How to Make Money With Bing Ads for FREE – Earn Money With Bing Ads Tutorial

By | June 30, 2016

how to earn money with bing ads


There are a lot of ways to earn money on the internet, I’m very excited while I’m writing this post because I found a way to make money with Bing Ads and it’s totally FREE, it has worked for me and it can work for you as well.

Google owns the 60% of the search market, where is the other 40%? Using Bing & Yahoo, your Bing Ads campaigns will target all the people who are searching on the web through the Bing or Yahoo browsers so there’s a huge source of traffic with way less competition than Google.

Yahoo & Bing went into partnership a few years ago to compete with the beast Google, this means that your Bing Ads will be displayed not only on Bing but also on Yahoo.

It’s not like you are going to get rich overnight with it at the beginning but you can try out this method and reinvest what you earn, remember that the budget you need to put this method to work is $0, you can set up everything in a couple of hours and come back to check the results a few days later.

What you need to use this method is:

– A computer with internet connection

– An email address (Hotmail is better in this case)

– Credit card: you will need it to set up your campaigns with Bing Ads but you don’t have to use        any of your own money.

What you will learn:

– Make money with Bing Ads

– Set up your own free website

– Find the best keywords for your Bing Ads campaigns

– Create a sales funnel or a blog post

How it Works

In this tutorial I’m going to walk you through how to get traffic to your website and make money using Bing Ads, as you are going to get traffic with your Bing Ads campaigns you can also lead that traffic to your landing page, to your Facebook page(for likes), to your affiliate links or to your blog whatever you choose, having said that let’s get into it:

1.Choose a great product to promote: This part is very important, in order to get the best conversion rate you will need to offer people a great product, choose something that you will use or buy, choose something related to what you are passionate about or that you think is worth buying, I always recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform to promote, it has one of the best conversion rates I’ve seen, just because it’s a great product, we’re going to use this platform to create our free website in the next steps.

You can try any other product too, like I said before, choose something you are interested in, there are tons of products online, when you find that product you will need to ask the owners for an affiliate link so you can make a commission off every sale you make, type in “affiliate program” next to the name of the product you’ve chosen in google for more details.

make money with bing rewards

2.Create your own free website: Once you have your affiliate link ready, you are going to promote it on your website, don’t have a website? Don’t worry watch this video of “how to create a free website in 30 seconds”, you will have to sign up to wealthy affiliate first with your email address and password, it’s free and you get 2 websites, in a matter of minutes you will have your website up and running.

Note: If you are from India, Nigeria, Philippines or Pakistan you are not allowed to create a free account with Wealthy Affiliate, you can use another free site builder like wix.

3.Find a relevant keyword: Now that we have our website up on the internet, we are going to create our first page, in this page, you’re going to write about a topic related to the product you want to promote, first you have to find the right keyword for your page, we’re going to use the jaaxy keyword searching tool, you can sign up here and get the first 30 searches for free which are more than enough for what we need.

In this example, I’m going to promote the wealthy affiliate platform which is in the “money” niche so I’m going to use a keyword related to that niche, I think of something like “escape the rat race”, go to jaaxy and type in your keyword, click on find keywords.

using jaaxy

Avg is the number of people that is looking for that exact keyword, we are looking for an Avg number above 200, that is the only number that matters in this case, the QSR number is for competition but as we are going to use Bing Ads (PPC), it’s not important, our ads are going to be at the top of the searches anyway, try a few keywords and once you select your keyword you can continue to the next step.

4.Create a post or an article: Yes we need an article. You don’t have to be a professional writer to come up with something to write about, it’s like posting on facebook, write like you were talking to a friend, it’s that simple, make your post easy to read in a friendly tone, your post has to be related to your keyword, use the text editor of your choice and write a 700-1000 words article.

If you still struggling to come up with something, you can always buy content, I recommend Iwriter you can buy an article from $1.25.

Once you have you article you will post it on your website, log into your Wealthy Affiliate account click on the Sire Rubix blue button on the left and go to sitemanager>yourwebsite>login>login now, your are now in your WordPress dashboard, which is the back office of your website, go to pages then add new, here you are going to put your post, the title of your post and the first paragraph should contain your keyword.

wordpress back office

Add images and make it readable, add no more than 6 lines per paragraph in your post, finally insert your affiliate link in some images and sentences within your post, place it where you think will have more relevance, take this article as an example.

Click on publish and you are done, now you have yourself a landing page and you are ready to go to the next step.

5.Get your $50 Bing Ads coupon: There is a big $50 coupon for new accounts just click here (this link is for U.S only, if you are from other country leave a message below and I’ll give your country link so you can get your coupon), click on request a coupon and fill in the form with your info, in the company field type in your name.

Note: it takes a maximum of 2 workdays to receive the coupon code to your email inbox.

6.Sign up to Bing Ads & create your campaign: You have to wait for your $50 Bing Ads coupon , in the meantime, we are going to set up our Bing Ads campaigns and have them ready, sign up to Bing Ads, you can do it with your Hotmail, outlook or live email address.

Ok the first thing you need to do is to associate your credit card info with your bing ads, this is just to activate your bing ads campaigns, you are not going to use any of your own money if you don’t want to, if you didn’t do it in the setup process you can do it by logging in and clicking on the accounts & billing tab then you have to click on add card.

Creating Your Bing Ads Campaign

You are almost done, now we are in the most important step we’re finally going to create our Bing Ads campaign, go to campaigns>create campaign, in the campaign setup we’re going to fill in the boxes with your campaign name (whatever you like), choose your time zone, in campaign budget we’re going to put $25, add the language of your targeted audience and the locations you want to target too.

earn money with bing ads

The Key For a Successful Bing Ads Campaign is Relevance

Your keyword has to be relevant to your post, if you think your keyword is not quite relevant to your article you can change it before creating your Bing Ads campaigns, once you have your keyword, jump to the “choose your keywords section” at the end of the page, you will build your text ad from your keywords.

Create a tight group of keywords, we’re going to create 4 more keywords from our main keyword, if my keyword is “escape the rat race” the group of keywords that I want must be relevant to my main keyword for example:

-how to escape the rat race for life

-how to escape from the rat race

-ideas to escape the rat race

-how to escape the rat race as a student

Having this tight group of keywords will increase the clicks on your add, remember that your keywords must be relevant between each other

Type or paste your group of keywords in the box on the left and click the add button.

you make money with bing ads

Creating A Bing Ad

Remember, there are real people reading your ads, so the more relevant and interesting is your ad, the more clicks you are ad is going to get, create your ad title and ad text from your keywords, you can put any URL on the display URL box that you think will look good, lastly paste your URL’S website and click on save. Here is an example of an ad:

escape the rat race with bing ads

In the next box, we’re going to setup the bids for your ads, I recommend you to start low and work your way up, so start with something between $0.20 – $.30 click on save.

Congratulations you have just created a Bing Ad, the campaign will be paused until you add funds to it, so you want to wait for your coupon code, once you have your code you log in to your account click on settings on the top right corner, then account and billing, you’re going to see coupon code on the right, paste it there and click on redeem, after that you campaign will start automatically from your $50 coupon.

Come back a couple of days later and see how your campaign is doing, if you think you are not having enough clicks you can increase your bid a little bit.

Your Bing Ads will be displayed on the bing and yahoo web browsers, so it’s a very powerful PPC platform.

Leave a comment below if you have any question or want to share your experience with us.

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