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Hello, I’m Mario from and in this review I’m going to tell you exactly how Wealthy Affiliate helped me to get out of the rat race a few months ago and why it can help you too, by “getting out of the rat race” I mean that, you don’t need to work for somebody else to be able to pay your bills, your mortgage and your living in general.

The amount of money you need to achieve it may vary depending on where you are living in the world of course, while some people are ok with $500 dollars a month other people need tens of thousands of dollars a month to feel secure before quitting their jobs, personally what I needed to quit my job was a couple of thousands of dollars.

200I live in Mexico so you can imagine how great it is for me to earn dollars, I earn dollars and spend pesos I love it, but I want to earn more of course and travel around the world, my income is gradually increasing, it increases faster as my sites get older and I gain more experience. I’ve been using Wealthy Affiliate for a few months so I know it’s just a matter of time to make my first 10k a month.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can make the amount of money you desire with wealthy affiliate and live off the internet, now this is not a get rich overnight schemeyou need to take it seriously, an online business is like any other physical business, it needs of your time and dedication, the more time you put on it the faster you see results, Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through your online adventure step-by-step the only thing you need to do is to show up to their training and complete every task at the end of each lesson…

start trainingLet’s get to the point…

what is wealhy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a community that offers training, tools and support from some of the most successful people online, it’s led by Kyle & Carson the owners and two of the most trusted guys on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for more than 7 years with the same intention of helping people to reach their financial goals, the combination of high quality training and fast customer support makes it unique and a very powerful platform, I have never heard anybody talking bad about Wealthy Affiliate, ever.

Kyle & Carson (the owners) are so confident about the quality of their platform that they give to new members a whole course of how to create an online business from scratch, with 10 lessons included for free and 7 days to see what is Wealthy Affiliate all about from the inside, you don’t need to give your credit card info or anything like that, you create an account with your name an email address only.

How Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard Looks Like

dashboard wealthy affiliate

How I Found About Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been using it for several months. First I’ve subscribed as a free member after I found about it in a blog just like you, now I’m on the monthly subscription. I’m currently monetizing two of my niche websites based on the training, tools and tips I’ve found on Wealth Affiliate and its community.

Who is Intended For?

The first thing you should know about Wealthy Affiliate’s training is that it is focused in affiliate marketing, but it also covers, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, Google AdSense and PPC, it’s very complete. You will be given lots of different trainings, tools and support not only from the members, but also from the owners of the program.

After you create your account you will get a dashboard that is intuitive and you’ll manage everything from then on. The training videos are available to you with few clicks and if you have any type of question, you can contact with Wealthy Affiliate’s customer support. They are pretty responsive and always offer kind and relevant answers. Tons of tools, tips, training and support are waiting for you.

benefits from wealthy affiliate

Ok, I’m going to break it down in few simple sentences. Here is what exactly you’ll learn and get if you become a Wealthy Affiliate member:

  • Choose the right niches to work on

  • Create multiple websites from scratch in seconds

  • Write relevant content that will drive great leads

  • Rank your site on Google for your niche’s keywords

  • Make money through affiliate marketing

  • See how other users are succeeding

  • 24/7 support from the owners and other members

  • 1 on 1 support from me

  • Get constantly updated training and relevant content

An extra I really like about Wealth Affiliate is the motivation it can give me. When I see how other members are succeeding and having awesome results, I think: “ok I want that too”, it keeps me motivated being around successful and positive people all the time.

On the other hand this is great for starters as well, when the success and making money online is an unknown world. The concept of Wealthy Affiliate can be really warm, motivating and informative at the start, you will notice how different is Wealthy Affiliate from other platforms, there are not upsells or any hidden fees, they are pretty straight on what you are going to be doing since the beginning, follow the training and you will start making money, there’s no other way around.


what is included wa

If you are interested to know what exactly will Wealthy Affiliate teach you, I will break it down for you. Here is what you get as a free starter member:

comparison table

Besides the support of the community (you can contact any member including me, ask questions and get answers, talk with the support etc.) you will get various trainings that will teach you the basis of:

  • Making money online

  • How to build a website (you will get 2 for free)

  • How to make that website SEO friendly

  • How to rank keywords in first pages on Google and other search engines

  • How to make content that sales and is relevant for your niche

The content is created to be simple and useful. Usually, the people that don’t have experience in making money online will find it extremely easy to follow because the training walks you through it step-by-step.

As you progress, you can get advanced and more detailed techniques and tips from the experienced members of this community. There are tools that can be game changers sometimes, like the extremely helpful keyword tool.

wealthy affiliate verdict


My Favorite Things

I really like using Wealthy Affiliate and I have been applying what I’ve learnt from the training on my websites (including this blog). I started with a free membership just to test things out and now I’m on the monthly subscription. If I need to create a list of my favorite things about Wealthy Affiliate, it would be something like this:

  • It’s free at the beginning and anyone can sign up to get the feel of the community

  • It’s a community driven program and reminds me of a forum but better. The live support is pretty responsive

  • Great content and training

  • There are great tools and training even for the experienced marketers

  • You can find successful people and exchange experiences and tips to take your business to another level

  • Constant updates from the community that can be really helpful

  • Open concept and responsiveness

My Least Favorite Things

  • There is so much information, if you are just starting and you want to learn all at once you can feel overwhelmed, just follow the main training and you’ll be ok

    join wealthy affiliate for free

 Is Wealthy Affiliate really worth trying?

If you still wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is worth it let me tell you that personally, I wouldn’t200 (1) stop my monthly subscription and I would recommend it to anyone. It offers me much more value than any other platform I ever tried, yes you will have to work, this is not for lazy people but it is as easy as follow some instructions,  I understand that some people can’t even do that, they are waiting for money to fall from the heavens, the get rich magic system they are looking for doesn’t exist, this is why there are so many scams on the internet, the scammers tell people what they want to hear which is far from the truth.

However, be aware that, like any program, the faster you understand how it works, the faster you’ll benefit from it. That means that you need to put focus and effort on each lesson of the training.

Wealthy Affiliate offers realistic way to success. It’s not like most of the scammy offerings that promise that you will become wealthy overnight. Instead this community enables you to achieve great success on long term. It offers the tools to achieve stable, great and long-term income from affiliate marketing.

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  1. Abdulla

    You pretty much broke down everything about Wealthy Affiliate. I recognize a lot of those people in your review and have gotten help from quite a few of them. Everybody in the community seems willing to help. Love the way Kyle explains everything in the lessons in such detail as well. I feel lucky to have found WA. I knew nothing about building websites before joining and now I am helping others who have questions. Love it!


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