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By | January 21, 2016

One thing every website on the internet need is traffic, it doesn’tHow to Find the Best Keywords for a Website matter if it’s  a blog, forum, sales or ecomerce site, websites need traffic to survive like humans need water to live.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website but one of the best ones is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this means Optimizing your website for internet search engines like Google,  Yahoo or Bing to help it ranked in the very first positions for a specific keyword.

Every sub-page of your website can be ranked in a different position depending in some factors but essentially in the keywords you use. A keyword is made by a sentence or a conjunction of sentences.

In order to get your sub-page noticed by Google or others search engines you need to place your keywords in specific places, in my experience to get the best results from your keywords you must place them in the title or/and the first paragraph of your content, did I mention that Google loves content?, I talk about it in next paragraph so, for example, let’s say your website is about dogs, you write an article that talks about beagle dog training and your keyword is “how to train a beagle dog” that sentence can be your title, subtitle or you have to make it fit on the first paragraph of your article.

Like I mention before content is critical for your pages ranking and website health, everything within your website turn around its content, Google loves quality and unique content.

Google’s weird algorithm that uses to rank websites is always changing but there’s something that has never changed and it’s good rankings for websites with quality content.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to create good content, actually the most successful bloggers didn’t study to become writers, they just write like talking to a friend, that is how you create engagement with your readers, anybody can become good at writing you just need practice.So the combination of unique content and good keywords will rank your website really fast.

Content + Keywords = Good Google’s rankings

How do I Find the Keywords to Rank my Website Faster?

In order to find the right keywords to help place your website in the very first positions of Google you must know:

– How many people is searching for that specific keyword on their internet browsers (traffic stats)

– How many competitors are also wanting to rank for that specific keyword.

Knowing this is so powerful because you could choose a keyword that brings a lot of traffic and has just a few competitors,  applying  this will put your website in the first position in no time.

There are billions of keywords or combination of keywords that  people are searching on Google every day and some of them don’t even have competitors. YOU JUST NEED TO KNOW WHICH ONES. Thankfully there is a software that has been created to manage that for you, Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is a keyword searching tool with great graphics, very simple and easy to use that will display all the necessary information you need to sky-rocket your website’s rankings in Google or any other search engines like Yahoo, it is really the onlye keyword searching tool you need for SEO.

This is how Jaaxy looks like

how to find the best keywords for a website

Jaaxy’s Great Features

Alphabet soup: When you look for a keyword in the Jaaxy’s searching bar, a bunch of other keywords are going to pop up related to the keyword you typed in, imagine the sea of possibilities, you won’t miss any potential keyword and it gives you more ideas for more keywords.

Average (Avg): It tells you the number of people looking for each keyword per month.

Traffic: Shows the number of visitors you’ll be getting if you make it to the first page, there are 10 places for each page of google.

Quoted Search Results (QSR): This is one of my favorite features, it gives you the number of competitors for a specific keyword.

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI):  Indicates with a color how good a keyword is for your rankings, green means great keyword (will rank fast), yellow is an ok keyword that will rank slower than the green one and red means avoid this keyword or you’ll never get high rankings.

SEO: This is a score from 1 to 100 that tells you how well the keyword could rank, the higher the better.

Domain: It tells you if there is an available domain for each keyword.


What Other Benefits do I Get From Jaaxy?

Domain flipping: You can use Jaaxy to resell a domain, let’s say you find a good keyword that gets a lot of traffic and its domain is available, you can purchase it and wait for somebody to buy it, many people make good earnings doing it.

Site Rank:  This is another awesome feature Jaaxy has,  you can check in which position your website or any of its sub-pages are ranking for an exact keyword.

Saved Lists: Make your keyword lists and save them for futures posts or websites.

Training: Jaaxy has many video trainings to show you step-by-step how to use this great tool.

They also have an affiliate program and a great customer support, so for all of this is the only keyword searching tool you will need to get traffic.

It is all put together to make it easier for you to find the best keywords on the internet for any use, you must check it out, you’ll love it, Jaaxy gives you 30 keyword searches for free.

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4 thoughts on “How to Find the Best Keywords for a Website – JAAXY can Help

  1. Jamie Rockers

    I have started blogging myself. I am trying to find out the basic problems that my blog is having and looking for solutions. Also, I’m searching for some basic things like themes and other stuff.
    I have read your whole article, I am looking forward to getting a positive result after performing this myself.
    Can you suggest me any basic idea that I might need in the future as a new blogger?
    Thank you

    1. Mario

      You want some of your pages/posts to rank high in google so you get more exposure, your pages rank by the keywords within your post, Google loves 1000+ words long posts. The key is to post unique content that people love and include long tail keywords with not a lot of competition, there are tools like jaaxy that can help you to find out how much competition you have within a specific keyword, you will love the 10 video training of wealthy affiliate, it goes deep into all this.


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