is Aspire Digital Altitude a Scam? – What is Digital Altitude Aspire?

By | October 3, 2016

Name:Aspire Digital Altitudeis aspire digital altitude a scam

Owners:Michael Force

Price:From $37 to $127


2 stars

What is Digital Altitude Aspire?

Is Aspire Digital Altitude a scam? I have some years of experience in the industry and I’ve got to say that Aspire Digital Altitude is not a scam, but, I don’t recommend it at all. I will tell you exactly why you shouldn’t join this program, if you have any question feel free to leave a message in the comment area at the end of this Aspire Digital Altitude review.

Legit but RISKY

We are all trying to chase after the next big thing and conquer the world in a heartbeat. That is how pyramid schemes come up. Aspire Digital Altitude is a product of Michael Force a former Marine, a 7-figure internet marketing earner. It is one of those kinds of sites that will promise you six figures in 90 days- It sounds like a scam to me.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how great the system is, if the person using it is always negative, complaining, focusing on the bad side of things and jumping to the next shiny object will never succeed.

With the right system you can achieve any goal you set your mind too, let’s see what Aspire Digital Altitude has to offer.

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How Do You Earn With Aspire Digital Altitude?

Aspire Digital Altitude offers mentorship and coaching on internet markets all you need is to have unique products and services.  For a price of between $17 and $ 127 per month, you can access Digital Business Training Videos. 7-figure websites, private digital clients for life coaches and funnels (specially designed by 7-figure online marketers). Additionally, you get to enjoy services like;

  • High commissioned back-end products
  • Done-for-you branding solutions
  • Sales automation and follow-up guidelines
  • Social media solutions
  • Latest tools and resources
  • Traffic drive and much more

Referral bonuses

Aspire Digital Attitude has a compensation plan whereby it offers decent commissions to anyone who refers new customers. You earn a commission if your referral registers for their training only.

Aspire Walker: $37 per month

40% commission

Aspire Hiker: $67 per month

Up to 50% commission

Aspire Climber: $127 per month

Up to 60% commission

Affiliate Membership: $17 per month


Training Levels

Base Level

This level is the very initial one, and it is meant for newbies. Aspire Digital Altitude offers base level training which includes learning skills like creating a website, managing your finances, and setting up your business’s goals, vision and mission statements.

Rise Level

Within this level, the company offers in-depth knowledge about online marketing.

Ascend Level

In Ascend, the program offers a live workshop in Las Vegas. The founder presides over this seminar, alongside other accomplished marketers. The key point is to show you that it is achievable, that you can get where they are with time.

Peak Level

At the peak level, the program offers a 5-day retreat to its client. On the retreat, you get to meet some of the most successful business people, attend lectures and seminars addressed by great speakers. This is a one-off chance to meet with the founder on a close and friendly manner and chat.

Apex Level

If you happen to get to this level, it means you have a high potential of becoming a good digital marketer and earn much more.

The Verdict

not recommended

Well, I wouldn’t say that Aspire Digital Altitude is a scam , it’s just not as good as other programs out there. However the fees are quite high, and you are not guaranteed to succeed. The only thing the program does is give  you some basic knowledge and point you in the right directions but from there, it is up to you to work your way to the top, not real guidance offered.  If you are planning to go in blindly and expect to emerge as a millionaire, you are misguided. It works but not for everyone.

I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who did not feel its impact at Level I and II. It will probably frustrate you as you advance.

My Final Opinion

If you are an entrepreneur who is just starting in the online business world, I recommend you first to build your greatest asset; your website. Owning a website is essential for your business, no matter what niche you’re in. Your website will always be there to back you up.

You can build your website easily in just 30 seconds, yes I know a great platform that will walk you through setting up your website step by step just click on the link below.





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