Live Net Jobs Review – is a Scam?

By | March 8, 2016

Name: live net jobslive net jobs review


Price: From $19 to $27

Owners:  Unknown


no star

Perhaps the reason you’ve landed on this page is because you want to know if is a scam or a legit site. I’ll dig into in a bit, first of all I want you to know that (this blog) was created to provide people with information about the scams and legit sites on the internet, new scams come out on the internet every single day so it’s impossible to list all of them but I do what I can.

I’ve lost money falling into some scams myself, it took me a little while to learn how to identify the legit sites from the ones that are not, I just hate scammers and the fact that these unconscious people take advantage from the people’s needs whom are trying to figure out how to use the internet like a source of income which let me tell you it’s still possible. was created this year (2016) by an unknown person, it’s pretty new, let’s take a look at what claims to be and what it offers to their customers.

wanna see how i make cash online

What is

It claims to be a source of online jobs for the public in general, not previous experienced needed, all you need to have is a computer and internet, well, at least it’s what they want you to believe, when you see their home page you will notice that is a nice good looking webpage design but that isn’t so hard to do with all the website creation platforms out there like wordpress anyone can easily create a website within seconds.

At the top of their website there’s a couple of pictures of a woman and a man whom are just models, they aren’t the owners or something like it, you can buy this kind of good quality pictures in  websites like fiverr for less than $1.

After navigating on this site for some minutes I couldn’t find a contact email address neither a contact number or any information to get in touch with them, obviously the owner doesn’t’ want anybody to know who he/she is, that is always a red flag, don’t ever trust any website where the owners hide their personal information like name or email address.

live net jobs scam

Actually the home page is the only page on this website, there aren’t any subpages, posts or any other internal link, all their links within are external links, this means that every single clickable link on this site will send you to another website, it doesn’t have any content besides the home page and they don’t even explain how you can make money online, it just shows up a brief description of each website they are linked to, another red flag that is making clearer that is a scam.

All the links associated to this website are affiliate links that redirect people who click on them to another websites, so the owner of make a commission every time somebody joins this scams through his/her link.

Let’s take a look on all the other scams that this website is promoting:  This site claims that you’ll get paid to complete online surveys, but the fact that they charge $19/month to give you “the best surveys”  is just ridiculous, you have to pay to complete surveys? what a joke, you can’t make a full-time income by just answering surveys online anyway not even from legit surveys sites, it doesn’t matter if you spend the whole day on it, it’s just impossible and these people from gold opinions want to charge $19/month for the service of giving you surveys it’s a total rip-off.  They claim that you could make $700 a week by posting on facebook and other social media, there are legit sites that pay you to do so but just like surveys, you get paid cents or just a few dollars for working so many hours, no one will pay you that much for being on facebook the whole day, also there are automation tools that do it for you, this site’s only intention is to take your money, they will charge you $27 to be able to receive their “fantastic opportunity” to make money on social media, just another scam.

livenetjobs com is a scam  This is the only legit site I’ve found so far that is linked to but it isn’t for everyone, this site offers a book with information for people who wants to become a voiceover, to make money online as a voiceover requires a lot of work and dedication, this is a very competitive niche but that doesn’t mean you can’t work your way up and profit from it, if you have a good voice and like talking this may be for you, this book costs $19.95 which is not that much for a book of this type but don’t think that by just getting this book you will be making a ton of money, like I say before you need to work hard and  perhaps look for other sources of information for voiceovers on the internet.  Another scam, why do I say that?, because they say that you will be making thousands of dollars by writing other website’s content , but they are asking you to pay $17.97 a month, really? So they want you to pay for offering your services as a writer, please never do that. Yes, you can make money writing other’s people content but you don’t need to pay a cent to do it, there are great websites like iwriter where you can sign up for free and get paid from your writing skills right away.

is a scam Is just exactly like with a different design, they seem to be created by the same person who wants to make money by ripping off people, both websites have exactly the same external links, that’s why I came with that conclusion, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was other website made by the same people with the same purpose.

Good Things About

  • Ok website design

Bad Things About

  • It’s a scam
  • Created to redirect people to other scams
  • Doesn’t give information about online jobs
  • Same tactics seemed in other scam sites
  • copy



My Final Opinion

Besides all the scams on the internet that are created every day by bad intended people whom are trying to take advantage from the people’s needs of finding some way to make money online, there’s still chances for everyone to own an online business and make a full-time living from the internet, I’ve tried many things to reach that goal but the one that really helped me is called Wealthy Affiliate, you can find all the answers to any question about making money on the internet, they have the best training to become a successful online entrepreneur and the best community that will be there whenever you need help.

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14 thoughts on “Live Net Jobs Review – is a Scam?

    1. Mario

      Well I guess you’re one of those people that call everything a scam even when you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s simple; sure there are scams out there but there are great platforms that work too,I have made a full time living online and right now I’m scaling my business to the next level to reach my goal of making 7 figures with my online business, with your mindset Mike you’re not going to get anywhere, you better off stick to your 9 to 5 job.

      1. Sarah

        Hi Mario, what kind of business did you start online? Could you please give us few tips? Thanks

        1. Mario

          Yes, I mainly do affiliate marketing and I have an ecommerce business, I recommend you to start with affiliate marketing because it’s cheaper and you will learn a lot as a newbie, check out the Wealthy Affiliate course, it’s free to join and this course will walk you through how to start your business online step by step, I leave the link below. 🙂

          >> Wealthy Affiliate Course < <

          1. Denise

            I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for months and have not made headway. I mean, just where do you start? It is so overwhelming just logging on to the site.

          2. Mario

            Hi Denise, wen ou are inside Wealthy affiliate you need o click on the start here green button on the left side and go from there.

  1. Razil

    Thank you for clarifying things to identify which is legit or not

  2. graham commander

    Great information, which will save a lot of newbies to the web a lot of money
    As to “the best surveys” charging money !! Like you said ridiculous, but I have also come across those “Earn money sending emails” they are also scams as you have to pay money to become a member
    Then advertise the same thing to others or email this so called opportunity


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