Is Intergold a Scam? – What is Global Igold?

By | February 11, 2016

Name:  Global Intergoldis global intergold a scam


Owners:  Michael Ryss

Price: €375, €540 or €1,050




This is an intergold review or better known as global intergold, if you are here you have probably been invited to join this “business opportunity” by a friend or someone close to you, they’ll try very hard to convince you to take this “great chance to make money”, I know you may have a question in mind: is global intergold a scam?

I’m going to break down everything that is involved within this business and try to explain in detail what it’s all about, I’ve personally been introduced by a friend to Global Igold, He convinced me to join his table, I had a little extra money at the time and wanted to invest it somewhere to generate extra income, well that was my idea, so it wasn’t hard to convince me to join global Intergold.

There is a small Igold community in my city, they have weekly meetings to introduce global intergold to the new prospects and explain to them how it works , they  also use these meetings to  train members to convince their prospects to join this business opportunity, they even have a whatsapp group to keep members up to date for any news .

Now the question is, have I made money since I join Global Intergold?, the answer is no, not a penny, I wasn’t really sure what I had to do in order to make money with them. I trusted my friend who showed me how he had already made money whit it and that was enough for me.

Let’s dig into Global Intergold, I hope after you read this review you will decide if this business is really for you, now pay close attention.

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What is Global Igold?

Global Intergold is an online gold shop that was re-launched in 2015, it used to be called EmGoldex which was founded in 2010 described as a gold investment company.

Why did they change their name?

EmGoldex for “Emirates gold Exchange” it used to be located in Dubai UAE (United Arab Emirates) and had DMCC as a partner gold supplier, but in 2015 EmGoldex cut off business with DMCC then merged with “Global Swiss Trade S.A” another international gold supplier registered in Switzerland. They had no longer connections with DMCC so they changed their name to Global Intergold. Well, this is what EmGlobalex says on their site but the people from DMCC have another opinion.

When Gulf News (a popular newspaper from Dubai) contacted DMCC to ask them about EmGblobex, They denied this company were registered with the government regulator of commodities trading.

“Emgoldex is not a DMCC-licensed company. DMCC has taken steps to prevent further misuse of our name.”

EmGoldex had a very bad reputation and have been accused for fraud in different countries.

So it seems like their bad reputation and fraudulent activities are the main reason why they’ve renamed their company.

Howsoever Intergold’s online store sells real 24k gold, you can buy a small gold bullions from 1g to 100g, once you’ve purchased a gold bullion they can send it to your home through a shipping company.

But their main business is their marketing incentive program.

How Does Global Intergold Works?

Besides selling gold through their online shop, they also offer a marketing incentive program which works just like a pyramid scheme. Recruiters will swear to you that this is not another big old pyramid scheme but it works just like one.

There are 3 levels in this “incentive program” where you get to choose one:

Goldset Multicards –  You need to register through your sponsor’s link and pay €375 then you’ll be joining your sponsor’s pyramid or table however you wish to call it, you start at the top , once the table is full, the one at the bottom gets out and the table split in half, you now jump in to the next place in the middle, 4 places will open again at the top making space for new members and now is your turn to refer 2 people.

is intergold a scam

Once these places are taken by your referrals and  the table fills up, it split again and you take the place at the bottom, now your referrals need to bring 2 people each one to help filling the table, when that happens you get out and receive €1,050 in gold of 24k.

You’ll then decide if you want them to send you the gold to your address or you have the option to resell it to them.

Whether you decide to resell them your gold or not, Intergold is going to take €375 automatically from the €1,050 that you just obtained to make you re-enter to a new table, you are going to follow your sponsor to this table taking a spot at the top and the pyramid’s cycle is going to start again.

In case you couldn’t convince 2 people to join the business but you completed the cycle and you get out of the table you won’t be able to receive the 1,050 euro incentive, you’ll have 2 options: to re-enter to a new table taking a spot at the top again or sell your place to somebody else. This means you have to refer 2 people to get paid, does that ound like a pyramid scheme? Yes, pretty much.

Goldset Goldline – It’s the exact same process as the multicards table but you get in with €1,050 and you receive €3,000 after you complete the whole process.

what is global igold

Goldset Standard –  The same process but in this case the table is 3 times bigger, you enter with €540 and get out with €3500.

intergold scam


Good things about Intergold

  • Sells real 24k gold
  • You can get little amount of gold starting from 1 gram

Bad things About Intergold

  • It’s a pyramid scheme
  • In order to make money you need to refer 2 people.
  • It’s expensive to get started
  • It’s a relaunch of EmGlobex a company with very bad reputation.

Although they don’t call themselves an MLM business, you need to bring 2 people to join the business in order to make money, that is exactly how the MLM companies work, it doesn’t matter if they dress up the pyramids like tables or cover their business with gold still a MLM company .

I bet that this company couldn’t survive with the online gold store only, they just use the store to hide what is really all about a pyramid scheme. If you already join you can request for your money back within the first 15 days.

MLM business model has been linked to many scams around the world, Intergold is a new company that has grown really fast in the last months with this kind of fraudulent business model, I do not recommend it but what I do recommend is affiliate marketing.

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2 thoughts on “Is Intergold a Scam? – What is Global Igold?

    1. Mario

      You might feel cheated by this company and don’t know where to get out your frustation so I forgive you for calling me idiot,yes this is a mlm company which is a legal pyramid scheme, what makes a mlm company legal is that they include a product in this case gold, but still you get comissions by recruiting other people not for selling gold, so it’s obviously based on a pyramid scheme, any company that explain their system with a pyramid graphic is either a fraudulent pyramid scheme or a mlm company, network marketing company, incentive program company or however they call it these days, they don’t want to call these kind of companies MLM anymore because this label has a very bad reputation, have a great day:).


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