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By | October 12, 2016

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Thinking about taking online surveys? Stop and read this post first! If you want to voice your opinion online surveys sites like Opinion World, I recommend you to think it twice. Why? Because is not worth it, I know they make it sound like a fast and easy way to make extra money online on your free time but it’s so time-consuming that is going to take you hours, days or even weeks to make your first dollar.

Tons of survey sites haven’t paid their clients and end up being a scam, some other sites are legit but they are still not worth it, do you want to know if Opinion World is legit or a scam? I´ll tell you about this site in this post, leave your comments at the end of the post if you have any question.

What is Opinion World Surveys?

Opinion world is a survey site based in Singapore. Survey Sampling International (SSI) owns Opinion world. SSI was founded in 1977 and every year over 1500 companies use surveys designed by SSI. According to Opinion World- Singapore, once you’ve joined the site and take part in some online surveys, you will be rewarded with points.

They claim that the points earned can be converted into exciting rewards like Amazon gift cards, PayPal, Watsons, Robinsons and other popular brands. We all know that paid survey sites are one of the most exploited schemes full by cons. The very few sites that actually pay, offer pennies to the users and frequently takes them forever to make the payments. So if you are thinking you’ll make a lot of money taking surveys you’re wrong.

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Good Things About Opinion World Surveys


Bad Things About Opinion World Surveys

•Too many complaints from clients

•You have to pay $10 to be able to reciev their rewards

•They decrease your earned points very often

•Taking surveys will never make you money

Some Opinion World’s surveys topics are education, health care, consumer products, and lifestyle in general among others. After you join, you will either be invited to take surveys from your inbox every once in a while or log into the system and take surveys from your account.

So far the product sounds quite legit, right? But it is not. So what are some of the reasons Opinion World fell in the scam lot? First of all, most of these surveys are labeled charity, therefore, not payable.  Also in the spirit of charity, members can send their accumulated points to Red Cross at the completion of individual surveys.

The entire registration process is neat and you receive an invitation to take part in a survey. The system later lets you pick the specific surveys that you prefer. But after you’ve finished the survey you don’t get paid right away like a normal gig on Fiverr, in my opinion, that would be the fairest thing to do right? Get paid after you’ve done your job, instead of that you gain points that can’t even encash.

The Red Flags

Some people have had problems with the platform, and when you try to get help/clarity from the support team, there is none offered. For a well-established company, that is a serious problem. Besides, we all know how eager such companies are to get into a dialogue.

Lack of accountability on points earned by members is another problem with the site. Some members had problems with the dropping numbers in points, but their support team doesn’t like to offer explanations neither take responsibility.


Inability to Qualify for Surveys

A huge number of clients have complained about not being able to take more surveys, they started off just fine but somewhere along the way you cannot qualify for surveys and their reason is; they want specific demographic. This excuse puts Opinion World´s reputation in doubt because they assure before signing up that the site is not demographic or geographical sensitive.

This one is a winner: You must have a balance of $10 to be able to receive the rewards. Not only is this unjustifiable but also a deal breaker for a survey site. It is a dirty tactic to reap off members, one thing is the earned points but stealing their hard earned money is going way too far.

Clearly, Opinion World is a scam that lets members hang around hoping that they will earn from it. Its lack of popularity on the global level has made it so easy for the platform to con unsuspecting members and later lock them out of surveys. I wouldn’t recommend this site to anyone.

These are some comments left by first-hand members of Opinion World. Sadly none of them gave a positive feedback

Extracted from Toluna -an online community dedicated to making your voice heard

Opinion World Surveys Verdict:


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