Empower Network Product Review – Not That Powerful

By | November 12, 2015

Name: Empower NetworkEN


Owners: David Wood and David Sharpe

Price: $25/month basic membership, $19 e-wallet, $100/month Inner Circle, $500 one-time Costa Rica intensive, $1,000 The $15K Formula,  $3500 The Masters Retreat.


1 star

What is it?

They don’t make very clear what Empower Network is, they describe it as a way of earning a lot of money on the internet quickly with almost doing nothing, they offer trainings as their main products, you have to pay a monthly  fee of $25 to get the basic membership, no free trial offered, in this membership you will get a blog site, in my opinion too expensive for a blog which you can get for free in any other site.

You can’t make money in the $25/month basic membership, you would need to add $19 dlls to be able to earn commissions by promoting EN products in your blog, don’t expect to be making descent money at this point not even close, in order to be able to make profits you will need to buy the “inner circle” for $100/month which is a bunch of videos and audios to train you how to sell their products.

So the real price you will be spending at the beginning  in order to make money with EN is $144/month, why do a company will be hiding the real price you have to spend to actually make money with them?, they make you believe that with the starting monthly fee of $25 you will achieved financial freedom, but this is just the hook  for you to buy their high ticket products.

Empower Network Is A Scam?

In a few words Empower Network is a MLM business which make you buy their products to sell them to other people and those products are training videos, audios and coaching to teach you how to sell them.

In EN like any other MLM business you have to get people into it to buy their products in order to make commissions, they will have to do the same, it is like a pyramid where the one who is at the top is the only one making a lot of money, this would be the owner and the very first people that join the company.

EN Pyramid

Famous For Having  A Bad Reputation

Every time is getting harder and harder to sell their products, they have made a very bad reputation thanks to their pyramid scheme business model, they will do anything to make you join them,  like hiding the real prices.

What I’ve seen they use the most to catch people into thier business is “emotional videos”, if you have been looking for ways to make money online for sure you will have come across with this kind of videos where they tell stories of success, sometimes very sad ones that could make you cry.

Last time I watched this video of a guy saying how he came from being a homeless to making  6 figures a month  thanks to EN but I got annoyed after 30 minutes of hearing his story of how poor he was and how he owed his life to EN for making him rich without explaining how this Empower Network business method really works.

This kind of videos is a big sing of “CAUTION A SCAM” for me.

Main Products

Basic Membership $25/month – You get a blog to promote Empower Network products.

E-wallet $19/month – This is what Empower Network use to pay you when you earn a commission.

Inner Circle $100/month – In order to sell this product to get commissions you have to buy it first, this is more training, to give you inspiration and more tools to sell empower network products.

Costa Rica Intensive $500/month – More video trainings to sell their products, you earn more residual commissions if you sell one of this but you have to buy it first.

The $15K Formula $1,000 – Guess what? More videos of trainings to sell their products.

The Masters Retreat $3500 –  A package of 41 videos (mostly motivational videos).

Good Things About Empower Network

  • You get your own blog.

Bad Things About Empower Network

  • The blog is too expensive.
  • The blog is just for selling Empower Network products.
  • Not a clear explanation of how it works.
  • Many upsells.
  • 0 support from the owners.
  • Products are very hard to sell because of its bad reputation.
  • Banned from promoting in Facebook and Youtube.
  • Real starting price of $144.
  • Video and audio trainings are too expensive.
  • Poor quality high ticket products.
  • Paypal don’t accept transaction from EN.

My Final Opinion

So if you join Empower Network you will know what are you going to do, sell way too expensive videos, this products are not worth the price and you will have to sell them to earn commissions and you will have to buy them first of course. You will have to trick people to make monay with Empower Network.



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4 thoughts on “Empower Network Product Review – Not That Powerful

  1. Mike

    It’s so hard to tell what is real and what is not with all the garbage that’s out there. These pyramid schemes are good business for the ones that create them but that’s about it. Everyone else at the bottom just loses money and gets a bad experience. I’ve been there before. I have spent money in times when I was in a really hard situation and just looking for a way out. I don’t know how those people sleep at night knowing that they are taking peoples hard earned and needed money. Thanks for the heads up on that. I know this will save others as well.

    1. Mario

      Hi Mike!

      I’m sorry to hear you have fallen into some of these scams, I’ve fallen in a couple too. I think on it like an investment so now I can see de difference of what is a scam and what is not, even if i have no clue about a product I’ve learnt to do a research first, Thanks for your comment.

  2. Alec

    $144/month is insane for starting your own business. This isn’t even mentioning all the upsells.

    For the price of the “Costa Rica” membership, I would expect to be able to actually visit the country. The masters retreat sounds like something where you can go and meet the professionals, but it’s just another lame online training session too.

    I still find it hard to believe people pay this type of money. Do you know why?

    1. Mario

      Hey Alec! They take advantage of their members promising them more benefits if they buy their upsells but like you said, it’s just insane, I think if EN told people how much they have to spend in order to progress within their system, nobody would join this MLM company, have a great weekend ahead.


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