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By | March 24, 2016


Name: NamecheapNamecheap Hosting Reviews


Owners: Richard Kirkendall

Price: From $0.88/year for a domain, from $9.88/year for web hosting, from $9.88/yer for e-mail hosting




In order to run your own website on the internet you will need to host it somewhere, it may sound silly but I used to think that all websites were just floating around the internet, I really didn’t care about how the internet worked until I wanted to have my own website, it was when I realized that all the information, images, videos, internet browsers etc. were actually saved in a hard drive’s computer somewhere in the world.

These computers are called servers and this is exactly what they do, they save all your website’s data, there are other kind of servers for other duties like hosting your e-mails for example, so you will require a hosting service to start building your own website.

There are several companies that offer hosting services, you may have heard of go daddy or seen their commercials on tv,  what I don’t like from these famous  hosting companies like godaddy is that they have too many  upsells and make confusing what you really need to get at the beginning to start using their hosting services.

Namecheap is better in my opinion than other web hosting companies that I’ve tried before like godaddy and hostgator , I will tell you why in this namecheap’s review.

What is Namecheap?

It’s a domain registrar and web hosting company founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, it’s a big company but not as famous as go daddy, it claims to manage over 4.7 million websites to this date (March 2016).

I actually bought this blog’s domain ( from, I used their web hosting service for a little while but I transferred it to my Wealthy Affiliate’s platform from where I manage all my websites, it was easier for me to keep Wealthy Affiliate’s training hosting my blog on their platform, never had a major problem with namecheap’s web hosting and their customer support is awesome and really fast, actually this is why I like this company the most because of their outstanding customer service.

Namecheap Email Hosting Review

It has a nice and very easy to use interface where you can manage all your domains and hosting, let’s take a look at some of namecheap’s features:


If you are going serious with your website you should always buy a domain, what some people don’t get is that your website will look more professional with its unique domain name, this is one of the biggest differences between a free domain and a paid domain, while a free domain will have the name of the website that is giving you the free domain service for example, a paid domain service will have just the name of your website in it for example


Registration – Namecheap has a big searching bar at their home page, in here you type in any keyword  that you like for a domain name that comes into mind, when you click on the searching button it will show you a list of the domains available and not available for that exact keyword with the price on each domain.

Domain Prices

.com  $10.69/year

.xyz    $0.88/year

.org    $12.48/year

It surprised me that they don’t offer .net domains anymore, I guess .org domains are more relevant now, this are the prices for domains that nobody is using. There are resellers that offer their domains for thousands of dollars, but for a starter there’s no point on spending that much money for  a domain.

Transfer – If you already buy a domain from another company you can easily transfer it to namecheap’s hosting service, they give you all the instructions you’ll need for the transfer, if you still can’t get it done, look up for their top-class customer support, they answer really fast.


Namecheap’s high quality hosting service use SSD (Solid State Drive) on their servers, SSD is better than a normal hard drive and last longer, some of their hosting services are:

Shared Hosting– They have different plans and prices to host your domain depending on your needs.

Web Hosting Prices

 Value: $9.88 first year and $38.88 after second year , up to 3 websites, 20GB of SSD space.

 Professional: $19.88 first year and $78.88 after second year, up to 10 websites, 50GB of SSD space.

 Ultimate: $29.88 first year and $129.88 after second year, up to 50, unlimited SSD space.


Private E-mail Hosting – nice webmail interface and very secure, there’s a 2 months free trial for every package.

Email Hosting Prices

Private: $9.88/year, POP/IMAP/Webmail, 3 GB email storage, 1 GB file storage, Anti-spam protection OX Drive, 1 mailbox included.

Business: $28/88/year, all features of Private, plus, 10 GB email storage, 10 GB file storage, 10 aliases per mailbox, All-in-One email account, Full mobile support.

Business Office: $49.88/year,  all features of Business, plus 10 GB email storage, 15 GB file storage, Collaboration tools, OX Text, OX Spreadsheet.


Good Things About namecheap

  • Excellent customer service
  • Cheap domain and hosting prices
  • No confusing upsells
  • 2 months Free e-mail hosting trial
  • Easy to manage interface

Bad Things About namecheap

  • They have raised their prices a little bit recently


My Final Opinion

There’s no such as a perfect domain registrar and hosting provider, but I found namecheap’s customer support really helpful with a very quick response, if you aren’t happy with your actual hosting service provider or you want to get a high quality service since the beginning, you should give namecheap a try I know you won’t regret.

Click Here to Try Out Namecheap’s Service


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