is Strong Future International a Scam? – What is Strong Future International?

By | February 7, 2016

Name: Strong Future International (SFI)is strong future international a scam?


Owners: Gery Carson

Price: Free to sign up.


1 star

What is Strong Future International?

SFI is a company that was founded by Gery Carson in 1998. This is said to be an ideal work-from-home product that is aimed to provide a platform to tap into the world’s resources through the internet. It was started in the US, but has grown to become a worldwide brand. However, for most people the question is,” is strong future international a scam?” keeps ringing in their minds. The purpose of this review is to shed some light in that direction.

Initially Strong Future International was called “ Six Figure Income” but after changing their rules over and over again it has become harder for the affiliates to earn, they also have reduced their affiliate commissions through the years, I think that’s why it isn’t called Six Figure Income anymore.

What Strong Future International Offers?

SFI owns an online store called triple clickstripleclicks review (, this is where the affiliates get their commissions, if your referral makes a purchase of any of their products you get a cut from the total price of the product.

Triple clicks offers a big amount of different products, they claim to have more than 80,000 products on sell. In triple clicks you can find antiques, electronics, toys, jewelry, food, vacation packages, miscellaneous etc.

In my opinion the store is too broad and wants to cover every single item, this leads to a bad customer service, plus, their prices are not a big deal, many of their items are more expensive than buying them on Walmart, I haven’t heard anyone say “oh I want to buy an smartphone, let’s buy it on triple clicks”, they really rely on affiliates to make sells.

It is free to join the program and you are not required to purchase any products or services. Once you are registered, you will get a website which allows you to market SFI products online.

They give you a website ready to sell their products but you are not allowed to offer any other product rather than the SFI ones .Once you make a sale, you will receive a commission and also you can receive extra commissions if you build and become the leader of affiliate groups.

Their training is bad and doesn’t really teach their affiliates how affiliate marketing works and how to make the most out of it. SFI just want you to sell their stuff for their own benefit and don’t give you the right training to help you achieve your goals.

How do I Start in Affiliate Marketing as a Newbie?

Nobody is born an expert and I know how frustrating can be trying to find the right method to make money on the internet. Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to do so. Fortunately I found the best step-by-step affiliate marketing training there is on the internet it’s called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s my #1 recommendation to start an online business, you can sign up here, it’s FREE.

SFI is a Pyramid Scheme?

Over and above this appears like a pyramid schemeis sfi a scam which some people believe is a channel to become rich fast. However, in reality, you cannot get rich quickly using this program and you would really need to understand how it works before raising your expectations.  There are more negative than positive opinions about SFI affiliate’s program but if you still interested you can sign up and check it out for yourself.

Once you register free of charge, you earn the title of an executive affiliate and you are required to recruit five other executive affiliates. You will be required to teach your recruits the steps they need to apply to recruit others and the chain continues.

Advantages of Strong Future International

  • It is free to join.
  • Provides an opportunity to explore the affiliate marketing
  • Ideally, you will make money by recruiting other affiliates.

Strong Future International Disadvantages

  • It works like a pyramid scheme and if you do not recruit others you will not make money.
  • There are so many negative reviews and complaints about the program.
  • The website is quite complicated, which makes it difficult for an average user to navigate.
  • Most people end up spending money on their membership rather than making money.


So, Is Strong Future International a Scam?

The company has made efforts to indicate that it is a legit company. The website claims to have all tools in place for any online marketer to start a business. However, when you dig deeper, you realize that it is not easy to make money as the company claims. There are claims that you will get on-going residual income which is mere puff and flattering information.

Lack of resources and tools on the website to mentor affiliate marketers is another indication that it is just a scam. There are tons of products and services to sell, but there is no proper training for the affiliates on how sell the product. We can safely conclude that this is a pure scam that will not make you any money and as such, you ought to avoid it like a plague.


Any opinion or experience with SFI? Don’t hastitate to leave a comment below.

12 thoughts on “is Strong Future International a Scam? – What is Strong Future International?

  1. Sofi

    Hey Mario, very informative post. I am new on this online business life style thing and I’m just giving the first steps. Before I came across Strong future International and I was in doubt if it was worth a try. I decided not to as it looked a bit dodgy to me. I’m happy I found WA. Can I ask what was your starting point to be able to give up your normal job and have a business only?
    Thank you so much!!


    1. Mario

      Hey Sofi! I’m happy you didn’t join SFI and instead you tried Wealthy Affiliate, I’m sure you know now you make the right choice,I always wanted to have my own business, since I was aware of how powerful internet is I starting selling electronics in mercadolibre which is like the ebay in my country, this was my starting point which helped me to quit my painful job lol, I still sell stuff in this website and combine it with the training that Wealthy Affiliate gavem it helped me to increase my profits significally, have a great day.

  2. Jonathan

    Hi Mario, thanks for the heads up! Yet another scam on the internet that we need to watch out for. Gosh there are so many! There are so many companies who offer so much hype but always under deliver. Thank you for taking the time to review this product for us. I think your #1 recommendation might one of the only legitimate programs on the internet that will actually show us how to make money online. Thank you Mario!

    1. Mario

      Hey Jonathan!, I hate to say that there are way more scams that legit companies on the internet, at least making money companies, thanks for your comment and yeah Wealthy affiliate is just one of a kind, cheers.

  3. Jovo

    Hi, thank you for this article and for the effort to help people understanding what Strong Future International is. For me your analysis clearly shows that it is better to keep distance from them. There are many companies of the same sort on the Internet. I understand that you suggest something else. Is it really better?

    1. Mario

      Hey Jovo! SFI has been around for some years now, this company is a good example that sometimes it doesn’t matter how long a company lasts, we really need to research before giving away our money to this kind of “making money” companies, about your question, my #1 recommendation is the best website I have found so far to create a solid online business it’s called Wealthy Affiliate , they have everything we need to build a successful business from scratch, have a great weekend.

  4. Paul

    Thanks Mario for the honest review of Strong Future International by Grey Carson. This looks like another program I can safely cross off the list and forget about. Trying to recruit as many people as I can into a program I know is dodgy just isn’t my cup of tea. I’m currently with Wealthy Affiliate and there’s no reason for me to get distracted with anything else at this point. Thanks again for the informative read.

    1. Mario

      Hey Paul! It’s good to know this review helps, don’t get distracted on anything else, keep up your attention within Wealthy affiliate, Have a greate weekend.

  5. Mos

    Hi Mario, I have spent so much money on programs that have promised money online. It has been a pain and a frustrating journey. What is your opinion on Four Percent and Six Figure Mentors? I see you agree that Wealthy Affiliate is good. Which other programs would you recommend? I’m a newbie online and would like to learn and build a good online business as an affiliate or otherwise.

    1. Mario

      Hello Mos, there are a lot of scams out there and I know how you feel because I’ve been there, Wealthy affiliate is the platform that opened my eyes and showed me that making money online was possible, I’m a proud member of Wealthy affiliate, I’m also an active member of the four percent group which has given me faster results, this was possible because I have more experience right now, so my recommendation will be, if you are a total newbie go for wealthy affiliate and if you are a little bit more advanced join four percent, if you have time join both, the 2 platforms are free to join, cheers.


    Your doing a negative review in order to promote your affiliate site. Nice tactics man. It take years to be successful, if you don’t have years then, find a job. In every business opportunity, learn the system first and have patience, including hard work.

    1. Mario

      What’s up LOL FUCK, I have many years of experience with affiliate marketing, e-commerce, online marketing, paid traffic, SEO etc. Trying to reach my goal for this year: making 7 figures from my online business in profit but thanks for sharing your brief tutorial on how to be successful, I guess you earned that nickname from your hard work, keep on it man, cheers.


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