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By | May 17, 2016


Name:Earn Cash Yearlyis Earn Cash Yearly a Scam


Price:$2.95 7 days trial, $49 after the trial or $167 bigger package


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Short Review

They will automatically charge your credit card with $49 after the $2.95 7 days trial, you will get a domain and 300+ poor quality content done for you webpages, they will be using your Google Adsense account on these webpages and put some random clickbank banners all over them with your affiliate link.

What is Earn Cash Yearly All About?

www.earn cash claims to be a site for the entrepreneurs whereby one can make money with Google and Click bank. Jean, the apparent owner of the website goes ahead and shows figures which are supposed to be what she earns and how her income increases on a monthly basis, and I must say they do look impressive to the eye, but they seem hardly believable.

Earn cash yearly has been on the internet for a very long time. It only changes its name, e.g., “seven-day cash test” & “my help is free”, but Jean offers always the same poor quality product on every single website she makes.

In this website she talks about affiliate marketing, a legal way to earn a living but only if you know how to properly use it which is not the case for Earn Cash Yearly.

Can I Make Money With Earn Cash Yearly?

What some people don’t understand including Jean (the owner of earn cash yearly, I don’t think she is even real) is that Google hates websites with copied content and full of banners with promotions, that’s exactly what Earn Cash Yearly is offering.

Don’t expect to be making money with Earn Cash Yearly, in order to monetize from the domain and 300+ webpages that Jean sells you, people have to actually go to those webpages and click on your google adsense advertising and buy products through your banners that contain your affiliate links.

But you won’t get traffic, no traffic = no sales, like I said before Google loves unique content and there’s no good content in those 300+ pages, so you won’t rank in Google, people is not going to notice your website, you won’t get traffic, you won’t get sales, you won’t get commissions and you’ll finish wasting your time and money.

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Like any scam, there must always be something sweet to soothe you and hide the underlying truth about it all.

The site is an exact copy of CB affiliate sales website,it seems that it’s made by the same people, even the people’s testimonails are identical, the only difference is that CB affiliate sales website is only focused on clikcbank promotion.

earn cash yearly review

What About Their Trial

There’s a small charge of $2.95 for a seven-day trial which seems reasonable,what is earn cash yearly but once you purchase the test package you’ll be paying an amount of $49 that will be charged automatically to your credit card after the trial, regardless of whether you will take the deal or not.

The seven-day trial is just a way to obtain your credit card since you have to own a Google Adsense account. A Google adsense account takes between (1-14 days) to be approved then you have to get back to earn cash yearly with your Adsense code.

Once you’ve sumbited your adsense code, it takes more than a day to get a response from them and when you finally do, it takes them about a week to complete your website.

So you will have to wait much more time than the advertised 7 days trial period, around 22 days to really put your hands on this product, this means that there is not a real trial at all and you will have to spend the $49 to see what is all about since the beginning.

Jean writes to entrepreneurs on the front page article. Entrepreneurs build their companies, but with earn cash yearly you will be helping another person build his/ her empire. I think she is talking about  to become an affiliate with them and earn a commission if you sell “Earn Cash yearly” to others, this is how affiliate marketing works but to get the best out of it you have to offer high quality products and not scams like this one.

Most of what she says on her sales page is based on lies, Jean states they were featured in the “small business opportunities” magazine but there is nothing about it on the internet. She doesn’t show any prove of it and this is a big red flag.

Good Things About Earn Cash Yearly

  • You get a domain and 300+ webpages

Bad Things About Earn Cash Yearly

  • Poor quality webpages
  • No training on affiliate marketing at all
  • Offer a trial just to get your credit card info and charge you $49 one week later
  • Fake owner and testimonials

My Final Opinion

With the current fluctuating economy, it is understandable to want some quick cash, one can find so many things on the web, some are legit while others are not, like Earn Cash Yearly. Not only is not worth your money but it’s also not worth your productive time. Do not rush into something just because it looks good, take your time and learn about it first.

My Honest opinion about earn cash yearly is simple: IT’S SCAM. Made to use people to make money themselves rather than helping other people to make money.

I recommend you to take a look at what I use to make money, this platform give you a real FREE trial, if you don’t like it after you try it you can just leave.

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Earn Cash Yearly Verdict:


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