is Worldwide Brands a Scam? or The Best Wholesalers Directory

By | November 12, 2015

Name: Worldwide BrandsWWB


Owners: Chris Malta

Price: $299 One-Time Payment or 3 monthly payments (1 of $99 and 2 of $110).


3 stars

What is it?

Worldwide Brands is a directory to find legit wholesalers, retailers, liquidators and drop shippers around the world. Their main intention is to make it easier for their customer to get in contact with any kind of distributors like, clothing, electronics, video games, crafts, toys and merchandise in general .

It was founded in 1999 with the same propose of providing a list of suppliers to resellers, and has survived for quite long now, it’s a shortcut to look for distributors online.

If you want to start selling in Amazon or Ebay It’s crucial to have wholesalers you can trust to buy from, at the beginning  this could be the hardest part of selling products trough this websites. We live in the era of scams, sometimes looking for wholesalers could be dangerous for yoU, there are many fake ones.

Sacamers Almost Catch Me

Have you ever received an email from a wholesaler saying that he is selling smartphones and iphones for ridiculous cheapalmost prices? You certainly have, if you don’t be aware of those,  one time when I was starting to sell on my mercadolibre store I was searchimg for cellphones almost deposit trough western union to one of this “wholesalers” an amount of 2,000 dlls, I had it in hand ready to deposit, but something told me to research a little bit more and I found out that the phone number of its company was reported as a scam, I was a newbie and thought I found I great deal but I almost was scammed.

There are a few paid wholesalers directories and Worldwide Brands is the only one certified by ebay, this could may not mean anything while the owner  has made connections inside ebay because he has his own ebay radio show so he can just pay them to get  his certification.

Once you have created your account you can look for wholesalers right away they have a searching tool like google where you can type the product you would like to resell or even a location close to you, like a city or state, it will appear a list within the wholesalers available for your keyword search.

Ebay Drop Shipping Wholesalers?

If you are thinking to start your ebay or amazon business around the drop shipping business model  I wouldn’t recommended, why? Because  in order to sell fast you need to have a good reputation, this can be accomplished by receiving positive feedback from your customers so you need to verify first what they’re getting, this make sense right?, otherwise you are letting other person to ship the product you are selling without even have it in your hands to check it out, in my opinion this is a big mistake, more for starters, you will get a lot of complains and bad feedbacks.


Good Things About WorldWide Brands

  • You don’t have to worry about scams.
  • One-time payment, no monthly fee.
  • List of certified wholesale suppliers.
  • Saves you time in looking for suppliers yourself.
  • Life time membership.
  • The only wholesale suppliers directory certified by Ebay.
  • Its directory list is updated every week.

Bad Things About WorldWide Brands

  • It’s too expensive for a directory of this kind.
  • Some distributors they’ve listed you can find in google.
  • Coaching, Books and other products upsells.
  • Most of the wholesale suppliers ask for your resale certificate (It is not that hard to get one).


My Final Opinion

This could be good for starters if you are willing to spend $299 for a wholesale suppliers directory, it could save you time but only if you have the money, if after purchasing it you don’t have so much money left I wouldn’t recommend it.



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2 thoughts on “is Worldwide Brands a Scam? or The Best Wholesalers Directory

  1. Joon

    Even if it’s legit I’ve always been hesitant about spending a large amount of money to start making money. So your reviews of all these programs helps me to be watchful of these programs and know more about them without just jumping into them to find out. Thank you for providing me and the world of all these good info people can benefit from.

    1. Mario

      Hey Joon!

      You are right, if you are starting in this kind of business you shouldn’t spend alot of money at the beggining, Paying for this kind of services could be helpful when you are making money in the internet already, reinvesting some of your online income will help your business grow faster, Thanks for your comment.


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