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By | December 9, 2015

Name: Pure Leverageis pure leverage a scam?


Owners: Joel Therien

Price: $24.95 19 and 19.95/month + upsells for $141.90/month


1 star



After I shelled out $24.95 in the plan to be a rich man soon, I figured out that Pure Leverage is truth be told, a Multi-Level Marketing plan. Rather than purchasing “the main system” I will ever need to succeed in web marketing, I purchased access to a bunch of useless and, essentially, worthless items.

In the event that you need to profit from this project, you will need to offer Pure Leverage to different people for which you will get a commission. The people you enroll into this plan then will need to do likewise, and you will get commission for their deals too.

Be that as it may, Pure Leverage “qualifies as lawful MLM” under our law for only one reason: Joel Therien offers you with Pure Leverage the privilege to offer a modest bunch of “items”, which gives you the chance to make a profit by enlisting other individuals to join.

It doesn’t really matter that the items are of low monetary worth and quality; individuals join for the motivation to profit by selecting others.

Examples of Products Included In the Pure Leverage Package

 1) Elite Coaching Program (MLM preparing recordings). This “Marketing Training” spotlights on the best way to advance and market Pure Leverage and construct an extensive down line; there is no instructing about the genuine utilization of the given devices.

2) Easy Lead Flow Capture System (1-page site). You will have the capacity to utilize 1-page sites to gather email addresses for prompts to recruit new individuals. These sub-domain sites are constrained in configuration changes, however take into consideration individualizing the content.

3) Authority Blog. You get a useless blog where you are going to promote Pure Leverage only and nothing else, this is not going to help rank your blog on the web browsers like google, making it impossible to sell their products through this blog.

Included is an automated assistant framework, which is mediocre compared to the leading market systems. The utilization is free (surprisingly!). A Weber, the leading market auto respond system will cost you between $20.00 and $30.00 every month. How much Will Pure Leverage Cost You? It began with the modest and luring $24.95 teaser and now you are “in for just $141.90 every month”. Can you imagine that? You will get commissions of 100% BUT ONLY in the first month of your enrollment.

From that point you will get half of the greater part of your business AND half of all offers of your down line. It is now plain to see why Pure Leverage is a Pyramid Scheme and A Scam! You are not profiting by offering “services of value and tangible products”, only by enlisting new individuals into your level.

In the event that you are at the $44.95 level, you are permitted to offer just at that level. You get half and the other half goes upwards to the individual that selected you in the lead position. When you pay your way up into the VIP level at $141.90, the entire sum goes specifically into Joel Therien’s bank account.

Good Things About it

  • The cheapest MLM scheme out there.
  • You get you own blog (just to promote PL).

Bad Things About it

  • Classic Pyramid Scheme.
  • Low Quality training.
  • Training focused in selling just PL items.
  • Many upsells.

My Final Opinion

You can now see how he makes millions with this little trick and can bear the cost of his sumptuous way of life. In a Nutshell… Pure Leverage is a big scam. The items you should offer are all nonsense. Your major concern will be to advance Pure Leverage and enlist the greatest number of individuals as you can into your down line. This being the sole plausibility to profit makes Pure Leverage a Pyramid Scheme. They may call it MLM for however long but they can’t change this fact!




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