How to Earn Money Writing Blogs – Can You Earn Money Writing a Blog?

By | November 8, 2016

how to earn money writing blogs

The good thing about having a blog is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to post your own articles, but… Can you earn money writing a blog? The answer is YES ABSOLUTELY. How much? From 0 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, the sky is the limit and you decide where you want to get with your blog, It all depends on one thing:

– The number of visitors you have

Well, there are some other aspects you’ll have to consider while you’re building your blog but, traffic is one of the most important things when it comes to blogging.

There are different ways of making money once you have some visitors to your blog, so you will have to focus on traffic first, once you reach people with your blog posts, the process of making money is very simple, the magic number of visitors to start getting some income in my experience is 200 a day, you may be wondering how the heck I’m going to get 200 visitors a day, it’s easier than most people think.

It’s a simple step by step process, in this post I’m going to tell you how exactly you can start building your own blog today and earn money with it, in fact, I’m earning a full-time income from my blogs, imagine not just having a blog that is bringing you money but 2 or 3, maybe 5 of them, this why I tell you that the sky is the limit.

I’m not saying that you should go and start building 5 blogs at the same time, you’ll burn yourself out, if you have never blogged before you shouldn’t rush into it, we must learn to walk before we can run, so treat your blog like your own baby, make mistakes, learn from it and when you start seeing results you can now think of creating a new one.}

I’m going to walk you through 4 simple steps to start building your blog and profit from it, let’s get started:

1 Pick Your Niche

can you earn money writing a blog

Ok so first of all you want to choose a niche, this is the main topic of your blog, I recommend you to choose something that you are passionate about, something that you are expert in or something that you want to learn, but it’s very important that you like your niche, it’s easier to write about something you are interested in.

Don’t over think it so much, write down the 3 niches that come first  to your mind and pick one of them, it doesn’t have to take you more than 30 minutes, you are building your blogging foundation and you’ll learn a lot from whatever niche you choose, so just choose something you like, that’s it.

2 Build a website

build-your-websiteI remember when I built my first website, it took me about a month to learn the basic HTML coding , my website was horrible but I was so proud of it because it was something I really worked hard for. Today is so different and easier, there are so many platforms that will build a website for you in 30 seconds like Wix or WordPress, I use WordPress on my blogs and never had a problem with it, it’s very simple, a couple of clicks and boom you have yourself a website on the internet.

I’m not going to go deep on how to create a website on this post, I published a post a few months ago about how to create a website in just 30 seconds, you can check it out in here.

Your blog must be ready for the search engines like Google and Yahoo, your blog’s visitors are going to come mainly from those two search engines, it’s as simple as installing a couple of plugins, I’ll tell you which ones I use, remember that I use WordPress so I don’t know if these exact plugins are available on other site builders:

-All in One SEO: By installing this plugin you won’t have to worry about meta tags and meta descriptions, it comes very easier for the search engines to index your blog post or web page by the keyword you want to rank in Google or Yahoo with this plugin.

-Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin creates a sitemap of your blog automatically, you can create a sitemap manually too, whatever you choose a sitemap is a must for the search engines robots to be able to read your website.

That’s it, your blog is ready, you can start adding content to it.

3 Rank and Get Visitors

This is a very important aspect of your business, great content is not the key to making money out of your blog, what is the point of writing and awesome post if people are not going to read it? It’s better an average post that reaches 1,000 people than an awesome one that reaches 10.

Your blog posts rank separately in the search engines (Google & Yahoo), the pages and posts that appear on the first page of google are the ones having a lot of traffic. So…

how to rank in google’s first page?

The answer is simple: “low competition keywords”. A post or a webpage ranks in Google from its keywords inside its content, for example, this blog post you’re reading right now, yes, this post is ranked in google and you probably found it from some keywords I placed intentionally inside of it. One of those keywords is “can you make money writing a blog?”, I often put my keywords in the title and the first paragraph of the post, this is how I ranked my posts and pages in Google, it’s a no brainer and anyone can do it  but the people who know about it don’t share this information because they think it will generate more competition, they don’t realise that niches, keywords and possibilities are endless. Some “gurus” even sell what I just shared with you lol.

In order to find a low competition keyword that will rank fast in Google, you’ll need a keyword tool, the one I use is called Jaaxy, it gives you a 25 searches for free, ok, let’s pick the keyword that I used for this post “can you make money writing a blog”:

can you earn money with a blog

As you can see, this keyword has 96 searches a month and I can expect 17 visitors if I reach the first page of google which is not bad, the QSR is the numbers of competitors for this exact keyword, 20 competitors is very low which is great when I get indexed in google I’ll be in the second page right away, some of the websites of my competitors are not very active so I guess I’ll be in the first page of Google very quickly.

This is how I rank my posts, like I said, it’s a not brainer, of course, you’ll need to add content regularly to show Google you are not just another website that will last just a couple months, show google your website is here to stay by writing content often.

4 Make Money From Your Blog

It will become easy to make money from your website after you have visitors, you can choose what fits best for your website depending on your niche, I’m going to tell you the 2 ways I use to earn money from my websites:

Affiliate marketing: My favorite way to earn money from my blog, it’s basically promoting other people’s products, you earn a commission every time somebody buys a product through your affiliate link. You write a blog post about a product then you add your affiliate link, when somebody clicks on your affiliate link and buys, you make money.

There are a lot of affiliate programs on the internet like the Amazon Associates, you could search in google for other affiliate programs in your niche typing in “ the name of your niche or product+ affiliate program” in the search bar.

Google Adsense: When you reach certain amount of visitors you can apply for Google Adsense, it allows you to place ads on your website, when people click on the ads you earn commissions, be aware that you will need  a lot of people coming to your website because Google pays just a few cents per click.

What to do Next?

I hope this little post was helpful to you, this is how I started my online business, as you read is very simple and anybody can do it, it will take time and work but if you are committed to succeeding online you can make it happen, getting out of your comfort zone will be the first step.

If you wish to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to scale up your business, I have a 10 FREE lesson course for you, just click the link below and sign up with your name and email address, these 10 lessons took me from a complete newbie to an expert in the affiliate marketing world.

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