly tool to use wordpress.
  • 24/7 support via chat, private message, or making questions to the community.
  • Support from the owners.
  • Good quality video trainings often updated.
  • Live video trainings.
  • Searching Keyword Tool.

Bad Things About Wealthy Affiliate

  • Too much irrelevant blogging from people within the community.
  • There is a lot of information and as a starter you can get overwhelmed.

My Final Opinion

You are not going to get rich overnight you need to work and follow each instruction from the videos, they make it easier for you to be focused in what really works to be successful online,  your effort is going to be canalized, every minute you spend on your online business is going to be a quality working minute so at the end, reaching your goal of making money online is going to be sooner than any other guide or system there is on the internet.

You will earn while you learn, you’ll gain all the experience you need to make money online, build your website from sctratch and meet people from around the world with the same goals, try the free 7 days trial, you won’t regret.

Join The Wealthy Affiliate 7 Days FREE Course

What’s Next After The First Training?

After the 7 day free trial you could keep  your account for free but you will not have access to live chat and one on one couching anymore so you will become an independent learner,  but don’t worry Wealthy affiliate offers a premium membership too.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited Free Websites.
  • Free Hosting For All Your Websites.
  • Access To 500+ High Quality Training Modules.
  • 24/7 Help From Me Or Any Other Member Of The Community Including The Founders.
  • Access To Live Webinars.
  • Free Keyword Searching Tool.
  • Keyword Saving List

What Is Stopping You From Being Success?

If you are not happy with what you are doing for money, you hate your job and want to make a full-time living from the internet Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go. Anybody can do it but it’s really hard if we don’t know where to start, Wealthy Affiliate will walk you thorugh all you need to know to reach your money goals from the start, you don’t need any previous experience, if you join us you will have made your first step to your way of making money online, but you have to take action.

  Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.

                                       Bradley Whitford


Leave a comment if you have any question or want to give me a feedback, thank you for reading me.

Mario de la Rosa

16 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – is The Training for Real?

  1. Aaron

    Great content all over this page. I’m a premium member at WA and I would say it is one of the better decisions I have made in a while to say the least. I am new to owning my own site and WA has really made the whole learning process much much easier!

    1. Mario

      Hey Aaron! You said it yourself, there is always room in WA for entrepreneurs who want to build their own online business, the best training of its kind, Thanks for your comment.

  2. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello there Mario , I really have to say I got nervous seeing in your title the word “Scam” next to Wealthy Affiliate.

    But your rating with 5 stars stopped me from worrying.

    You explained well what is Affiliate Marketing and what people should expect from when they start an online business.I can say here that the true potential is unlimited as someone goes forward…You have to experience it in order to understand it fully.

    I agree that some people post irrelevant content but we have to consider that this is a community , not only for business , it is like a business hangout.So I comprehend those that want to express their feelings.We can set our email notifications accordingly.

    Thank you for being honest on WA , I forgive you for this title.

    What is your best moment so far inside?

    Want to see anything changed in the future as marketing always evolves?


    1. Mario

      Hey Tasos! That’s exactly the reaction I was expecting with this title, thanks for forgiving me for it. I guess I didn’t see it like a business hangout but you are right, sometimes we need to get our stress or bad feelings out and writing is a good way to do so, may be I was upset getting my email inbox full of those blog posts but I’m gonna go and set it up properly thanks for your advice.
      I’ve been a member of WA for 2 months already, I’ve learnt a lot and the best is yet to come, I found in this community the key to my success. I wouldn’t change anything for now, there is still a lot training and information I have to take.

  3. Daniel Aittie

    You have really dealt with almost every aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. It is a good review of Wealthy Affiliate and it is for everyone if you can click a mouse.

    I have benefited immensely from this community by helping me build a website.

    You can check it out my website at Invest and Motivate.


    1. Mario

      Hey Daniel! WA is really a training for everyone, the community is the best asset in my opinion besides their quality training of course, Thank you for your comment I will check your website.

  4. Angie

    The paragraph “Inside Wealthy Affiliate” The first sentence has a spelling error it should be sign and not sing. Under the picture of the dashboard the sentence “In Wealthy Afilliate you are gonna learn how to” you need to change gonna to say you are going. The paragraph under the 10 lessons is one big sentence. You need to break it up with some periods. I suggest you replace the following paragraph under the 10 lessons as follows.

    “The titles of each lesson describe themselves, below each lesson there is an area where you can comment. If you have any question about the lesson you will get your answer within minutes sometimes within seconds by other members. You should remember it’s a community where we try to help each other to reach our goals. This makes it a lot easier and lighter, you can also post your questions in the blog area, the live chat, or sending a personal inbox to whoever you want. You may even talk to the founder and cofounder of Wealthy Affiliate, that is something that I have not found in any other business of this kind.”

    I have added punctuation and corrected some spelling errors.

    Otherwise a good review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Mario

      Hey Angie! That was a long paragraph of spelling and punctuation errors. Thank you very much for your corrections, I appreciate it. Good Night.

  5. William "Nuggie" Nugent

    .I have to agree with you. I cannot stress enough the value of the community, the training, the freebies, and the tools that I get from being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. They are my Top Choice by far. I highly recommend that you check them out for yourself if you have or are trying to have any level of online presence.

    1. Mario

      Hey william! There’s nothing like WA on the internet. It is actually a top-class training and a great community, I’ve never heard somebody saying something bad about WA, there is everything you need to suceed with your online business. I’m happy you have joined it. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Derek Marshall

    Hi Mario,

    Must admit..I love Wealthy Affiliate. Defo one of teh best and most helpful communities out there. I really love blogging, so the potential of getting paid for it really hit the spot for me. despite being a happy hobby blogger for years I still learned a lot and continue to learn something new everyday on WA. Oh and it cured my addiction to wasting time on FB..instead of wasting time on there trolling my news feed I’ll do a bit of work on one of my sites!

    One of the better aspects of wealthy Affiliate is tha the training is super easy to follow. Dificulty rating ..zero!

    1. Mario

      Hey Derek! I agree with you all the way, I have been in WA affiliate just for a couple of months and is incredible how much I’ve learnt in a short time. The great thing of blogging like you say is that you can just write like you do on facebook, I’m happy you overcame your facebook addiction, may be I should write more on my blog and less on FB hehe, Cheers Derek.

  7. Viljoen

    Hi Mario

    Great review on Wealthy Affiliate. It is a real diamond among all the other scams that you will find online. It does take some time to earn money with the training that it gives you, but it is much worth the wait.

    When your website start to get authority from Google, then there is nothing stopping you from earning a fulltime income online.

    1. Mario

      Hey Vijoen! It really is the best way in the longterm to build your online business as an affiliate marketing, Thank you for your comment.

  8. Kris

    Hey Mario,
    The big truth here as you have said is the fact that anyone can start with wealthy affiliate and no matter what your background, you can succeed. The support is amazing, and I had a chuckle when I saw you’ve deducted points for irrelevant blogs. I totally know what you mean!
    Cheers for a great review that really tells it straight.
    Best of luck, Kris – come and find me at WA – kgads

    1. Mario

      Hey Kris! WA is really a great platform, thanks foryour comment,


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