is Cb Passive Income 3 a Scam – What is The Cb Passive Income?

By | March 31, 2016


Name: the cb passive incomeis Cb Passive Income 3 a Scam


Owners: Pattrick Chan

Price: $37/month or $97 one time fee


1 star



Have you watched the cb passive income 3.0 video and you are thinking to joining them? In this Cb Passive Income review I’m going to describe how this stystem works, you probably have a question in mind “ is The Cb Passive Income a scam?” I’ll answer this question in this review, at the end of the review you will know if this system is really for you.

Let’s take a look at this promising system, first of all…

What is the cb passive income?

It’s a license program that claims to get people into the right track to making money on the internet, created by Patrick Chan in 2013 and re-launched in 2015 with the name of The Cb Passive Income 3.0,what you’ll be getting if you buy it is a few squeeze pages (they call them secret pages) and an auto-responder.

How it Works

In short, your duty is to lead traffic to the squeeze pages you received from your purchase to capture people’s email address, once somebody joins your email address list through your squeeze page cb passive income’s auto-responder is going to send emails dayli to your subscriber, these emails contain offers from several products, mostly digital products, if somebody buys a product from these email offers you earn a commission.

Getting quality traffic isn’t that easy as Patrick Chan makes it looks like on his video, he is promising a passive income on autopilot for newbies without doing almost anything, this is not possible, if you want to make a full-time living off the internet you have to be willing to put working hours on your business or spend a lot of money to make it grow for itself, from this 2 options I’ll recommend the first one,  by putting in your time and effort on your business you’ll learn how the online business world works, learning is the master key to success.

All this kind of “make thousands of dollars with this sytem by doing nothing”  annoy me because they end to being scams or don’t give you the whole picture of how the online business world works, I’ve seen this kind of squeeze pages methods over and over again with different names.

You aren’t going to get traffic from Google, Bing or Yahoo (SEO) with The Cb Passive Income 3.0 simply because your websites won’t have any content; in order to make Google love your website is by adding content regularly which is not what this system offers at all, The Cb Passive Income 3.0 giveaway free pre made websites with just one page, the squeeze page, but you still have to get your traffic from somewhere to make conversions.

What is The Cb Passive Income


Where to Get Traffic to Visit Your Squeeze Page?

So you won’t get traffic from SEO neither from PPC campaigns (Google don’t allow single pages websites for this matter anymore), there are companies that offer services to send traffic to your website but the quality of the traffic is not as good as SEO traffic so you will have to pay a lot of money to these companies so they can send you massive traffic to make a little percentage of conversions.

You’ll end up on your social media accounts (facebook, twitter, Instagram) asking people to join The Cb Passive Income 3.0 opportunity, one of the things Pattrick Chan promises you won’t do on his sales video.

Quick Unsubscribes

The auto-responder they included on the system will send emails with offerS and promotions to the people that join your email list, you have no control of the products your autoresponder is going to be promoting, it’s not the same if you could send the products you recommend and even give away free stuff and good tips for their online business, instead they’re going to receive poor quality products so eventually they’re going to unsubscribe from your list.

Email marketing is a great source of income but you can’t get the most of it if you just offer to your subscribers junk, as this system do all the work for you, you will never learn how to apply good email marketing practices to get the best results out of your business.

The Cb Passive Income 3.0 Sales Video a Bit Thick

No doubt Pattrick Chan’s sales video is very catchy and is clearly intended for newbies whom are very vulnerable to these kinds of videos, the 30 minute video talks most of the time about how great this system is, showing people’s testimonials on how well it worked for them, personally I don’t like videos like this one.

I like videos and offers that go straight to the point, indicate how the product works, what it can do for you and give you a free trial because the owners are so confident about their product’s quality that their best way to convince you is to try it for yourself .


Good Things About the cb passive income

  • Websites and autoresponder included

Bad Things About the cb passive income

  • No SEO lessons
  • Spammy email marketing
  • Pre-made websites with just 1 page (not worth it for SEO)
  • Makes you think you will make tons of money on autopilot
  • Exaggerated catchy sales video


My Final Opinion

The Cb Passive Income 3.0 is not a scam but is very close to being one, If you see on your email inbox things like “Make $3,434 on 3 days online” “how I made $4,958 in one week” “Become rich with this autopilot system” select the email ant send it to the trash folder.

If you want to create a solid online business that will last the rest of your life you will have to spend dedication or/and money to accomplish it, that’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, because they focus on training you how to build an online business step-by-step from scratch and they do give you a FREE trial.

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