How To Avoid Scams For Making Money Online

By | November 11, 2015

how to avoid scams for making money online

If I ask you, Would you like to make some extra money from the internet? You’ll probably say yes, depending on what you’ll do in order to get that extra money. Nowadays this has become easier than ever before, thanks to the internet anybody can talk to another person from the other side of the globe, buy/sell something, promote a service etc.

The internet is an oracle, there is so much information on it that, we can literally ask any question to Google or others search browsers and we will get an answer in less than a second, actually, we will get a bunch of answers spread in many websites.

We have access to more information than ever before, sometimes there is too much information that we could get confused. Anyone can upload any info to the internet and reach tons of people in seconds, unfortunately, defrauders have seen this potential and the internet has become a sea of scams.

They would do anything to get your money, they promise to make you rich doing nothing, wealth overnight, to make a lot of money in one day, but they will require an upfront payment to get started, credit card number or a deposit, right?

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Even if you are convinced that you are smart enough for not falling into a scam, you have to be very cautious, I was one of this kind of people, when I read about people been ripped off I used to think, “how could these people get ripped off? It’s very obvious that was a scam, I would never fall into a scam” but never say never and I experienced a couple of them myself on my road to find the right method to making money on the internet.

So It’s Really Important To Learn How To Do A Research On The Internet.


More  people uses the internet to do some sort of research before actually buying a physical product, they compare prices, read reviews and articles about the specific product they want to purchase, may sound logic that you have to do the same if you look for ways of making money on the internet, but most the people don’t do it.

I have learnt some ways of how to avoid scams with the course of time simply because I have fallen in some of this scams and lost money.  You have to consider some aspects before doing a purchase online:

Do a deep research- Type in any search browser (Google recommended) the “website’s name” or what you are interested on purchasing followed by the word “review”, you will want to look for personal websites or blogs, read at least 5 reviews you will have now the opinion of 5 different people, look if there are comments of other people at the end of these reviews too, for further research you can add some other keywords like:

Website’s name + Scam

Website’s name + Complaints

Website’s name + bbb ratings

Is + website’s name + legit?

Does + website’s name + work?

Ask for free trials or don’t spend too much at the beginning – Most of the scams ask for your credit card information before you try their product, the good websites give you a free trial because they are confident they sell a good product and know that if you try it first there would be more chances you’ll buy it, ask for a free trial, asking doesn’t cost anything. Even though, there are good ones that you have to pay first to try it out but go slow here I wouldn’t recommend to spend more than 20 dlls at the beginning.

Scammers Will Try To Play With Your Emotions First


It’s been proven that most of the people have a barrel when someone tries to sell them something, scammers are aware of that, so first, they will try to take that barrel off  to make you vulnerable, lately, I’ve seen they use hd quality videos to promote their products that will make you rich quickly, show their cars or mansions or people talking about how great the product is, 95% of the video is for showing their luxuries and the other 5% to talk about the product, they don´t make very clear how the product works, but they have your attention and that´s what they want.

In this blog I uncover many of these “make money online quick” scams, if you have any question leave me a comment or let me know if you have a scam.

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