Quiz Funnels Review – What is Quiz Funnels All About?

By | May 26, 2016

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In this Quiz Funnels review I’m going to dig into this tool’s features and answer some of the most asked questions like; what is Quiz Funnels all about? & How does Quiz Funnels work?, pay close attention to this review and at the end you’ll find out if Quiz Funnels is really for you.


Quiz Funnels is a tool that allows you to make use of quizzes in your Facebook fanpage or website and connect those quizzes with your autoresponder to get more subscribers to your e-mail list and increase your conversion rate.

Who Quiz Funnels is Intended For?

For bloggers, website owners and business with a Facebook fanpage that are looking for a way to boost their list and increment their amount of subscribers by using the combination of quizzes and autoresponders to capture leads, it also works as a sales funnel.

Good Things About Quiz Funnels

  • Increases your conversion rate
  • Interacts with your audience
  • Makes very easy to create a customized quiz
  • Captures your audience’s Facebook or email address easily
  • Gives you options to manage and change your quizzes campaigns whenever you like
  • Builds up trust between your audience and your brand
  • Increases sales
  • Good price
  • Skyrockets the number of your subscribers
  • Fundamental for a fast list building
  • 30 days money back guaranteed no questions asked

Bad Things About Quiz Funnels

  • Has just been released (05/25/2016) and may have a few bugs that might need to get fixed like any other software.

Skyrocket Your Conversions

Everybody will tell you that traffic is the most important part of any online business and I don’t say otherwise, but what these gurus, online marketers and coaches forget to tell you is how important is to convert those visitors into sales, at the end of the day making profits is what it matters.

Of course you will first have to focus on growing your traffic at the beginning, there are many ways to get traffic like SEO, PPC, Adwords, Facebook ads, social media etc. But traffic is worth nothing if you don’t know how to monetize it, that’s why we’ve created an online business in the first place right? To make money off it.

No matter how much traffic you drive to your website or Facebook page if you don’t know how to convert it into subscribers or sales is useless, it’s like owing a restaurant and not giving the menu to your clients, they won’t buy from you and you won’t make any money.

Engaging your audience with high quality content is very important, it will make your brand more trustable and will keep your visitors hanging on your website for a while, once you have their attention you must “call for an action”,  offer them a product or a giveaway in exchange for their email address, convert, convert, convert…

Some of your visitors love freebies and they will give you their email address easily, others like reading good articles and some others like watching videos, your website will make conversions from high quality content and freebies , but there’s something  very important we’re forgetting: “interaction”, of course they can leave a comment on most websites  and try to get in contact with you that’s interacting, but I’m talking about live interaction where they can leave their opinion and have fun at the same time, this is where quizzes take place, Quiz Funnels can increase your conversions substantially.

Quizzes will keep your targeted audience engaged and interactive which builds up more trust, Quiz Funnels has been created to cover this part of your business for you, it  helps you to increment the percentage of conversions on your website or Facebook page.

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How Quiz Funnels Works

You can use Quiz Funnels as a plugin in your website, like a pop up or connect it to your Facebook ads, Quiz Funnels allows you to create your own quizzes for any niche, you can personalized them as you wish and build them in a way that will draw the attention of your targeted audience for example:

Let’s say you are promoting a neckless in the luxury niche, you are promoting them either on your website(blog, shopify, e-commerce store, amazon website etc ) or your Facebook ads, you have to build your quiz related to the  luxury neckless topic, taking in consideration your audience interests.

In this case I will add 5 questions like; “what accessories would you wear in a cocktail party?” Then I’ll give them 3 or 4 answers to choose from, they’ll have to pick one on each question and at the end of the quiz they’ll get their score with a special product discount offer if they type in their email address, wuala you have yourself a new subscriber to your email list, make sense right?

To draw people’s attention my quiz’s title would be something like “How much you know about what accessories to wear in elegant events” may be something a little bit shorter would be better but you get the idea, I’ll add a clickable button with “Start Quiz” in it and that would be it.

Quiz Funnels Features

What is Quiz Funnels All About

Create Quiz: This is the section you want to go to create a new quiz you are able to name your campaign, add a tittle, images and a description for your quiz.

Select Template: Here you’ll find all your saved quiz templates.

Call to Action: It’s a clickable button that will send people to your quiz like the ”Start Quiz” example above.

Social Sharing: It allows you to choose to enable or not social media sharing in your quiz.

Start Page: You decide if you want to enable an start page before the quiz(recommended) or go directly to the questions.

Integration: It allows you to connect your quiz with any of your favorite autoresponders.

General Segmentation:  It helps you to distinguish your quiz takers apart from you other subscribers in your list.

Customize: You can change the background color, the font type and color and the call to action button color as you like.

Outcomes: It allows you to customize your outcome’s message, it’s what the people are going to see after they finish the quiz, you can include images, llinks and even a video.

Questions: Here is where you shaped your quiz by creating your questions and answers, you can add as many as you want, you can also link them to different outcomes depending on what answers the quiz taker choose.

Leads: Configure your lead capture, you can set it to capture your customer’s Facebook account or his/her email address and name whichever you like, you can also select when it’s going to be displayed, before the quiz or after the quiz.

Offer: It will help you with your conversions by adding an offer to your quiz, you can attached images, links and video.

Review & Publish: After you save your quiz, you should always preview it before using it, this feature allows you to do that and make changes if necessary before publish it, it also gives you the html code to copy-paste it in your website.

Quiz Statistics: Here you will see all your quizzes stats like; number of clicks, number of subscribers, number of quizzes etc.

My Final Opinion

If you have used other methods to increase your conversions without any results, I recommend you to give Quiz Funnels a try, you won’t regret, even if you are new to the online business world it would be a good idea to start off on the right foot. Are you just starting to build a list? Quiz Funnels will build it for you in almost no time.

Quiz Funnels Veredict:



2 thoughts on “Quiz Funnels Review – What is Quiz Funnels All About?

  1. Leonardo "List Legend" LaVito

    Hi Mario. Great review!

    Quiz Funnels looks like a pretty interesting new tool.

    I have used quizzes in my list building, and can say that they are quite effective. Especially when promoting affiliate offers.

    1. Mario

      Hey Leonardo Thanks for your comment, Quizzes are a very interesting way to engage your audience and make more conversions, I haven’t seen many bloggers talking about them, it seems like not a lot of people are using them, it could be a good idea to give it a try, have a good one.


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