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Hi I’m Mario I Quit My Job Thanks To My Online BusinessSin título-1 And I Could Show You How You Can Do It Too.

When I came back to my hometown in Mexico from a trip I made to Canada with the intention to improve my English I found myself in trouble trying to live a “normal person’s life” , in my city this means finding a full time job, falling in debt, buying a house, having a family and spend your days paying your mortgage, looking forward the weekends to come, having  4 weeks a year of vacations (may be less), this was not like I had pictured my life, I wanted to travel, to learn new things, to get to meet people from other cultures and to have time to do whatever  I wanted to, not just sell it to somebody else.

Can We Make Money Online?

Having a full time income from the internet is possible and has become easier than ever before, there are 2 billion people using the internet around the world, imagine if you could lead just a micro fraction of them to your online business, did you get the picture?

       “There will be two types of businesses,
those that are on the Internet and those that are out of business.” Bill Gates

As good as it sounds you will not get rich on the internet overnight, there are a lot of SCAMS out there trying to engage you telling you that they have created a “system” that would make you rich without doing anything, but the truth is that they are going to take your money and you are never going to see it back again.

Believe Me I´ve Been There Myself

Many times i found myself  late at night behind the computer thinking that I finally found the right method to make money online, their inspirational videos and the “people’s testimonials” of succes within that method hooked me like a fish , they always ask for your credit card before you even try their methods , make you pay to access to see what is all about , but  that is not it, when you finally pay to sign up and log in to your account they ask you for even more money so you can have the full access.

But guess what happens when you buy the full access, yes, they ask you for more money so you can be in the VIP area so now you can make money, but they are going to make you sell their method which is helping them to get more people trapped into the VIP area. Does that sounds familiar? Yes is the pyramid scheme, i have had very bad expirience with this kind of business model.

Anyone Can Make Money Online

Learning is the key to your online adventure success and this can be acomplished by anyone, you don’t need to be a geek or a super nerd to make money online, it is enough just having basic computer skills, if you can use facebook you can build up your online business, if you have a computer with internet access then you are good to go. Becoming succesful online is a STEP BY STEP process, it is that simple.

4 Steps To Succeed On The Internet

4 steps

A niche is a group of people which you want to be focusing your website to.
Don’t waste your time on thinking too much on this step , I personally recommend to choose 1 of the 5 topics that comes first in your mind, the most important thing is to learn how to create your website, once you have done that, you can then choose another niche or even change it.

There are many tools to create a website and my favorite one is WORDPRESS. The best one you can find and is completely free. Create quality content. Creating new content does not mean talking about something that nobody has come up with, can be something that is already on internet you just need to do it with your own words.

Rank your website in the first pages of google, bing and yahoo to get more visitors to your website, SEO ( Search Enginge Optimization) is one of the most powerful techniques to do it and is free , there are others paid techinques you could apply too but i recommend SEO for starters.

Now that you have people visiting your site you can help them find some products you recommend, it can be somebody else’s product and you earn a comission or you can sell your own product.


There are NO SECRETS or magical methods that will make you rich in one day, having an online business like any other business will need of your time and dedication, the more time you have for your business the faster you will get results and you will start making money from it.

get your course

What’s included in the course?

 10 videos that will show exactly how to build your online business from scratch.

Hosting for 2 websites.

  Site Rubix friendly tool to use wordpress.

24/7 Live Chat to help you if you have any question.

+ Plus 1- on 1 support from me. I also have a special surprise for you once you have created your account!


Take Action And Start Your Way To Financial Freedom

Life is too short to see your days pass working on something you don’t like. Our time is so valuable to be spending it in something you don’t enjoy, as we get older it feels like the time goes faster than before. We can’t stop a second, bills don’t pay themselves, we are working or on our way to work , it’s how a normal day looks like.

We’re trapped in a vicious circle called capitalism, we can’t have a deep sleep, stress is our daily meal, 2 weeks of vacations a year is not enough, weekends end really fast and sometimes we work even on weekends, this is how my life style used to be but not anymore.

Average People Spend 8 to 10 Years Of Their Lives Workingfile0001382919230

If you really like your job and enjoy what you do for money that is great congratulations you have done it! But if you are like me who loves to have free time to hang out with my family and friends, to travel, to play guitar,  to work out, to take a nap in the afternoon, to cook, to paint, to dance, to train your dog, to write, to watch tv or do whataver you want , in order to reache your goals you need to take action.

Build up your online business by taking the 7 days FREE course

Leave a comment if you have any question or want to give me a feedback.


Easy ways to make money on the internet

50 thoughts on “Your Freedom Starts Here

  1. Raymundo

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for the great info. Yes the step-by-step is the key to learn how to make money online as you say, also it’s not going to happen in one day. I’m trying to start an online business but trying to do everything so quickly without learning properly…I need to take steps!

    And I am like you, I’d like a freedom, I’m still working full time and I want to quit. Hopefully someday very soon.

    Thanks for the great article.

    1. Mario Post author

      Hey Ramundo! It is easier to have something to guide in your first steps if you want to have your own online business, this training is the best that I’ve found out there, Thanks for your comment.

  2. John Bates

    Trying to sign up. Says i already have an account but when i try to reset my password says no account found with credintials i provided

  3. bioelectrobot

    I like your quote from Bill Gates that says basically, if you’re not on the Internet, you can’t survive in business. I agree 100 percent. Part of the reason, in my view, is because online processes are highly automated, allowing companies do more with less employees. So, to me it seems very natural for one to move into the online workforce, as I call it. We must contribute to the automation. As we do so, we become free to create our own online presence and provide valuable information and services in a much more customized manner. It’s the ability to immediately customize our services that is attractive to those seeking information and automated services.
    Great review. Glad to see that you are succeeding.

    1. Mario Post author

      You are right, internet can help a lot to your business for automatization, your website with literally work for you 24 hours 365 days a year once is on the cloud, Thanks for your comment.

  4. NemiraB

    Hello Mario. Thank you for providing valuable information how to do business online.
    I guess that a lot people would be happy to quit everyday job and work from home or from nice place somewhere by ocean.
    Of course, nothing happens so fast. We can create a website through 30 sec, but to fill up with content, find visitors, which latter could be potential customers, takes time and dedication to do it.
    Anyway, if we decide to learn how to do business online, there is a company, which teaches it. It requires patience and commitment, but so what? We need to work everywhere, in our offices or in factories.Maybe it would be better to be own boss?
    Your offered ability to do business online is real and doable.
    Thanks for information, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Mario Post author

      Hey Nemira! WA is the best training I have found so far to really make a fult-ime income online, like you said we need to put some dedication on our learning.

  5. Celia

    Mario, thanks for highlighting the step-by-step process of making money online. I think it’s a good reminder for all of us that this doesn’t happen overnight, but if you stick with a plan, it will come to fruition! I really respect that you’re very clear with your reader that you’re not promising overnight riches – unfortunately, I think a lot of us have fallen into that trap. Thanks for bringing your honesty to the online business world!

    1. Mario Post author

      Hey Celia! Unfortunately there are scammers that try to take advantage from people needs of money and tell them they can become rich overnight with a click of a button, you know that’s not posible, If it was everybody in the planet would be rich, I try to lead people to the right way of creating a solid business on the internet, thanks for the comment.

  6. Alex

    Hi there,

    This is a great post. I have been looking for information on how I can make money online and earn my financial freedom.

    The four steps you have outlined here do sound sensible. If I am into photography and traveling, do you think it can be my niche?

    It does seem that it does take a long time to achieve my dreams. If it works, why not investing my time and effort to make it happens. I don’t want to spend 10 years working for someone else.

    I guess I just need to take actions and make things happen!

    Thanks for sharing this great article!

    1. Mario Post author

      Hey Alex! Thanks for your comment, the great thing about this training is that you can create your business around what you are passionate about like photography and travelling. It gives you free time o to travel because you are working right from your laptop or smartphone.

      This course will teach you how to build up a business for the long term, it’s tempt to be for people like you who doesn’t like working for somebody else. cheers,

  7. Ehab

    Hi Mario
    I like the idea of starting the business by getting the suitable and adequate training, It is the key to success in making money online.
    The important aspect is that making money is a long-term process, it needs adequate skills and time to gain and achieve success.
    Thanks for sharing such helpful post.

    1. Mario Post author

      We are our biggest asset, we have to invest time in ourselves to become successful, a few months of work aren’t really long time if we see the whole picture which is having a full-time income business for the rest of our lives, we have priorities and in my case my future is my priority, thanks for your comment.

  8. Marius

    Bună Mario
    Îmi place ideea de a începe afaceri prin obtinerea de formare adecvate și adecvate, este cheia succesului în a face bani online.
    Cel mai important aspect este acela că a face bani este un proces pe termen lung, are nevoie de abilități și timp suficient pentru a câștig și de a atinge succesul.
    Vă mulțumim pentru schimbul de astfel de post – ajutor.

    1. Mario Post author

      You’re welcome Marius, Get rich schemes are everywhere on the internet, I just want people to realize that if they want an online business that will bring you thousands of dollars a month they have to be willing to put time and dedication to it, have a good one :).

  9. gabriel

    wow best site ever……………….Mario, thank you so much for your kindness… I’m looking forward to have my online business

  10. morganamona

    thank you i’am interested too ……and i will take my free course very soon

  11. Edgar

    Hey Mario,I cant create an account it keeps saying i already have an account, tried changing the email address but still it wont accept

  12. Jenane

    Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member!

    — I couldn’t have it for free 🙁

    1. Mario Post author

      Yeah wealthy affiliate’s free membership is not available in 4 countries: Nigeria, Philipines, India & Pakistan, I’m not the owner of Wealthy Affiliate so I’m not sure why they are not giving free access to these 4 countries. Howsoever you can still get the premium membership with a 59% discount.

      1. Michael

        hello Mario,thanks for your advice,guides and step on how to do an online business and detect scammers, please I am from Nigeria and will love you to advice me on a good online business for one to do?

        1. Mario Post author

          Hello Michael, Wealthy affiliate don’t have free access to people from Nigeria, I don’t know why but you can check out the 4% group, I’m also a member of this platform and is working very well for me, click here to join for Free => , have a good day.

  13. Arriane Tumampos

    So Sad, why there is no free trial in Philippines. Really, I’m looking for another career and making money in online business is my first option but HOW? I tried other website but I found out that it is one of MLM companies. And I don’t like it. Can you make help? PLEASE

    1. Mario Post author

      Hello Arriene,I’m not the owner so I’m not sue why they don’t have free access for Philipines but I can send you the training to your emial address, just fill up form and sign up to my email list at the end of this post, the training is around wordpress so you can apply the lessons to a free wordpress platform to keep going with the training, also I’m making my own training on other ways to make money online that will be ready soon so I recommend you to sign up to my email list to get them, have a great day.

  14. rosalia epil

    I tried to subscribe but I system said that I already have account. the problem is I no longer access my old email. please help

    1. Mario Post author

      Hello Rosalia, you could try with another email address, if you still can’t access, you could try from another computer or device, I hope this helps.

  15. jerah mae

    hi form philippines.,they says that i have already account in WA but i dont sure i dont have account yet

    1. Mario Post author

      Hello, jerah there is no free trial for philippines but I can send WA’s training to your email just sign up in here, you can still join WA but you have to become a premium member right from the start, try with another device and email address and see if that works, cheers

  16. Daniel amollo

    thanks for the information. have always loved to create a website but I find it tricky. used weebly but it looks very complicated. don’t know whether WordPress has it all?

    1. Mario Post author

      Hello Daniel, within Wealthy Affiliate is very simple to build your own website, in the 4rth lesson you are able to create your own website in just 30 seconds, see it for yourself in HERE remember that is free to join wealthy affiliate, have a good one.

  17. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing, it is amazing how the avarage person spend most of their wprking trying to pay builds and not really enjoying, I thing that we ought to enjoy life and one of the way that we can enjoy life is not to have anymore money issues. Thanks for sharing this information that will motivate and help persons to the first step in the right decision.

  18. Chris

    I’m like you mate – I always seem to come across new ways to earn a decent living online only to find out that I’m signed up in a worthless scheme…
    I have heard of interenet marketing before but I was unsure at the costs of entering the marketing arena. I like the way this lot are offering a free membership for a trial run!

    1. Mario Post author

      Hey Chris! You always have to di a little research before jumping in to these kinds of opportunitties, have a good one.

  19. Kelli

    The steps sound great. My biggest question would be where to find the products to sell on the website or how to sell anything on the site. Building the website is the easiest part .

    1. admin

      Hey Kelli! It all depends on your niche, there are tons of affiliate programs for every product, amazon affiliates is one of the most famous, you will need to have your website very active, writing new posts, replying to comments and updating plugins, you will rank in google from the keywords of every single post you write. So 1. Write a blog post, 2. place your affiliate link on the post. 3 If somebody buys through your link you’ll make a commission. It’s called affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate has the best affiliate marketing training on the internet, I recommend you to check it out, cheers.

  20. RaulC

    Hello mario i ve been in one affiliate marketing progm but i was not able to build my network with active affiliate, how wealthy affiliate could do to help me succeed.

    1. Mario Post author

      RaulC, Wealthy Affiliate walks you through on how to monetize your website with SEO techniques and affiliate marketing, it’s the easiest way to start, it’s a fantastic course and you can try the first 10 lessons for free :).


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