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By | February 25, 2016

If you own a website or a blog you know that content is one of the most important aspects if not the most important aspect to keep alive your site. How to find content for your website? It’s one of the questions every blogger have had some time in their journey.

I’ve experienced lack of ideas myself when I try Iwriter reviewto come up with something fresh and write fluidly, it just doesn’t happen, stress, distractions, our job or even laziness are the main factors that make us not want to write or block us when we’re trying to, sometimes I’ve found myself in front of the computer with the intention to create new content for my blog but it becomes very hard to write with all these factors and distractions.

Big name websites have hired professional writers, programmers, designers etc. so the owners don’t have to worry too much about content anymore, their duty is to hire writers that will produce quality and unique content, of course to get to this level your website has to monetize enough to be able to pay your workers.

New content is the master key that will tell Google that your blog is alive and running up to date, this will help rank your website on this search engine and others, it will also increase traffic by bringing on new people through your new articles, every new post or page is going to rank separately in the search engines, so you have a world of possibilities to attract visitors.

The combination of quality content and well-chosen keywords results in more traffic and this turns out in more conversions.

Writing, like any other skill needs practice to improve, the more you write the easier is to publish new fresh content more often on your blog, so it is a good idea to write every day for practicing, but it’s true that somedays we don’t have time to write because of our job or some other unexpected situation.

There are new platforms to help us with this issue and the best one in my opinion is Iwriter.

Name: IwriterHow to find content for your website


Owners:  Brad Callen

Price: From $1.25 to $130 an article


4 stars


What is Iwriter?

It’s a freelancer writing website from where you can get unique content at a very low price, in this website you’ll find a very large community of writers from all over the world, it has a nice looking design and it’s very easy to use.

I’ve use it myself for some of my blogposts, what I love from Iwriter is that focuses only on content which is great, other platforms like fiverr are not that specific and can take a little longer to find writers.

How Does Iwriter Work?

It’s free to sign up to Iwriter, you’ll need to create an username and a password, once you’re logged in you’ll be able to request for content right away, there are different prices starting from $1.25 an article, the price varies depending on the number of words within the article.

All the writers have their own ranking measured with stars, their ranking is the result of their past customer’s feedbacks, every customer can rate each article from 0 to 5 stars, being 5 stars the best rate a writer can get, Iwriter makes it easy to pick up the best writer for your new article thus the better writer’s ranking the more expensive they charge.

Let’s dig into the prices :

Basic: At this level all the writers can see and pick up your project, including writers with no ranking, it’s intended for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money for an article.

150 words article – $1.25

500 words article – $3.00

2000 words article – $14.00


Premium: Your article is going to be handled by a 4.1 to 5 star writer; the prices increase a little bit but also the quality of the content.

150 words article – $2.75

500 words article – $5.50

2000 words article – $30.00


Elite: Writers at this level have proven their excellent writing skills, you can get nothing but quality content from these writers and their rankings are from 4.6 to 5 stars.

150 words article – $4.25

500 words article – $10.00

2000 words article – $40.00


Elite Plus: These are the best writers on this website rated from 4.85 to 5 stars, you don’t even have to read your article at this level, you know it will be a nice article, you will receive the best quality content possible on this site.

150 words article – $11.50

500 words article – $35.00

2000 words article – $130.00


You need to give some information about your project by filling out a little form, you need to include the project description, article purpose and any other special instruction that you want the writer to follow, you can even add specific keywords for your article, the more specific you are about what you want the easier for the writer will be to write an article that you are happy with.

how to find writers for your website


Once you’ve submitted your request, it’s going to be published on a list with other people’s projects, it doesn’t take very long before a writer picks your project, in my experience it takes no more than 1 hour, the writer has a time frame to complete the task of writing your article, you’ll receive an email when you article is ready.

If you like it you can approve it if you don’t you can rejected or ask the writer to rewrite it, after you approve the article the money is going to be taken off your cash balance automatically, the minimum you can cash in is $10.

Personally I’ve been using Iwriter for a couple of months and I really like it, it’s very useful when you can’t write your own articles for yourself, you may know that the more money you pay for an article the better it will be, this doesn’t mean that the cheaper articles are always bad, there are a lot of great writers that are just starting on the website and don’t have rankings yet, you should try it out and see it for yourself.


What I Like About Iwriter

  • Great source to find content.
  • Various price ranges.
  • You can have an article ready very fast.
  • Great customer support.
  • Option to decide if you take the article or not.
  • Content for very low price.


What I Didn’t like bout Iwriter

  • A few complains about copied content from writers with low ranking.


Click Her To Sign Up To Iwriter For Free

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask anything it’s free, You can also leave a feedback in the comment area if you know another website that offers content for sale.



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