How to Make Money With Twitter – Get Leads With Twitter

By | July 12, 2016

Social media has how to make money with twittergrown to a point that almost everybody on the planet is using it, people use at least one social media platform, in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get leads with twitter and how to make money with twitter.

I’m actually using this method with 5 twitter accounts and I’m having great results, I’m earning extra money with it and getting around 5 referrals a day from one of my affiliate links. I’m also sending around 300 visitors (and increasing) to my blog and to my affiliate links, all of this traffic from my 5 twitter accounts.

So yes, you can earn money using affiliate marketing with twitter and also use your accounts to promote your business, you can reach a lot of people and get huge traffic with twitter.

Here are some stats from one of the affiliate programs I’m promoting, this is just for 2 months:

Wealthy Affiliate

how to get leads with twitter

This is one of my twitter accounts which I’m using to promote my affiliate links and one of my blogs, I have been using this method for a couple of months.

how to get more followers on twitter quickly

What you will learn in this tutorial:

•Make money with twitter

•Get more followers on twitter quickly

•Generate traffic from twitter

•Automate your twitter accounts

•Promote your links and business

In order for this to work and to get the best results out of your twitter you must have thousands of followers in each account and be very active; posting, following, following back, liking, retweeting etc. I’m doing this with 5 twitter accounts but you can do it with more, obviously, the more accounts you have, the more traffic you get, the more sales and money you make.

Let’s get started

1.First of All

What I recommend is to set up a bot to manage all your twitter accounts to do automated actions, if you are planning on doing it manually it would take some hours a day of work, if you want results you have to do it every day, the method I use to get many followers in a short period of time is the follow/unfollow method. In order to get new followers, you’ll have to follow them first and unfollow the ones that didn’t follow you back, give it a few days  if they don’t follow you back,  max 5 days.

Again, you want to make it seem like a normal account so you have to be active and not only follow and unfollow people, at some point you can be asked by twitter to give your phone number or they will lock your account, don’t worry about it you can verify up to 5 twitter accounts with 1 number ( in my experience) it doesn’t matter if your accounts are a little bit spammy, twitter is not as hard as facebook or Instagram for that matter.

I like using a bot to manage all my accounts because is automatic,  I just turn on the computer and let the bot do the work for me, that way I can focus on other things, it would help you a lot if you have a full-time job and can’t be on the computer the whole day.

The bot I use is called Mass Planner, I’ve used other bots and Mass Planner is in my opinion the best one so far. I’m going to use Mass Planner in this tutorial, they give you a free trial, you can get the bot in here.

Create 5 twitter accounts (you can even use your personal account if you want), set up your profile , upload a picture, it could be a picture of you or something that represents your business.

Add your twitter accounts to your mass planner software, click on social profiles>add profile>twitter add profile, type in your twitter email address and password then click on verify account.

how to get more followers on twitter fast

If you enter everything correctly, it will show a valid little box at the bottom, do this with your 5 twitter accounts.

Note: Mass Planner allows you to add 2 accounts on each platform, you will have to purchase an extra module to be able to add up to 8 extra accounts, this includes all social media platforms like twitter or instagram.

2.Find Something to Promote

One of the affiliate programs that I promote the most on my twitter accounts is the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it gives me great results because is a high-quality product, you can access their affiliate program for free HERE.

You can promote anything you want, like your business page, your blog or any other affiliate program that you are into, you can even promote Mass Planner, they have a great affiliate program too.

Shorten the link you are going to promote on’s site, go back to your twitter accounts and paste the link on your profile’s Bio , new followers sometimes read your Bio to get to know you better, so it is a good idea to place your link in there with a brief description of your business, I use something like this:  “Uncover the secrets to making money online taking this STEP-BY-STEP lessons for FREE! Some of your followers will click on it.

3.Let’s Put Mass Planner to Work

Like I said before in order to get more followers on twitter quickly I use the follow back technique, follow a lot of people and a big percentage of them will follow you back, go to your mass planner software, click on tools then on one of your twitter accounts, set the follow tool as you wish, check the picture of what I use and recommend.

promote with twitter

This is what I use on follow back:

affiliate marketing with twitter


earn money with twitter


You have to indicate what kind of twitter accounts you want to follow, you can set up this on the follow sources tab, this feature is very useful because you can target people on your niche, people interested in the kind of stuff you are promoting are most likely going to buy from you, so this is very important, there are 4 options for following other people:

Follow people by keyword search: This is pretty straight forward, follow people from a targeted keyword, for example, if your business is in the lose weight niche, you can use; lose fat, gym, work out, diets etc.

Follow friends of targeted accounts: I recommend to add twitter accounts of famous people that are related to your niche, if you are in the sports niche you could probably add Tom Brady for example, mass planner will follow people that are following Tom Brady.

Follow friends of existing friends: Follow the followers of your followers.

Follow members from a provided twitter list: I don’t really recommend this option.

The source of the favorite tab gives you only two options, to like posts by keywords or to like specific posts based on a URL.

Copy the settings to the other 4 accounts by clicking on the copy settings button at the bottom. Click on start.

4.Automatic publishing

Now that you have set up your follow back technique, you are going to get more followers on twitter fast on automatic pilot, you can wait to hit the 500 followers to start tweeting or you can do it right away, whether you choose you should start creating your publishing campaigns.

Mass Planner makes this task really easy, put your links in your tweets and people will start clicking on them, I personally create 1 campaign with 4-8 posts for each day, it makes my account look more natural, let’s create our first campaign.

Go to campaigns, add a standard campaign, I’ll name it Monday, on the what to publish tab you are going to write your tweet, remember that twitter only accepts a tweet with up to 140 characters, so you have to make it as brief as possible, shorten your link with or google shortener and include it in your tweet, you can also use hashtags to reach more people.

There’s a very useful feature, the text spinner, this feature allows you to use synonyms to create a whole different post from the original one, it’s delimited by {}, and each synonym is delimited by|, for example {Making|Creating|Building|Developing}, mass planner will pick one word randomly for a new tweet, here is an example of a tweet using the text spinner.

marketing with twitter

Upload a picture related to your tweet andclick on add to post list.

Before we continue you have to create a destination list, click on destination list on the left, then add destination list, select your twitter accounts and check mark the wall/profile box.

Go back to your campaign and select the destination list you’ve just created on the where to publish tab, then, go to the when to publish tab to configure the publishing time settings, 10-12 posts a day will do the job, select only Monday for this campaign, here is a screenshot of what I use:

earning money with twitter

Important: On the post list tab checkmark the re-add published posts.

Repeat this with 4-5 more posts for each day of the week.

5.Contact New Followers

Send messages to new followers with the contact feature, you can find it on the tools section, select your twitter account and go to contact, click on send message to new followers and write a welcome message, don’t forget to include your link in your message, you can also use the spin text feature.

Success With Twitter

You are going to see awesome results if you follow all the steps, in a couple of weeks your traffic, referrals and followers will grow substantially, mass planner is able to manage other social media platforms like facebook or Instagram too, you can do the same with other platforms to get even more traffic.

Tell me about your results with this method or leave your reply and questions in the comment area.

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