Does Prizerebel Work? – is Prizerebel Legit?

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You may have some questions about this site like; Does prizerebel work? Or is plrizerebel legit or a scam? You’ll find the answers to those questions in this prizerebel review, if you have experience with survey sites you know how hard is to find a legit one, there are a lot of scams that make you take surveys and never give you the money or rewards they’ve promised.

is Prizerebel Legit?

Prizerebel is another survey site that promises to pay their members for completing surveys online. Howsoever,  they have earned a very bad reputation, there are many angry members that haven´t got paid or got their accounts banned for no reason. It seems like they can do whatever they want and not caring at all about their customers.

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How Does Prizerebel Work?

At Prizerebel you earn points by filling out forms, referring other people, watching videos and signing up for trials. As is with numerous survey site, you must be at least 18 to sign up or have parental consent if you are between the ages of 13 and 17. Once you sign up, your account qualifies for a bonus. Unfortunately, the bonus is not auto-delivered you have to go through a series of questions; which in my opinion is not very appealing.

The bonus points are a good start for new members to boost their morale and encourage them to take part in the surveys. Sadly, they have to deal with the slow accumulation of points after that; which means, they can’t claim prizes as fast as the site suggests.

is prizerebel legit

Another common issue users have is that Prizerebel bans their accounts with no apparent reason. These incidents happen especially when you try to cash out through PayPal, and you have many points. However, this problem does not occur when you cash out to stream gift cards.

That is a dirty move because the site does not alert the members before they signup, a survey site should not restrict members to specific rewards if it has listed them all, it should offer all.

Your Personal Info is Sold

Most survey sites like prizerebel do the same, they just do what they want their customer’s accounts. Often you will find that they have hundreds of offers from around 20 companies. These companies do not buy any survey results or people’s interests from Prizerebel., they want something else, yes they want your personal information.

They make a deal with the survey sites like prizerebel to collect your personal information like your name and email address, they will pay prizerebel for your email addresses, name, gender, age etc. This strategy works quite well for those companies because they can expand their clientele base, send emails to particular people, filter the email based on geographic position, gender, age, etc.

This is what happens when you sign up to prizerebel. Within a short period of time, you will be having a massive burden of spam mails on your inbox. You may get the free rewards at some point, but then your personal information is exposed.

You are now thinking; why not get them at their own game? Use fake info on sign up, they won’t necessarily know is a fake email although it becomes an issue when redeeming your points. Some sites will disregard the info you submit on sign up and instead trace your IP address and this way they can get whatever personal information they need.

The only way out is by hiding your IP which honestly is super cumbersome for a few points and gift cards. If you feel that you can manage to go through this hustle then go ahead; otherwise, it is a waste of your time and energy. I wouldn’t advise you to sign up to prizerebel, but the facts are here for you to analyze and decide if it is worth your effort or not.

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My Final Opinion

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