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By | August 1, 2016

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If you are thinking about joining Earn With Invite I recommend you to think it twice, this website (earnwithinvite.com) has ripped off many people around the world for a quite long, in this earn with invite review I’m going to tell you why I don’t recommend it and what is the strategy they use to make people fall for this scam.

You probably have seen people promoting this website on facebook or youtube, they say something like “this is a great opportunity to make money” and attach a link that leads to earnwithinvite.com, the people doing this could be hired or could be the owner himself.

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What is Earn With Invite?

It’s a website that claims to give online job opportunities for the people who joins, the only task you’ll be doing is to publish your referral link on the social media platforms like facebook, youtube or twitter, every time somebody clicks on your promoted link you’ll earn $5 dollars, it doesn’t matter if the people who click on your link joins earn with invite, you still earn $5 anyway, wow $5 dollars for just a click what an awesome website, yeah right, no one will pay you $5 dollars for just a random click.

There are companies like Google or Bing that sell clicks, anybody can buy traffic from these PPC (Pay Per Click) companies.

On the other side, there are very few legit companies that pay to people who brings traffic to them but not everybody can join these companies, however, they won’t ever pay you $5 dollars for 1 click.

What I’m trying to make clear is that Earn With Invite is a scam and it will not ever pay you, it is a fake company that was created just to get free traffic, it is ridiculous that they claim they’ll pay you $5 dollars for one click while some of the best affiliate programs will only pay you if you make a sale which makes sense, if you could earn money just from clicks you could easily tell your facebook friends to click on your link and you’ll be making tons of money in no time.

There’s a little paragraph at the end of their FAQ’s page where it says they have an “Anti-Cheat System” so you can’t send fake traffic but I’ve clicked 2 times on my own referral link from the same computer and I have earned money, of course, I will never see that money on my banking account, you even start with $8 at the moment you sign up.

earn with invite review

The minimum amount you need to withdraw the money is $300, that is too much for an affiliate program, normally  the smallest amount to withdraw your earnings is from $20 to $40, that is a huge red flag, they set this minimum amount so you refer as many people as possible before you realize that you’re not going to get paid, they don’t even ask you for your paypal email address.

Why They Want You to Send More People to Their Website?

There’s no charge to join Earn With Invite, they don’t sell anything , no monthly fee, no packages or subscription fees, the majority of the scams ask you to pay some fee to try their “great system” but not Earn With Invite, so, what do they get when you sign up? Why do they want you to invite more people to their website?, the answer is your email.

They want your information, specifically your name and email address, when they get it they will add you to their email list and send you tons of promotions, spam or they could even sell their email list to other companies, building an email list is a great way to make money but  not from scamming people.

I’m not saying that is bad to join somebody’s list, but what kind of promotions and emails do you think you will get from Earn With Invite? Stuff that probably you don’t want in your inbox, they cheat and lie to obtain emails, I think they’ll send just scam promotions and crap to the members of their list, not a list where I want to be in.

Good Things About Earn With Invite


Bad Things About Earn With Invite

•Fake platform

•It doesn’t pay to its members

•They just want your email address to add it to their list

•It’s a scam

My Final Opinion

I hope this review will prevent anyone to not fall for this scam, Earn With Invite is one of many scams out there on the internet, these kinds of fake companies sully the reputation of legit online platforms that actually help people to have an online business.

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Earn With Invite’s Verdict:


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    1. Mario

      Hi Imam, Earn with invite is a big old scam and you should stay away from it, read the blog post for more details, cheers.

  1. seraje

    i don’t understand is working this wibsite , please tell me the way that people can earn


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