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By | March 4, 2016

Name: Mass Planner 2mass planner reviews


Price: $9.95/month or $44.95/6 months, 5 day free trial offered



There aren’t many mass planner reviews but in this one I will explain why mass planner is currently the top social media automation tool , it’s really the only platform you’ll need to automatize all your social media accounts, from sending friend requests to posting in groups automatically there is almost nothing this tool can’t do for your social media improvement.

We all know how powerful social media is and how it can help to promote your business, you can reach thousands of people within seconds worldwide, social media also helps you to grow your audience and let people to get to know your product or business but of course, your accounts need to be up to date and very active to produce better results.

Many people would think that managing more than 1 social media account (like facebook or twitter) at the same time is a piece of cake but only the ones that have done it before know that it takes a lot of time to keep them active, up to date and alive,  it is really a full time job.

Business owners sometimes hire people to manage their social media accounts, but not everyone has the money or like paying  workers whom their only task is to be the whole day on facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. Automatization is the best way to keep your social media accounts very healthy and the best tool to do so is mass planner.

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What is Mass Planner?

It’s a software that will manage all your social media accounts for you, it will help to grow your accounts faster and it’s very easy to use, you just set it up at the beginning and mass planner takes care of the rest, its numerous features make very easy to manipulate all your accounts at once and when mass planner is running all its actions will seem exactly like a real person actions to the social media robot’s eyes.

What social media does mass planner support?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and Tumblr.

social media with massplanner

Mass Planner’s Features

It offers a complete automation to all the social media supported, let’s take a look at some of the main features that mass planner has and what these features can do for you:

top social media automation tool

Schedule posts: This is one of my favorites; you can create campaigns and add different posts to be published whenever you want, you can add images and links too, you are able to post in your wall, facebook groups, tweet, Instagram pictures, pinterest dashboard etc.

Direct messages: You can set it up to send messages to new friends or followers, it will send a private message automatically to all the new followers or people that accept your friend’s request, you can add their name in the message with a simple rule.

Facebook Finder: This feature finds groups from any keyword you type in, a list will show up and you can select any group from that list and send them a join request automatically, also you can set it up to send friend requests to people from the groups or to friend of a specific account, it will come with parameters by default to not surpass your friend requests amount a day so you don’t get penalized by facebook.

Auto-share post in groups (facebook): It shares the posts of your page to the groups you join automatically, it will increase your page reach and attract more visitors resulting in more likes for your fan page.

Auto-follow (twitter and Instagram): You can set it up to auto-follow other accounts in twitter and Instagram, it will find automatically who to follow by a keyword you want or by other account’s followers you select, remember the more people you follow the more people that will follow you back, it helps to grow the quantity of followers very fast.

Spinning Syntax: This feature gives you the option to spin the syntax of your posts or messages to avoid repetitive sentences, it makes your writing more natural.

Unfollow and follow back: By enabling this feature mass planner can follow people that don’t follow you back, you can also set it up to follow back your fans.

These are just a some of the features that mass planner offers,  there are a lot more for a complete automation for every social media supported, I love mass planner I’ve been using it for months and I haven’t used a half of all the features.

What About Mass Planner Support?

Their customer support is awesome, they have answered all my newbie questions since I became a customer , One time I forgot the password of one of my facebook accounts and the password of my email associated to that account too, I had used it with mass planner before so it was saved in there, they helped my to recover the password of my facebook account with some coding on the software, that really surprised and gave me a good impression of their customer support.

They also have a blog full of very helpful posts, tips and news to optimize your mass planner tool to get the best out of it, a very long list of video tutorials is included too and updated often. It’s a really complete tool.

Good Things About Mass Planner

  • Total Automation for your social media
  • Fast accounts growth.
  • Low price
  • Excellent customer support
  • Video tutorials
  • Own blog for tips and news

Bad Things About Mass Planner

  • Using a big amount of tasks may consume considerable virtual memory from your pc.

My Final Opinion 

I’ve tried some other automation tools in the past but none of them compare to mass planner, the first time I used it I realized I was wasting my time and money with other tools, before I knew that mass planner existed I was combining many other tools to do what mass planner does but they were not even close, it wasn’t a real automation at all and I still had to work and spend my time on my social media I’m glad I found mass planner, you can see it for yourself and try their 5 day free trial.

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Leave a comment for any question you may have or if you want to give me a feedback.

23 thoughts on “Top Social Media Automation Tool – Mass Planner 2 Review

  1. Pitin

    Hi Mario,

    I haven’t heard of the Mass Planner before until your post. When I was looking for a social media automation tools, I read reviews of Hootesuite, Buffer, Friends+Me and MeetEdgar. I have tried the paid version of Buffer but left after a month. Now, I am on MeetEdgar Annual Plan. Have I heard of your review, I could have considered testing it before jumping to an annual commitment. But yes, maybe next year, I will definitely try it. Thank you for the information.

  2. Ben

    What an interesting social media application. I until now had no idea about an all in one social media platform controller. I’ve just been manually controlling my accounts but this process seems like it would make life a lot easier! Knowing that this program supports my top applications like Facebook, twitter and g+ is something that intrigues me.

    1. Mario

      Yeah it really take a lot of time to manage all your accounts everyday and this tool makes your life easier, thanks for your comment.

  3. Magda

    It looks very promising. My new website is only one month old but I know I will have start looking into social media soon. I was looking for something like that. It’s really affordable and I like the free trial as well. Looks like this is something I have install on my computer? I’m guessing it will only run if my computer is on? Have you tired this using VPS? This will add to the monthly cost but if the software works as advertised, it’s worth it.

    1. Mario

      Hello Magda, Yea it will work using it on a VPS i forgot to add that info to the review, It’s really worth every penny as social media is an important part of any business these days, if you install it in your computer it needs to be on yes, have a great day.

  4. Daveking71

    Hi Mario…

    mm never heard of Mass Planner2 before, and I am currently at the stage of WA where i am looking at managing social networking, and I am looking to have a massive presence on FB ant twitter, for 10 bucks a month I may give it a go, very useful little tool, and will save me loads of time time..
    Thanks Mario 🙂

  5. Rawl

    I’m liking what Mass Planner has to offer and at such a reasonable price. It would save time. I wouldn’t have to go one by one through my social media account to post the same thing. This would save time by typing it once from what I can tell. How is it changed things for you? Has it helped you gain traffic?

    1. Mario

      Hey Rawl! It’s really a great tool that has improve my social media, actually I’m going to write about how has increased my traffic drastically in a short period of time in my next posts, have a great day.

  6. Jaime

    Hey Mario thank you for a great review! I didn’t know they had things like this out there in the world that can help out so much. It really is hard to manage all your social media accounts when your working a full time job and online marketing at the same time. I can really use the extra help and the Mass Planner 2 sounds like your very own personal assistant. Thank you again and I’m really going to look in to this tool.

    1. Mario

      Hey Jaime! It saves you a lot of time it’s like if you have your own social media employee, have a great day :).

  7. Marius

    Sunt place ce Planificatorul Mass media are de oferit și la un preț rezonabil. S-ar economisi timp. Acest lucru s-ar economisi timp introducând-o dată de la ceea ce pot spune. Cum este schimbat lucrurile pentru tine? A-l-a ajutat să câștige trafic?

    1. Mario

      Hey Marius, I’ve been using it for a few months and my traffic has incresad considerably, I’m getting an avarage of 400 visitors a day just from 4 twitter accounts.

  8. Dan DeLuca

    I’ll take a look at this, right now I am using a couple of tools to automate some of my social marketing.

    1. Mario

      Hey Dan!, I recommend to give it a try, I’m sure you will love it, have a good one :).

  9. Santiago

    Hello MArio,

    The software seems to be amazing. Would you recommend to invest in this instead of Facebook Ads?

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. Mario

      I can’t give you my opinion on Fcacebook Ads because I’ve never used them, but what I can tell you is that this tool will take care of all your social media presence which can halps you to increase the conversions for your business.

  10. Madeleine Gordon-Hughes

    I found mass planner 2 excellent and fairly easy to use I’m without pc to run it on at the moment though but will be back for sure 🙂

  11. Brianna

    Very Cool Information! Ima look into this, Mass Planning sounds like something i could definitely take advantage of! Its crazy thats i never even heard of this before. hmm. great blog though Mario 🙂 -Bri

  12. Norman

    Social media is here to stay, it is amazing how life have change with the invetion pf social media, Ever where we turn social media is right there in our face. Can you imagine life without social media i know that i can’t. People reaching people around the world doing businnes, building business this is so amazing. Keep up the good work


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