Google Trader Scam Review – is This Trading App Legit?

By | September 16, 2016
google trader binary reviews

google trader binary reviews

Name:Google Trader

Owners:Ben Williams



no star

There are some Google Trader Binary reviews claiming that this platform is fake, which begs the question: how legit is Google Trader?

Google Trader is a “free” binary trading App that deposits cash into your account every week. As a binary options trader, the App finds the best trading opportunities and enables you to win up to 97% per winning trade. Some nicely articulated articles have been posted to support Google Traders legitimacy. In these posts, some of the pros include; a simple start up process, regulated brokers readily available, free bonuses, customizable settings to help reduce risks and a variety of payment options available.

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Sounds like a good investment right? I thought so too. Unfortunately, these claims are just as fake as the software. Some of the red flags raised by this software include;

Unrelated URL

Google Trader claims to be a part of world’s biggest Search Engine ( but in the real sense, their URL reads ( meaning that the App is an entirely independent entity from Google, and that is one of their cashing points- using a well-established and successful company that people trust. This software is a clean misuse of Google’s name. Even if it was somewhat related to Google’s sophisticated algorithm as per the claims, duly note that the algorithm was created for search engine purposes only not for trading.

Fake Earnings Testimonials

The App went ahead and got some quite convincing testimonials to win people over. In the home page immediately before you create an account, the screen displays videos of these “success cases” and their journey. There is too much hype about the sales generated by this App impossible to believe, verify, realistic or plausible.  These figures can be earned in trading, but only by a mere 1% of traders well informed and experienced enough- and it is not guaranteed to them either.

It is hard not to believe in the testimonials because they are done in a manner to suggest that they have actually used the system. They seem to have intimate knowledge of the App. I later found out that these testimonials were these good actors do them. Yes all of these “testimonials” are fake and they hire actors from fiverr that charge $5 per testimonial.

This is one of the “successful traders”

Misrepresentation of facts

100% no risk guarantee is what the App offers but then it only enables up to 97% profit and not 100% (a statistical mismatch).  If it were so obvious and risk-free, the owners of this App would sit back and use their money minting software for generating wealth. Any trading always has some risks involved. It is a win or lose situation.

Successful binary trading depends on the amount you are investing, your knowledge of the market, massive luck and consistency. If this system worked, all traders would be millionaires. But they are not.

My Final Opinion

I don’t recommend investing in any trading app, it’s like gambling if you don’t know what you’re doing, as a beginner or somebody who is starting in the online business world throwing money like that to any of those get rich schemes is not a good idea, you’ll end up frustrated, hopeless and with no money.

People who have gone into trading without perfect knowledge have fallen for this scam and ended up losing money. Do not be one of them by using Google Trader which clearly, is an already confirmed Scam.

What to Do Now?

Building a long term online business takes more than just buying some get rich quick scheme and wait for the best, most of these binary trading apps are a high-risk investment, if you are a newbie and don’t know where to start, first you have to follow real training at a low cost or for free.

I’ve been making a full-time income from the internet for a couple of years now but it wasn’t as fast as it should if I found about my#1 recommendation, I lost a lot of money buying some of these get rich schemes and I learnt the hard way that that doesn’t exist.

My#1 recommendation was the platform that put me on the right track, it has all the tools and training that you’ll need to finally make money online, and it’s FREE to join, so you better join us and see it for yourself.

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Google Trader’s Verdict:




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