My Cash Bot Review – is My Cash Bot a Scam or Legit?

By | July 26, 2016

Name:My Cash Botis my cash bot a scam or legit

Owners:Albert Glenn



no star

There are many fake my cash bots reviews all over the internet claiming that my cash bot is legit and a great way to make money online, I couldn’t be more disagree, most of these fake reviews are made up by the owners and people that want to earn commissions out of every sale they make, thus these people are lying trying to convince you to buy this product, is my cash bot a scam or legit?

Yes it is a scam and it’s a big one, I’m going to tell you how this fraudulent platform has ripped off many people around the globe like you and me who are just looking to earn some extra cash on the internet, making money online is still possible but definitely not by using my cash bot. First of all..

…What is My Cash Bot?

It is a binary trading software that allows you to invest money on binary trades on autopilot, despite they keep repeating on their sales video that My Cash Bot software is free of any charge, it’s not, in order to use their software you will have to make a minimum deposit of $250 USD otherwise the bot won’t work.

wanna see how i make cash online

There are many bots of this kind emerging daily all over the internet, in fact, they have become very popular within last years as an open source for common people to be able to trade on the market, personally, I don’t like the binary options trading because is so risky, you won’t be 100% sure that you are not going to loose your money not even 40% sure, it’s like gambling.

Of all the binary trading bots on the internet, My Cash Bot has to be the worst, their untrustable and unknown brokers put this business in doubt plus the endless list of customer complaints.

No one that has actually tested recommends it, not that I’ve heard of, their popularity relies on their marketing strategies which are often seen on scams, on their landing page (home page) there’s a video that supposed to give you an insight of how My Cash Bot works and what you would be doing to profit with their software.

my cash bot reviews

Instead of showing people how their “great software” works, they’ve wasted the whole video on making ridiculous claims like that you will make a million dollars in 90 days with it, I couldn’t hold my laughter in some parts of the video.If anybody could make 1 million dollars in 90 days with their platform like they claim, believe me, the software would be more popular than Facebook by now. The testimonials seem like a bunch of bad actors hired from fiver.

Your $250 deposit will be lost before you notice, don’t fall for this scam and their old cheap marketing tactics, whenever you see this kind of videos where they show their mansions, cars, luxuries and they don’t even give you a clue of how their system works in the 90% of the cases is a scam or a hyped product.

Good Things About My Cash Bot

• Catchy marketing tactics

Bad Things About My Cash Bot

• False Income Promises

• No Free Trial

• Fake Testimonials

• Hyped software

• Scam

My Final Opinion

I don’t recommend My Cash Bot, binary trading is a risky way to invest and this product is one of the worst trading bots on the market, you should stay away from this product.

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